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  1. Sorry, was seeing someone else's post Battlefield 4
  2. Bought one because of: -Remote play (really wanted to try that out) -The decent amount of games that are released/ being released -Japanese imports -The 32gb memory card (even though it was expensive at the time) so I can play music, videos, more space for games etc. -Cross play/ cross-buy -When I first held one, I really wanted to buy it because of the feel of the ps vita is so comfortable for me, I love the touch screen, dual analog, etc. -I knew right away that ps plus would give some good games for free -I heard that the Vita could be used as a controller for the ps3 (which is true) -Looooooooooooooooooooooove indie games lol -I can download some games that I bought from the PS3 psn store like psp/ ps1 classics I know there's more reasons on why I bought the ps vita, but I couldn't think of more
  3. Welcome to PSNP. :)