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  1. I enjoyed the February contest even if I didnt finish all the missions 🙁 so I'd live to sign up for this one too
  2. just finished mission 1, some of those combat challenges on batman were hard
  3. I was waiting for the ps5 at the beginning of this season and had lost motivation to get trophies so didn't get many points but since the PS5 release I've had 4 platinums so I'm ready to fight come next season.
  4. Thanks for the support but I'm afraid I'll likely disappoint, I'm buying a house so will be moving at some point during this season so will be out for a least a couple fixtures
  5. Yeah me too 5hrs 58mins for 50th place, I just assumed they were eligible wont make that mistake again, well played though
  6. Well played man I got the titanfall 2 plat and thought I was safe and then started another competition on another site that required me to get specific trophies.
  7. Can I join/be added to the waiting list for this? sounds really fun
  8. I've plated control ff7 remake and mw2 remastered since the start of lockdown, I'm now trying to get my account completion above 50%
  9. Mortal kombat, that my king fu is stronger trophy just takes so long
  10. Sign me up for captain please I have bf 1, 3, 4 and hardline
  11. wow im really far behind on hundies i need to work on that
  12. what worked for me was turning it off unplugging it and press the power button until it stopped beeping
  13. thanks man i think if it was any other catergory you would of won