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  1. Roxas is okay but the pic looks good. 8/10
  2. you can teach it to me in your next life
  3. Good thing I change the end coordinates to a black hole on the fly
  4. You keep telling them that Mama Prin
  5. The Results: Bench Goons 1: Left dead behind the bleachers Nuke Boys: Self- Destruction, they destroyed themselves really Team Rattle: DESTROYED, for aiding and abetting Prinny Bench Goons 2: Left dead behind the bleachers, on top of Bench Goons 1 The Coffee Servers: Died from caffiene overdose, should've drank decaf Madbuk and his groupies: DESTROYED, by the Madbuk Destruction Force Platinum Bedsheet Ghosts: Death by asphyxiation, they're real ghosts now Madbuk Destruction Force: DEFEATED, wouldn't make sense to destroy our sub-branch The Mods, The Guide Team, and The Cheat Removal Team: BANNED, GUIDES REMOVED, FLAGGED ON THE LEADERBOARD, DEAD! No Name Team: Burned Alive in the center of the earth, forgotten because their name SUCKED! Except for Jemmie, he got electrocuted trying to have sex with his 2D waifu on his television screen. Wavergray and his coffee cohorts: Strapped to a gundam on a one way ticket to the sun a black hole, that's what you get TRAITOR! Neko and Fiends: Went to bed, FOREVER. Except for Froopy, he got mauled alive by a Cowbear You Play for Achievements? : Epileptic seizures, from playing too much games Morbitally Obese Vriska: Eat themselves to death, except for Stand_User3; He shot himself after years of Medical Malpractice and scrutiny. Bench Goons 3: LEFT. DEAD. BEHIND. THE. BLEACHERS. on top of Bench Goons 1 and 2. Except for IzTriicky__, he threw out his back weeks ago carrying his whole team and died during his hip replacement surgery. Boostnovices: - Jimbo drowned from his own Rataspam filth - Sebastian died from blood loss from blonde haired red eyed loli vampires - Luka got donuted - Slim was exposed for cheating on his Crypt of the Necrodancer plat and killed himself from the shame. That's right kids, Christmas is cancelled, FOREVER - Dzware died from Covid-19, how boring... All of them didn't stand a chance, The only way to defeat the Prinny Destruction Force is if they popped about 145 ezpz plats. But if they did that then they would be just sitting on a stanky burned down throne built from Ratalaika and Powgi games.... DISGUSTING! As for @Wdjat Prinny Doods: EVISCERATED, MUTILATED, DECAPITATED, CONSTIPATED, DEVASTATED, TERMINATED, FUMIGATED, ANNHILATED COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY DESTROYED If you see his account posting on the forums, It's actually his grieving mother pretending to be him. Please refer to our new updated Banner: Long have we waited, Prinny Destruction Force DOMINATED.
  6. Behold! The glorious banner of the PDF!
  7. As the CEO of the PDF, I am glad to introduce our new subsidiary: Madbuk Destruction Force sponsored by Prinny Destruction Force in association with Donald Trump written by A Pair of Googly Eyes Stapled on a Giant Dangus and Aggy and Knuckles starring Dante from the Devil May Cry series Ultimate Championship Edition 2 HD REMASTER 358/2 Years Unbirth by Awakening Chain of Hidden Memories Dropping Dreaming Distancing Dancing All Night + New Funky Mode, now in 4 thousand pixels/1 hundred and 20 beautiful frames per second, A Hideo Kojima Game, Made in Dreams @Tunnel1ngEffect @Cobbsquatch @UltraDog177 @Piezilla57 @BUYTHUMPER Team Rep: @UltraDog177
  8. You brought this to yourself prinny. You amassed many debts and we're here to collect... your rotting carcus.
  9. Me and the boys are joining this. 1. Yours Truly 2. @Lucas 3. @DamagingRob 4. @Brawler 5. @zajac9999 Team Rep: @DamagingRob Team Name: Prinny Destruction Force The mission: Destroy @Wdjat Prinny Doods
  10. Do you believe that Elon Musk will be able to create genetically engineered catgirls in the near future?
  11. Payback is much better for Umbreon than Assurance. Assurance is only better than Payback in circumstances where the opposing pokemon can hurt itself in confusion or recoil during that turn.
  12. I'm hijacking this dead as fuck and super abandoned thread to say I platinumed DMC5 13 months after the stack race was supposed to finished. @Brawler @Lucas @xZoneHunter @Tearraven @Wdjat Prinny Doods @HcG Clawz @Gage @Walt the Dog @Wavergray We did it boys!!!
  13. Druckmann out there drinking the salty tears of his haters
  14. It's good. It's airing. Watch it. Tell em @Muff