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  1. As long as nobody adds me to a lvl 50 crew everybody feel free to join my crew. It's called ghosts Antwerp and is currently lvl 38. Until we find a lvl 50 club we can build up to that together...
  2. Hi all, looking for lvl 50 crewe here. it's one of my latest trophies and my crew is still at lvl 38. Please let me know if I can join one of yours :-) Cheers PSN: jorritje87
  3. Finished in 40 hours!
  4. I finally got the trophy. I think after 27 cows but not sure. Now 15 contracts left to do for the platinum!
  5. Thx for the reply! I'm pretty sure I've bought 24 of them at the start (as I could only put 12 in my trailer). At the moment I have 47 cows so I'm over 20 already. The only thing I don't understand from your reply is the male/female thing. I don't seem to find thee gender of the animals anywhere :-) .
  6. I'm 100% sure I'm over 20 breeded cows atm... Still not popping... Anyone had the same problem? Other trophies are OK!
  7. Hi all, After a few weeks of fifa 20 I decided to tackle the last missing trophy in fifa 19. The problem is... I am in division 4 atm but trophy is not popping... Any explanations?
  8. Trophy f*cked me... Only trophy keeping me from platinum! Why always me :-(
  9. It glitched on me today... Everything fine until the 'Play as a black...' trophy... F*cking irritating and not much I can change. For sure not playing the whole game again! This 1 trophy will keep me from platinum...
  10. Why not a guest account for the second controller?
  11. All of following trophies won't pop: Champion - Win a cup final Survival of the Fittest - Win a Survival mode match No holding Me Back - Win a No Rules match Loyalty - Play a kick off match with your supported club I tried re-installing the game and tried several times with live form on and off... Any other suggestions? On the EA forums is a thread about it and you can report when you have the same problem. The more people that report it could maybe speed up the 'repair' process... UPDATE: After the 3 time I completely re-installed the game the trophies above are popping now... Just keep re-installing and play 1 game. If it does not work... re-install again and repeat!