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  1. I got the trophy during the prologue during the boss fight against Wald when you can only use Lloyd.
  2. I really respect what you do for the site with all the community events and the charity donations.

    But I can't overlook your negligence.

    How can you let all these Dumpster fire threads exist on PSNP. They are DESTROYING THE OZONE LAYER AND THE ENVIRONMENT.
    Do I have to call Al Gore and Greta Thunberg to make you do something??!

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    2. DatZoolander


      Al Gore to the Rescue!!


      Excelsior Al Gore GIF - Excelsior Al Gore Stan Marsh GIFs

    3. StygianWolf4


      Like a great video game monologue once said:


      "Big things come in small packages"


      "Like a puppy or Greta Thunberg!" 

    4. Baranov_925


      @StygianWolf4 Or pregnancy test of your sister. 

      Sweet Home Alabama... 

  3. Broke: Vita 2 won't be compatible with Vita 1 games WOKE: Vita 2 will be compatible with PSP games and UMDs will have a come back
  4. Well TLOU2 did give you depression, and Oxenfree didn't. I think you're on to something!
  5. Trophies and achievements ruin the fun in games. So no, the platinum is not fun to go for.
  6. Yes, Let's enable the toxic troll to keep being toxic to people since that's acceptable. Honestly this thread has derailed so much that it should be just locked or deleted. You can keep the redditors off reddit but you can't take the reddit out of the redditors.
  7. Apparently there's 110 Dendroculus available in 3.0, that should take you to level 5 15/30
  8. If they add more trophies, It would definitely be based off of the achievements that are to be added in 3.0:
  9. I tried using Thoma in a Hu Tao comp during her re-run ( Hu Tao, Xingqiu, Thoma, Kazuha) and Thoma just doesn't work. His initial shield has so little strength that during the abyss it can easily get depleted. His shield is only good after using his burst and using some normal attacks but then his Burst will sometimes steal Hu Tao's vape during her skill. He also requires a lot of energy recharge and HP from his artifacts to even perform adequately. C4 Yanfei ( Tankfei) just runs so much better than Thoma for Hu Tao. Her c4 shield is much chonkier than Thoma's and even Diona's (not as much as Zhongli but he's the best at shielding anyways) if you give her HP artifacts. Yanfei even has the benefit of using Prototype Amber for added HP/Energy regen or TTDS for an ATK buff.
  10. Looking at your current characters, I would suggest: Party 1st side: Klee, Bennett, Xiangling, Jean [Mono-Pyro Klee] Party 2nd side: Yoimiya, Yelan, Yun Jin, Noelle [ Reverse Vape Yoimiya] I know you said that it would take a long time to build Yun Jin for you, but she is really good for Yoimiya since she buffs Normal attack damage during her burst.
  11. Rolled Yoimiya, Got her up to 80/90 with Lv 8 Talents:
  12. The characters you have levelled have very limited synergy with each other. Noelle can be a good DPS but you don't have her best supports ( Gorou and Yun Jin ) levelled at all. Yelan is not a Main DPS at C1, she's a Sub-DPS similar to Xingqiu. You could run Overvape Yanfei with Yelan, Fischl and another unit. I would definitely recommend leveling Bennett, Mona, and Jean. They're all great supports
  13. I just got the trophy, I used this program on github from this reddit post I googled searched. Hopefully it helps anyone in the future.
  14. 4pc Emblem would probably help her Energy issues since the 2pc gives you an additional 20% ER and the 4pc increases her Burst damage overall. I think Elegy would be the best option compared to the 4 star ones since it has a large ER stat and the passive is great for team synergy/support.
  15. That's more dependent on your Yelan's Energy Recharge stat. My Yelan's build has 207% ER and she has good uptime on her Burst. I think most Yelan builds suggest Favonius Warbow, Sacrifical Bow, or the new Fading Twilight as the 4 star option.