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  1. Completed Trails of Cold Steel 3, now the waiting game for 4th game begins...

  2. Pear already pairs well with brie cheese so it being on a pizza isn't so out there. But i don't care what anyone says, Pineapple has NO RIGHT to be on a pizza.
  3. JoJo Part 5 English Dub MHA Bokuben Dr. Stone Fire Force Oresuki Overcautious Hero
  4. There's only 1 reason to play Final Fantasy VIII and it's Triple Triad Change my mind
  5. Touhou Sky Arena
  6. Demon Slayer Dr. Stone Fire Force Danmachi Fruits Basket To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts Hensuki Arifureta Tejina Senpai
  7. who fixed everything.
  8. The World Ends With You: Final Remix
  9. It will be ultra rare because everyone is gonna go out and buy the Switch version instead. The trophy tiles are nice though.
  10. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure : Golden Wind Truly a Gold Experience
  11. Pumped Up Kicks
  12. "Ohh boy, Santa gave me the..." Googles Digimon Tamers because it's been 17+ years since I watched it on television "...Guilmon figure I asked for!"
  13. I don't care for either of these games at all, but i'll add them to my download list nonetheless.
  14. Q - Street Fighter 3: Third Strike