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  1. The multiplayer in this game is really not that hard. If you’re solo, play NO PARTIES in any mode that you’re going to play. It’s recommended to play in Interrogations because you can get more than 5 downs or executions. Tips: 1. Don’t sprint everywhere you go, the enemy team can see you on the radar. 2. Play safe and slow, there’s no rush. 3. Stick close to your teammates. 4. Try to main one weapon that you feel is most comfortable for you to use and get better with it. RECOMMENDED SKILLS: Sharpshooter, Reviver, First Aid Training and Strategist. If you need help, just join the session!
  2. All righty, thanks for the response! I understand now, lol.
  3. Ah, okay. Thanks! How do I know if I have a bronze, silver or gold though? I have only done the Surrounded Horde challenge and have completed each of its sub challenges once.
  4. So for the You Done Good, Kid trophy, you have to complete every sub challenge until it’s max? EX: Collect 999 freaker ears in the Surrounded Horde challenge.
  5. Do wins in Ground War count towards the Not A Fluke trophy?
  6. I unlocked Scarlett now! I actually downed both enemies in duos for a duo wipe with a car. I’m glad that’s over with, don’t have to worry about the most RNG item ever! I’m struggling with Shaw, I always can get the first kill, but never the second. :/ Any tips? EDIT: I finally unlocked Shaw! I had 3 dead silences too with 4 acid bombs and 2 wraith fires. I looted the mystery box in Asylum. Got myself that Zombie Fanatic trophy now!
  7. Thanks! I actually did not only find the Pulp Magazine, but I also found the Mug Shot for Bruno and the Alchemical Set for Shaw and other zombie character missions. They are pretty more common to find than in regular blackout. I unlocked Bruno from that mode, made it so much easier. I unfortunately couldn’t headshot someone when finding the Pulp Magazine once. But, I’ll keep trying. @Franciscoo- EDIT: I unlocked Diego now! I just need Shaw and Scarlett for Zombie Fanatic now.
  8. How long does it take for the Pulp Magazine or Scarf and Goggles to drop? I have killed so many zombies, they never drop it. Also, since Hot Pursuit is gone... is Ambush Solo’s affecting this?
  9. All right, thanks for the responses.
  10. Is there a way to delete the patch after it has already installed?
  11. HITMAN 2016 owners get the Legacy Pack for free in HITMAN 2. Non-owners will have to buy the Legacy Pack for HITMAN 2 to get those maps.
  12. Thanks for tips and the good luck! And for linking the video too! 😀
  13. Oh, thanks for the response! ☺️ Is there a video explaining the shiv glitch?
  14. If I play on Grounded first, then go for the other trophies like upgrading things, will I’ll be able to play on Grounded + for enough parts and supplements to its maximum for the weapons? Or play on the easiest difficulty and easy + for those upgrading things like the weapons and supplements? Also, will I keep my collectibles on the chapter select if I play on separate difficulties each time? Thanks in advance!
  15. Oh, thanks for letting me know! ☺️