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  1. Yes The Last of Us ?
  2. one of my favourites is Persona 5
  3. I actually didn't finish the Android arc on hard and just started grinding on the fight since i had 3 zeni up lvl 6
  4. To my left I have DBFZ's 20 million zeni grind, to my right I have MHW's gold crown grind.  And in my pantry I have fresh coffee grinds.I just can't escape the grinds!

    1. ruffedgz


      I choose the coffee myself


  5. if people want it I'll do it for the people, S-Brawl3r
  6. only true site veterans know of me. These young and newer forum members probably wouldn't know of my greatness
  7. who is Ericvoltage? I never heard of him until today.
  8. Congrats on getting the 530k BP trophy. all that's left is the grinding. Good luck :D

    1. A-Brawl3r


      Thanks, yeah i'm glad that I finally got it.

  9. Currently at 322k but now it takes 2-10 minutes to find another player for a match Considering to boost the rest if the matchmaking is now taking this long
  10. I feel like I'm stagnating ever since I reached Android rank (280k)
  11. just passed 200k myself. Started to play against better players who can consistently combo
  12. will you have blackjack and hookers tho?
  13. Wondering what characters people use. Currently I'm using a team of Goku Black, SSB Vegeta, and SSB Goku ( I know, very original)
  14. I consistently see Goku Black, Cell, and Adult Gohan on the top of different tier lists
  15. Like to add Monster Hunter World, and Dragon Ball Fighterz to my list