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  1. I am a software developer and I could tell that this process is very likely automated and is not that hard for them. You don't need much people to do that kind of work. They will probably keep ignoring us and just invest in mobile gwent. Sad but inevitable. That does not mean that we should give up on our trophy crusade. The more noise we make, the better.
  2. Wow, thah's dirty. Funny thing is that they did not mention any of this, I legit thought that I've got time until june. Bye bye Cyperpunk, I guess.
  3. The thing is that if you want those trophies to be available then you have to communicate with devs. We posted twitters of gwent community manager, he is our chance.
  4. In any case they could change the requirments for this trophy to like "get 6 wins in a row in classic game"
  5. Is ranked trophy also unobtainable?
  6. I've seen many times when our community won over such unexpected situations. We should kindly text and ask devs to at least change requirments for Arena trophy. Only together we gonna achieve it. Good luck guys! @PlayGwent - gwent twitter @pawelburza - community manager of GWENT. Let's send him our love and ask to resolve this issue. I've made few messages, support, guys, let's do this!
  7. Wow, good job! You got my like and retweet, buddy. Everybody should do the same.
  8. That is why we gotta push. It's not like they removed it from the game, Xbox works just fine, so there is always a chance.
  9. We've got a few things to laugh about: -Xbox version works just fine. No sign of problems as far as I know. -They don't answer my emails, I am not even talking about twitter. -WB support website has 0 replies in every thread, great stuff. F to our MKX plat. Update: I've got some info that there is a chance that cause of our problems may be that they turned off Splinter Cell servers which had Invasion support on it. Anyway, almost every trophy-related website marked Invasion trophies as discounted, that doesn't look good either.
  10. I am a little busy so I cannot track if there is a invasion mode, please post here if anything positive happens. P.S. We have to send another wave of messages to devs and related people who have access to direct contact with NetherRealm. Never give up.
  11. We should keep pushing until they fix it. It's not that hard for such a big company to fix a trophy/game mode.
  12. I suggest to spam Ed Boon twitter. This situation is unacceptable.
  13. Hey, I need some rare item pieces, truffle worm and pets. If anybody can help me up with them then please him me up, I can help with any game I have in return if possible.