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  1. Will be playing this game coming up for six years this november. Play it on a friday night with a mate and with the range of maps given over that time it never gets old, also working through the perks getting them to level 25, so far got about three or four left before we hit the prestige switch and start again. We leave our party open for randoms and have a full party of six taking down zeds and bosses, it can get very manic on those later waves. The amount of content given (and the free bronze trophy each season) has been great from the developer, if only other studios would take note on how to handle titles like this. I'll be on the rig later tonight to get my 100% lol
  2. It wasn't a playstation title but one for the wii, an apparent fps killer title called the conduit. Promised so much from developers and given so little on release I never was under the impression it would meet heights of ps3/360 titles but didn't think it would be so bad either, I took it back for a refund (and so did many others from a wii forum I was on) didn't even need to argue with the staff about why.. he told me I was the first of many.
  3. I transfer my saves to a external drive, I have done since my ps4, may want to revisit some for online play or as I had with lego avengers bought the dlc pass on sale for the 100%.
  4. I don't think this title warranted time trials due to how precise some of the items had to be, so learning of the levels was good but all it took was a item not increasing or decreasing properly to mess your time and run. Although after getting the platinum I enjoyed the challenge and the levels didn't really take all that long to complete if you had to do multiple runs.
  5. I didn't use a written guide from here didn't know there was one usually only videos. I googled one that gave descriptions and pictures of each part roughly 19+ per level to look at.
  6. I wasn't planning on using a guide, but chapter 2 had me stumped for 45 minutes, the gameplay mechanic for making objects big/little in the environment had me try use a small item which wouldn't expand enough to use as a bridge. I have since used a written guide for step by step when I got stuck and also used it to learn the levels to manually run through the time trials with practice too. A think outside the box puzzle game with some of the requirements imaginative to get you to the next part in the level, really enjoyed the game, nice little title.
  7. A way out by hazelight studios the gameplays main focus is co-op there is no sp, I completed the story with my son local then with a friend via buy and play for free online. Its a third person action adventure game played most of the time in split screen where you work together to clear various obstacles etc through the game. Also recommend resi evil 5 and dead nation, both good co-op titles as well.
  8. I like all my milestones reached either trophies or platinums. I seen a couple where due and setup some good platinums for them otherwise the others are games played I enjoyed at that time. My milestone regret is my fastest time for a platinum, it was Up at 2 hours 59 minutes and i did that as a speedrun to beat my mate. Then slyde came along and everyone i knew was doing it as a quick platinum which i did at 39 seconds and i am stuck with it. I have done a lot of artifex games over the past year or so and i recently beat my Up time legit and without knowing.. I'd have preferred family mysteries 3 instead of slyde but hey ho.
  9. 24% for driveclub, got the platinum and had the season pass but I moved onto other games. due to the number of dlc and effort for gold star status on each of them I never returned.
  10. I've had a look on the store as I enjoyed this game, the title from 2015 has been updated to the enhanced edition and is the only edition on the store, I can't purchase it as already own it. I would like to download it again though to see the update in graphics, enhanced puzzles, gameplay and see the new level with the museum.
  11. Normally with lego titles and its dlc you can access it from the in game menu instead of just the playstation store. I've had that from both lego batman 3 and lego avengers unsure on this title as i haven't played it yet.
  12. Burnout paradise it was my first ps3 title and platinum. Big surf island, cops and robbers, legendary cars, toy cars, bikes etc. dlc added so much to an already fun world to drive and race in , put in a lot of hours online with friends doing challenges, excellent dlc. Trials fusion, the dlc for this game added some pretty wicked tracks and the fact you can play online with just one person purchasing the dlc made it all the better, a previous forum I was on this was a popular game night title we had a lot of laughs with it.
  13. Hi, I would like to be added please, I think I've counted properly for lego project manager PS3 Lego batman 2 Lego Pirates of the carribean Lego star wars III Lego lord of the rings PS4 Lego batman 3 Lego harry potter year 1-4 Lego harry potter year 5-7 Lego marvel super Heroes Lego marvel avengers Thank you
  14. Artifex mundi games are good games to play, easy to platinum but not super easy and quick like rata titles. There is demos of their titles available on the store to see if you'd like them or not. I'd recommend the nightmares from the deep, grim legends and enigmatis trilogies. Also they drop in price with sales so keep an eye out and purchase them then as price is a bit steep at £11.99 each.
  15. I hadn't played the sly games before but really enjoyed the first game, excellent platformer, looked forward to the second game but there was such a change with navigating in the game i didn't enjoy it as much, found it more tedious to play, camera was more sturdy in the first game. As for difficulty the first game was a cake walk compared to the second game and definitely the third due to having to 100% the game... some of the challenges i left for at least six months due to how annoying they were, that final gauntlet run for the platinum i literally punched the air after i finished it lol