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  1. I found it to be a good podcast game. But couldn't agree more on the pacing. They give you the first upgrade only a couple chapters in. Then there isn't another upgrade until I think chapter 6 and then not another until the final chapter. And the whole time I was thinking the expanded areas would be the bridge you can't walk across, but instead it's just being able to go higher and break bigger piles. And the formula for the NPC's gets tired too, comes in with a problem, realizes food will fix said problem, collect the recipe pieces for said food, they eat it, chapter ends, rinse, repeat. Also most of the NPCs were pretty much aholes so that made it really hard to care about any of them. Forgettable game and until there is a guid for the recipes and ingredients, going to be an incomplete platinum to boot.
  2. I think you're onto something with the dragon holes. When I was playing the game I kept thinking "how would I have got my baby dragon all the way up here?" And when you beat the game it does say you can feed the dragon different foods to change his size. But I'm at the end game and have less than you guys are saying you have so I'm getting discouraged here.