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  1. Trophies look simple but grindy upon first impressions.
  2. 7/10, I prefer the orchestrated themes in the soundtrack more.
  3. Pizza, 2 slices 1 with Spicy sausage and roasted red pepper The other with pepperoni and mushroom
  4. 15 second commercial with snippets of gameplay
  5. But do I get to play as Francis York Morgan?
  6.  My hype for Smash Bros Ultimate is only intensifying!

    1. Beyondthegrave07


      Same and I don't even have a switch! I've been watching so much smash bros lately since the announcement of the game that it makes me want to play it so bad!


      So, people have been begging for Ridley to be in the game and now he's in. People have been begging for King K. Rool and now he's in the game.


      Next up:


      Image result for waluigi


      If you look in the video today, Sakurai has yellow and purple chairs sitting behind him.... It's an omen!

    2. A-Brawl3r


      Well we did see Waluigi already as an assist trophy. Unless that was a red herring, or the outcry of the fans have finally reached Sakurai and crew.

  7. Meh, this game could be lewder.
  8. No More Heroes
  9. Odin Sphere
  10. Iris Lover
  11. Found this new video, has some new footage and cinematics. Also details some initial DLC ( seems like BGM music).
  12. I liked the presentation of Persona Q but I had too many nitpicks with the gameplay that I never finished a playthrough. I'll keep my eye on this.
  13. #192 Blazblue: Cross Tag Battle Definitely one of the easiest Fighting game plats out there. i know barely anything about Blazblue or UNIEL lore ( Blazblue lore seems interesting and crazy), it's Persona and RWBY that dragged me in. I really like the presentation of the game and its gameplay is not bad. The business practices regarding the dlc is another story. BUT THE MEMES THOUGH.
  14. Gage may win the stack race, but you know what he won't win; THE HEARTS OF THE PEOPLE! and really that is the true goal of the stack race, which I will set out and win!
  15. That's cool, but give me some localization news Falcom