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  1. Guacamelee 2
  2. Time for a Vasectomy
  3. Have you ever fought with your brother shirtless in the rain? @soultaker655 will get what I mean
  4. Remove the boob bounciness gauge? NAH, THEY JUST HID IT!
  5. Ken - FIRE! Incineroar - FLAMIN! Piranha Plant - This ain't it, Chief
  6. Don't worry my comrades. Our Lord and Savior Elon Musk will save us!
  7. A friend of mine is looking for more PoGo friends. Her code is: 7348 8872 4014
  8. The premise sounds cool. More visual novels is never a bad thing.
  9. #199 Punchline Trophy images are lame for this game I picked it up because Uchikoshi (the director of the Zero Escape trilogy) was the writer for the anime and the game I WANTED TO LOOK AT PANTIES! There's anime of this and the game tells the same story, maybe just extra characterization and fluff since its 21 chapters compared to the anime's 12 episodes. The story is okay, really it uses a lot of similar plot devices that Zero Escape uses. But its more upbeat and takes it self less seriously than Zero Escape. DID I FORGET TO MENTION PANTIES? BECAUSE YOU NEED TO LOOK AT ALL OF THEM FOR THE PLATINUM \ Anyway, 200's going to be a good one.
  10. Every time I close my eyes, I wake up feeling so HORNY!!!

    1. DamagingRob
    2. BlackSquirrell1
    3. A-Brawl3r


      Too much information, more like 



      Image result for good ol rub

  11. #198 Shenmue This is my frist time playing the game, got to say that for a game that came out in 2000 it had really good production value ( enough to make it a finanical flop for Sega =/) The game has aged decently well I have to say except for the 3rd act, that was horribly boring. I also felt combat enemies were either really easy or just damage sponges that wouldn't go down. I think I'll hold off for a little bit before starting Shenmue 2.
  12. #194 Icey #195 Shining Resonance Refrain #196 Muv-Luv Alternative #197 VA-11 Hall-A A really chill and relaxing indie visual novel with the moniker of "Cyberpunk Bartender Action". Has good character dialogue, visuals, and music.
  13. It looks like an easier Yakuza list. (Maybe not Yakuza 6 easy but definitely not 0 grindy)