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  1. For me, the trophy pop after 100% of the first story campaign. I did first buy a cosmetic item on the Chimera, then went to the Ant Hill vendor, and then went to the SHIELD Substation Zero outpost to buy the item. I only bought the Upgrade Module and cosmetic for Ms. Marvel. I hope this helps those people that having an issue getting this trophy.
  2. What I did was after staying in the Nucleus for a while. I went back to Executive, and I farmed the MG Judge parts from the entrance before the board room. I also farmed parts from the R&D Medbay. There is one MG Judge before entering the Medbay, and it should be hiding on the other side of the glass case beside the OPS entrance. The glass case will also contain a weapon staff. In here, after defeating the MG Judge, you will just need to go back from OPS and out again to respawn the Judge. I have noticed that every time you kill this particular MG Judge, the parts on him will become random. If the required parts are not showing, you will just need to kill him repeatedly or go exploring in the R&D area. I was actually exploring this area due to I'm missing the two Audio files which were guarded by 3 Chrysalis. Also, I have downloaded the free DLC weapons and armors if that will help as well.
  3. Guys! Before proceeding to the FINAL BOSS fight. It's better to do this now due to when you're on NG+ you will need to be on MK IX to upgrade to MK X. When you're on MK IV and to make it to MK V. You will need the NANO core upgrades. After upgrading to MK V, the trophy will pop.
  4. I got the trophy on my first playthrough. After entering nucleus, just go back to executive and grind the required armor from enemies there.
  5. I noticed that the game crashes every 4 to 5hrs.
  6. Congrats!
  7. It seems you will need the large crab also? Hogs and Wild boars?
  8. OK! So I just got this trophy. What GUDGER666 said you will need to plant all of them at the same time on an island. This is my playthrough before unlocking the trophy.
  9. I had the same issue! I have planted all 8 plants using wood and planks. On 1 island I had created 8 wood planters first, then planted all 7 plants, but I forgot the potato to bring with me. So I went back to get it, then planted it in the last wood planter, but the trophy did not pop out. So I tried it on my home island and tried making 8 planters made of planks, but this time I had all plants on me on the home island lying on a pile. I planted all 8 plants, still no trophy. Right now I'm going to try bringing them on one island just to test GUDGER666 suggestion.
  10. Your starting island should have 1 on it.
  11. There is no PC crossplay only PS4 and Xbox.
  12. Guys! I just did this today. But before this I was like already more than 10x going back and forth just killing this boss and always getting killed. But, this time after dropping in and hiding behind the tall pillar this Mold did not attack or something?