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  1. Deathtotyrants76 The same problem for me ! I dont know why the game says i dont have completion to the next things ! Thief ,Demanding challenges also... in rest i have all 100% ohh i have also to listen to all dialogues of GW ! I really dont understand! I think the game is verry buggy and glitched somehow because on the map nothing is available to do, so i supose i have already made it! I am verry upset for this and i dont know from where to start! Any solutions? Sorry for my bad english! Best regards!
  2. Yes i think also it´s a little bit to hard, first of all like you said no time to make like a plan or something , straight away RUN OR DIE! I dont manage to make more that 20k Score... I dont understand the counting sistem or maybe i am just bad!
  3. Maybe i am late, but try to make all side missions, one is with Pheobe.... And the other one with that dark clothing man that takes you with the canoe, i miss his name now... And then you should have killed all of the Fallen! Nothing is missable you can go back indeed! After killing Hades!
  4. I didnt payed attention to this E3 edition! I think now the developers are searching for more oportunities to make money from a lot of crap! I wait for the final releases because i start to get sick of promises! I dont want to be bad because my work as a gamer is to pay the work of the beautyfull minds of the people that are working when their CEO-s are making marketing to the E3 and others.. But in the end this is 2019... hard working people are stays in the shadows ...
  5. First day i am like a kid enjoying a new toy , now comes the second part of my thinking ,the adult one ... well after getting the joy i start to search for everything that is to do, challanges and so on i also have that dirty hobby of searching for bugs glichtes and mistakes made by the developer and i am always making like an angry or happy review of my money spended on the work of this people! And after i like finish the game, i start the clean upp procees ! Sorry for my bad english!
  6. Untill now i didn´t buy any collectors edition ! I buy ussualy Gold editions of my games ! But this one is on my list! 😍
  7. Because i am also a memeber of this comunity i think i should share some of my friendship and experience in gaming with the others , actually i think this is also my first post on the psnprofiles forum , the first but not the last , a nice start and also a nice welcome to all those willing to add me in their virtual friends list! Best regards to everyone !!! https://psnprofiles.com/RawManiaC90