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  1. Same problem here. Not popping after 5-4 penalties win in fut silver lounge friendly 😕
  2. Got exactly the same in 'Silver lounge' in fut today. No trophy after winning penalties 5-4 😒
  3. Thx @kasorugi! Found it and got the trophy 🏆. Cheers
  4. Can I change the training date? I did not know that. How can I do that? Thx Good tip as well, thx!
  5. Hi, I've got a question. The last training before the next game I had a player with 100 sharpness 2 times until now. I scored in both of the games with the right player but no trophy both times. Before the games started I did notice that the sharpness in between the last training and the game dropped to 98. How can I get this trophy because I don't understand anymore :-).
  6. I fixed it for me. Opened settings and changed Volta language to French (I think every choise different then the one you had will work). After that I started a new Volta career and after the first game I had French voices. I opened settings again and changed to English. After the next game everything was working perfect.
  7. Hi, Somebody else had the problem that all voices where missing in the cinematic conversations? Restarted the game but that did not help...
  8. As long as nobody adds me to a lvl 50 crew everybody feel free to join my crew. It's called ghosts Antwerp and is currently lvl 38. Until we find a lvl 50 club we can build up to that together...
  9. Hi all, looking for lvl 50 crewe here. it's one of my latest trophies and my crew is still at lvl 38. Please let me know if I can join one of yours :-) Cheers PSN: jorritje87
  10. Finished in 40 hours!
  11. I finally got the trophy. I think after 27 cows but not sure. Now 15 contracts left to do for the platinum!
  12. Thx for the reply! I'm pretty sure I've bought 24 of them at the start (as I could only put 12 in my trailer). At the moment I have 47 cows so I'm over 20 already. The only thing I don't understand from your reply is the male/female thing. I don't seem to find thee gender of the animals anywhere :-) .
  13. I'm 100% sure I'm over 20 breeded cows atm... Still not popping... Anyone had the same problem? Other trophies are OK!
  14. Hi all, After a few weeks of fifa 20 I decided to tackle the last missing trophy in fifa 19. The problem is... I am in division 4 atm but trophy is not popping... Any explanations?
  15. Trophy f*cked me... Only trophy keeping me from platinum! Why always me :-(