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  1. I think this is the most painful trophy of the game, the one who thought it had a perverse mind! Just kidding! I think ...
  2. How I see things! You buy the game, the reasons that make you buy it are strictly related to your personality! What you feel and think alike! After you play it and you have a little idea of the list of trophies, sit and think ok, what do I do now? Take a look and find that maybe you only have 50-60% of the game .... and then is where starts the work of these wonderful people !😇 Sometimes even involuntarily, but you do it because you either have a great pride as a trophy hunter or you want to take every penny out of the game, or it just comes naturally! Let's see what else I can do ...I do not hide from the fact that I always keep my eyes on the guides of these people! That's after I play the game alone without spoilers or tips (this way I don't spoil the joy of a 30-year-old child!)😅😂That's how I show respect for the one who created the game, for the hours lost in the studio, for the eyes that scream after sleep, and the smoking neurons of people who want to make you happy! After them come those who write the guides! Respect their work and in turn they struggle to make you understand the logic of the puzzle! Which is why I say so ... Thank you! Thanks to everyone who does this and I bow to them🤟🙏
  3. Where exactly ? Now it seems to me that the world already has a fatigue for this subject, I think that people think something like that, I have a life and I can die only once! Whenever I go to Dresden to the store I see the careless youth, only people over a certain age wear a mask, the rest ignore social distance! So maybe young people are tired of being so isolated! Such restrictions and assume the risk and consequences of the disease if they catch it somehow ... Anyway it's a severe economic shit, after all and it was somehow a lot of manipulation, at least at the beginning
  4. I'll just tell you that .... I think it's the only game that makes me regret that I sold my ps4 in the ideea that ps5 appears, ok it was Last of Us 2 🤔as well, but this game is clearly a reason in addition to loving video games, and their ability to feed your soul! I'm telling you this after watching consistent gameplay, which I'm not tired of!🙃
  5. Deathtotyrants76 The same problem for me ! I dont know why the game says i dont have completion to the next things ! Thief ,Demanding challenges also... in rest i have all 100% ohh i have also to listen to all dialogues of GW ! I really dont understand! I think the game is verry buggy and glitched somehow because on the map nothing is available to do, so i supose i have already made it! I am verry upset for this and i dont know from where to start! Any solutions? Sorry for my bad english! Best regards!
  6. Yes i think also it´s a little bit to hard, first of all like you said no time to make like a plan or something , straight away RUN OR DIE! I dont manage to make more that 20k Score... I dont understand the counting sistem or maybe i am just bad!
  7. Maybe i am late, but try to make all side missions, one is with Pheobe.... And the other one with that dark clothing man that takes you with the canoe, i miss his name now... And then you should have killed all of the Fallen! Nothing is missable you can go back indeed! After killing Hades!
  8. I didnt payed attention to this E3 edition! I think now the developers are searching for more oportunities to make money from a lot of crap! I wait for the final releases because i start to get sick of promises! I dont want to be bad because my work as a gamer is to pay the work of the beautyfull minds of the people that are working when their CEO-s are making marketing to the E3 and others.. But in the end this is 2019... hard working people are stays in the shadows ...
  9. First day i am like a kid enjoying a new toy , now comes the second part of my thinking ,the adult one ... well after getting the joy i start to search for everything that is to do, challanges and so on i also have that dirty hobby of searching for bugs glichtes and mistakes made by the developer and i am always making like an angry or happy review of my money spended on the work of this people! And after i like finish the game, i start the clean upp procees ! Sorry for my bad english!
  10. Untill now i didn´t buy any collectors edition ! I buy ussualy Gold editions of my games ! But this one is on my list! 😍
  11. Because i am also a memeber of this comunity i think i should share some of my friendship and experience in gaming with the others , actually i think this is also my first post on the psnprofiles forum , the first but not the last , a nice start and also a nice welcome to all those willing to add me in their virtual friends list! Best regards to everyone !!! https://psnprofiles.com/RawManiaC90