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  1. who has fear 3 i need a teammate to help me

  2. I need help with black ops 2 zombies and my internet connection

  3. la noir was addictive

    1. NERVergoproxy


      It was, I needa get back into that game and finish it! haha.

  4. who getting gta online?

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    2. RHGSniperFox


      ^I laughed harder at that than I should have.

    3. Memnoch


      I was wondering if serious, still not sure

    4. princekishon12


      -_- k you guys wanna join my crew for it
  5. did my friend a favor today that ill regret forever.... i feal violated :'(

  6. bought a game with no trophies idk no why i didnt go with need for speed since every game ten dollars

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    2. princekishon12
    3. ChickenExotic


      darkness on the PS3 did not have trophies...the game came out before they were implemented

    4. princekishon12
  7. geting saint row the third tomorrow for its platinum idk if the platinum hard tho?

    1. mts1mts


      SRTT platinum isn't that hard so you should be fine.

    2. Mr_MovieMan29


      I'm working on it now, and it is not that hard. It is an open world game, so the hardest trophy is "complete the game 100%" trophy.

    3. princekishon12


      O want something with a challenges

  8. had my first day of school yesterday this year is gonna be hell because ill have to find a job and get platinums plus get my driver license i have so much work :-(

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    2. Memnoch


      it does yes :(

    3. redknightalex


      I'd focus on the school and the driver's license. Getting plats is not work and shouldn't even be on the list, imho. They're what you work on as a reward for all that other stuff.

    4. princekishon12


      True but im doing a bet 100 platinums I only have 9

  9. my turbtable for my dj hero works but my adaptor not sending the single and right now idk what to do at this point

  10. I have noticed that my little big planet is very close for a platinum but i need people to try my levels and also heart them îf they like it and leave a comment so i can go to theres

    1. SitusKiss


      I gave you an Author heart on if that helps.... I don't think I have the game installed anymore, so I can't do the individual levels :(

    2. princekishon12


      Thank you it did :-) do you got levels?

    3. SitusKiss


      Nope... I deleted them as soon as I got the Platinum since they were there solely for trophies.

  11. i might go for my DJ hero platinum but ik that will take for ever

  12. 9 platinum trophies :-P my hard work pay off in skyrim

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    2. princekishon12


      Its my 6th time trying the game keeps glitiching

      You can do it dude I have faith in you

    3. Minus13dB


      I have a few games that are on my list first, plus a few I want to buy before I go buy it again.

    4. princekishon12


      Cool right now idk what to work on next red dead all I need is one

  13. so close right now cant give in

  14. 1 more artifact and i get the platinum

    1. Bizz-dono


      early congrats bruh!