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  1. In terms of Atlus's re-released games, this one has definitely had the most content added. The additional palace is very well done and the new shopping district is very nice as well. Sadly all of the challenge battles are DLC besides the first one, which i found really disappointing. For the most part though, this is probably their best re-release content wise, which probably isn't saying a whole lot
  2. You can find Crocodile here. As you can see, pirates don't spawn around him when he's there but he will appear the east side of amber harbor
  3. I went onto the game to see if it was a fluke or not, and then i got this first time i checked. Just to prove you can find him there. I spawned up at the topaz mine and went down to the graveyard and he ended up being there. Maybe he won't spawn if you fast travel directly to the graveyard. Could even be possible that new roaming bosses don't spawn unless you beat currently existing ones (just a theory) I'm not 100% sure how it works, but it's 100% possible to find him there so i hope you get lucky soon.
  4. You might have to do the side quest where you meet him first but i'm not 100% sure. This side quest should be on the beach where you first started. Also i found kuzan in between the graveyard and lake where pirates will usually spawn, just to narrow it down.
  5. I've drawn a blank on this, he's just sitting there at 75%, went back to chapter 15 to get him back and still can't find anyway to trigger the quest. I'll post an update if i find anything he's on the east side where the hostile pirates will normally spawn. When he does spawn, the pirates around him won't be there. I'd advise just fast travelling back and forth from somewhere until you get him
  6. After a bit of exploring, i found Kuzan can appear at the graveyard. So far these are all the post game boss locations that i know of Kizaru - Prison Tower Smoker/Tashigi - Jade bridge or marine base within Steel City Fujitora - West of sapphire town Crocodile - Amber Harbor Kuzan - Graveyard Akainu is still a mystery but his Karma can only be unlocked during chapter 15. Any karma challenges you do in his story related fight will still count after you finish the game and get pushed back to chapter 14 (even though his challenges will become hidden again) so it's safe to assume he doesn't have a roaming fight you can find
  7. I know that there are boss fights you can do without relying on side quests such as Kizaru at prison tower and Smoker/Tashigi at jade bridge, but does anybody know if there's a spawn for Kuzan? Still missing a karma challenge involving him and no side quests are available
  8. Destroy all Humans It was one of my favorite ps2 games ever but i just haven't had the time to get around to it yet