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  1. Spider-Man remastered on PS5 if you’ve already got the platinum on PS4. It says I got it in 2 seconds! I believe there are a few others like this.
  2. Please, lord! NOT Little adventure on the Prarie!!!!!!!
  3. Yes, I had the same problem. I did exactly the same as you, deleted the game and save file, restarted etc. What I found is if you get to your target score then stop moving and wait a while, the trophy finally dropped. I can’t say for certain if that’s what solved the issue, but it certainly seemed to work for me. Good luck.
  4. It’s a little frustrating at times but nothing you won’t be able to overcome. As said by everyone here: Stealth is key, but also, as Joel would say, make every shot count. Use your supplies wisely, and always make sure you have some fire (molotovs/flame thrower) for bloaters. Also remember that you don’t need to fight everything/everyone. Don’t listen to all the exploit messages. It would feel like an empty victory to me.