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  1. Hi all, After a few weeks of fifa 20 I decided to tackle the last missing trophy in fifa 19. The problem is... I am in division 4 atm but trophy is not popping... Any explanations?
  2. Trophy f*cked me... Only trophy keeping me from platinum! Why always me :-(
  3. It glitched on me today... Everything fine until the 'Play as a black...' trophy... F*cking irritating and not much I can change. For sure not playing the whole game again! This 1 trophy will keep me from platinum...
  4. Why not a guest account for the second controller?
  5. All of following trophies won't pop: Champion - Win a cup final Survival of the Fittest - Win a Survival mode match No holding Me Back - Win a No Rules match Loyalty - Play a kick off match with your supported club I tried re-installing the game and tried several times with live form on and off... Any other suggestions? On the EA forums is a thread about it and you can report when you have the same problem. The more people that report it could maybe speed up the 'repair' process... UPDATE: After the 3 time I completely re-installed the game the trophies above are popping now... Just keep re-installing and play 1 game. If it does not work... re-install again and repeat!