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  1. So, is there an exploit to get 20 win races? How you do it?
  2. Guys, hurry up! They know about the glitch and they will fix it soon. If you want it, GET IT NOW!
  3. I was grinding in this area: Western La Noscea There are very close Fates here, and they respawn very quickly. Try these ones: Breaching North Tidegate Breaching South Tidegate Gauging South Tidegate Watch Your Tongue Sharknado
  4. I just got the PS3/PS4 platinum a few weeks ago, and I spent like 2 days to get ~500 fates only! So, If you are tell me that I have to get 3000 (or 2000) fates, so that is a really nightmare. The game is awesome, but I dont know, I think it's too much. Maybe with the new DLC you can play those raid on unsync mode (Im thinking the new level cap would be 100)
  5. OMG, I just got plat of this game 😤 I really wished to see this before! Good tip!
  6. Or shoot a red barrel by pressing the wrong button 😅. It happened to me by accident.
  7. I just got 100% of this game a the last month, and It was very hard to get the last coop trophies, but I got help from some players out there that help me a lot with this. They know every glitch of this mode.