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  1. i don´t know if anyone made this suggestion. so on your profile on order tab it could be added a custom order. what that would be is the profile owner would order the games as they wanted (ex. stacking game series without having to play them in order) Thank you
  2. i did all the missions and the trophy didn't unlock. have i done something wrong?
  3. Showdown is offline or online play?
  4. How can the "Masochist" dlc trophy have 5.15% rarity with 212 achievers and the platinum has 4.05% rarity with 3243 achievers?
  5. But the trophy is from a free update, everyone who has the game owns the DLC
  6. Finally got it. i started a new save did all story missions including ricky sandoval, and no trophy. has i was loading the file again i noticed that it said 98% and i thought it was because i didn't do the silent spade missions and as i was doing the first one my game crashed. i opened the game again did that mission and the trophy unlocked. didn't do the second mission in the silent spade. i don´t know why it unlocked there but i hope that this explanation on how it happened to me can help someone
  7. before i went to the region i backed up my save file and even redoing the last region missions the trophy didn't unlock. after doing the last sueno mission i get the notification saying that i did all the missions and to replay the last mission for an alternative ending. i´m not missing anything and the trophy doesn't unlock. there are people that got the trophy recently and i don't understand why mine is not unlocking
  8. hi. i killed a lot of turkies with flare rounds and the trophy does not pop. i tried during regular playthrough and ng+ can someone help me with this problem?
  9. thanks. it worked