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  1. I think some of the situations were more cheap than the enemies. Once you learned each enemies pattern they weren't too bad. I specifically thought stage 6 where all the enemies enter the dojo with all weapons was kinda cheap. Took a me a few tries to perfect that on hard for the S rank but It still left a cheap feeling with me.
  2. You seriously think I played through the whole game without integrating the triangle button into my gameplay? I know how to play the game effectively, that doesnt change my opinion on it.
  3. Yup.
  4. Just finished up the last two stages. I gotta say this took a LOT of patience. Stage 9 - 23695 - Shiva Stage 12 - 38148 - Shiva Now gonna do my first run in at arcade mode. Butthat honestly shouldn't be much of a problem for me.
  5. So I think the combo will break if you get hit while attacking. I'm not entirely too sure myself though.
  6. Congrats man. When it comes to combo the damage matters(the color) not specifically how many hits you've strung together. I also pulled 3 more S Ranks. Stage 6 - 32629 - Floyd Stage 8 - 27223 - Adam Stage 11 - 27855 - Shiva So far 4, 6, and 8 were the hardest ones for me. For Stage 8 I had to use adam because shiva can't pick up items to get into the retro level. I needed those extra points from that retro level to put me over the top. Now I just need 9 and 12. I haven't tried 12 yet but 9 is giving me problems. I'm stuck at 22k with Shiva so I'm going to try Floyd.
  7. I honestly feel like the game is more cheap than difficult, but that's just me.
  8. I played streets on the genesis as a kid(young kid). So I'm familiar with the gameplay but I wouldn't say i'ma vet or say i'ma cult follower. I think most people will think this game is a 9+
  9. This game is just fodder to you lmao. Don't give up. I was in the same boat but I kept going lol. I'll just say I grinded for more than a few hours when I got my first S rank. I also thought it was impossible.
  10. I wonder how many people here are SOR vets cuz this is one of the hardest games I've tried to plat.
  11. Yeah man, give us your lowest numbers lol. We're trying to find the bare minimum here lmao S ranked stage 10 with 24262. Gonna edit the original post with updates
  12. Stage 4 - 27442 - Shiva Stage 5 -29046 - Shiva Stage 7 - 16165 - Shiva I heard stage 7 is a tough one and I'm glad to say I got it on my second try. I think the magic number for most stages is 27k
  13. I'd like to play as that female cop who throws grenades.
  14. I read that the XBOX and PC are using an older combo system. Players say that the combo meter drains faster which makes it impossible to string along combos. This is why their requirement is lower.
  15. Shiva. Does that change the score for S rank? I seen somebody on XBOX say that S ranked stage 4 with 17054.