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  1. If you go to the trophy list on PSN, the trophy says reputation level 10 currently. The PSNP trophy lists probably have to be updated.
  2. Rant has served its course, Status Quo has returned.
  3. Tower of the elephant was the last trophy I need for the platinum, I tried doing the method mentioned in the trophy guide and multiple videos but whenever I over-encumbered myself on my partner they wouldn't die. We couldn't even damage each other. I found this more recent info about the trophy/achievement on TrueAchievements. Essentially you want to: -create your world on civilized difficulty -invite your partner, jump on their head via rocks -make yourself admin -change the difficulty to barbaric -then over-encumber yourself via the admin panel. My partner finally died, like he was intended to and trophy popped. Here's the original method I found on TA:
  4. I know you're slim but are you phat?
  5. All that smack talk and you failed to deliver. Now you're destroyed and dead Here's what your boy @Kent10201 gonna put on your gravestone: "Here lies Jem the Weeb: A 3rd rate trophy hunter with 4th rate GAINZ"
  6. Just had to do it
  7. @DoctorDisinfect really be kickstarting another Crazy Jem trophy event after the last one killed his good friend @Sebastian SMH, I'm going to join to teach his broke ass a lesson.
  8. for Ayaka banner so far: 4 Chongyun ( Now C3) 2 Yanfei ( Now C2) 1 Barbara ( Now C3) a Rainslasher an Eye of Perception a Sacrificial Sword and Qiqi... ( Now C1)
  9. You're one of those crazy people from r/AmberMains aren't you? /s It's really funny and sad for the people you carried lol, good videos though.
  10. 8/10 Good job with KOF13 and NGS2
  11. Yeah the current blessing ( ending in a few days): When an active character triggers a Swirl reaction on a nearby opponent, they will trigger a shockwave at that opponent's position that deals AoE DMG. A shockwave can be triggered in this manner once every 3.5s. combined with the current floor layout makes it easier to complete. I was able to complete it at AR45 with the below team: Qiqi (70/80) C2 Sucrose (70/80) C1 Xiangling (70/80) Bennett (70/70) Eula (80/80) C1 Diona (70/70) C2 Fischl (70/80) C1 Xingqiu ( 70/80)
  12. Have you ever missed posting your "good morning" and "good night" status updates ever?
  13. Another reason to praise our lord and savior Jim Ryan
  14. 1000 profile views?