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  1. Oi Zajac! Change your forum avatar already you beautiful behemoth

    1. zajac9999


      No need, I already have the best avatar around here...

  2. Ohh boy, can't wait to skip read this VN.
  3. "Play whatever you want" - @zajac9999
  4. Looks like Gabriel Belmont from Castlevania LoS. If so, probably well since his footsie game with the whip would be unreal.
  5. Your P4G trophy “GUIDE” is hot GARBAGE


    Dont mind the fact I’ve never even played P4G and absolutely hate JRPGs, but it’s GARBAGE


    (Odin Sphere guide though, 5/5)

  6. I haven't played Azur Lane, I haven't read your guide either. But I'm here to tell you it's ABSOLUTE SHIT!

    Have a nice day ~

  7. Fun Fact, this is my 2nd consecutive leap year plat. My first being Yakuza 5 in 2016:
  8. Last minute platinum for the Last minute giveaway. That's how we do.
  9. My homeboy Shiki, whaddup?

    1. Shiki


      Hi AB, i'm fine and I have nothing to do today so I listen to music



    2. Dead Weight

      Dead Weight

      Very nice.


      Enjoy the rest of your weekend

  10. Nice, updated my cover photo with the latest smash mural with Byleth 


  11. Armored Core Verdict Day
  12. Kale gets a 7/10
  13. Cold Steel games have pretty good soundtracks. This song is very chill, 7.5/10 .
  14. Wake the fuck up Samurai,


    We got a city to burn