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  1. @Ac3dUd3- 1. Enter Arcade 2. Go to Multiplayer Lobby's 4. One of you makes a 'closeted' Lobby with a name (for example Boost18) and enters a password 5. The other one goes to multiplayer lobby's (maybe you should refresh the page, so turning back and going back to multiplayer lobby page can help) and searches for the name of the lobby (Boost18), then enters the password. 6. The host (one that made the lobby for you 2), should choose the map. You can tap 'X' (filter on 'featured' and choose the map). Then you click on 'options' and the game will start. Goodluck with your trophy!
  2. Spaghetti Bolognese
  3. I'm happy for you to finally getting your op! i know the struggles for being a trans gamer. Myself, I'm a FtM (female to male), but I'm not fully out (due to personal issues). Gaming (especially as male character) gives me a little bit of comfort, but things like talking on the mic is horror for me. I really like to game online, but my feminine and high pitched voice is just so annoying... I did it a couple times, but every time I play with someone online with mic, I get questions about my character and voice. It just kills me, so I stopped playing online with other players, unless I know them and they know about my situation. And hi everyone! I like the existence of this thread! I'm sorry if I don't write proper English. Dutch is my native language.