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  1. Can I join/be added to the waiting list for this? sounds really fun
  2. I've plated control ff7 remake and mw2 remastered since the start of lockdown, I'm now trying to get my account completion above 50%
  3. Mortal kombat, that my king fu is stronger trophy just takes so long
  4. Sign me up for captain please I have bf 1, 3, 4 and hardline
  5. wow im really far behind on hundies i need to work on that
  6. what worked for me was turning it off unplugging it and press the power button until it stopped beeping
  7. thanks man i think if it was any other catergory you would of won
  8. Im so happy it was plats for my rivalry i kept checking and my rival was winning in pretty much every other category but i made sure i kept more plats
  9. Am i winning this month?
  10. Ive noticed i dont have a rival i guess this is due to an odd number of people in the rivalry so will i have a rival for september?
  11. Damn it now im bottom for 3 categories need to get some more ultra rare trophies and complete more games
  12. you need 50 posts to join
  13. Not even gonna give me credit for my idea i see how it is conn just because im in the scrub tier haha
  14. Wow a lot of unactive people removed makes me bottom for a couple categories better get working trying to change that no one likes being bottom
  15. you asked us but didn't say how you did so how did you do this month