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  1. Same issue here... any fix yet?
  2. look for them in your game library on your ps3 and download them. You can not play them one your ps3, you can only use it as a HDD.
  3. 3 times already... still nothing 😒
  4. This one did the trick!
  5. Any info yet? Stil not working in Belgium!
  6. Thx, until I figure out how QCMA works for me I'm already downloading the vita games to my PS3. I'm not really using the PS3 anyway :-) .
  7. Thanks all for the info! One last question. Do I have to download every game on my vita first or can I download them with one of the 2 programs straight to my mac? Edit: I can't open CTM on my mac because it's too old... The .dmg file I mean, not the mac ;-) I've downloaded QCMA as well, now I just need to figure out how it works.
  8. Hi, As a lot of you know the vita store is down again in Europe. As I believe it won't be the last time I was curious if someone knows a way how to download games to a hdd or pc/Mac for later usage. I want to download all my owned games and store them somewhere so when this happens and it maybe becomes a permanent problem I'm still able to play all the games I paid for over the years. Thx for any advice coming my way! Cheers Ps: I have a standard vita without jailbreak
  9. Still not working in Belgium...
  10. Struggling as well now. Scored a few before unlocking stadium objectives 3. Now when I need it... nothing :'-)
  11. Just got my trophy on first try. This is how I did: - Choose the course 'Royal Ethalwind' because of the easy greens and use the red tee. - Set the conditions to: No wind, very firm fairway, firm greens and very slow greens. - Choose scramble with 3 guests (yourself on legendary and the other 3 on beginner) - Try to put as many holes with your player and NOT with the guest. I putted 17 with my player and only 1 with my guest player by accident. - Score par or better over the whole course. I ended up with -9 - Score BETTER then you opponents. I did all of this and trophy popped on my first try (13 October '21). Good luck to all of you still trying!
  12. The casual match trophy is just so enervating. Only get matched up against totally boosted my club teams.... Never even got a 1 on 1 chance so far. So f*cking frustrating!!!
  13. On Vita (and without the patch) 'FARTED' worked in tory mode. 'XERO' and 'FARTS' did not do the trick for me. 'FARTS' let the game crash but no trophy. 'FARTED' it crashed and popped after 20 seconds.
  14. Same problem here. Not popping after 5-4 penalties win in fut silver lounge friendly 😕
  15. Got exactly the same in 'Silver lounge' in fut today. No trophy after winning penalties 5-4 😒