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  1. **POSSIBLE SOLUTION** Hi everyone, I'v just completed the Hell-Burbia trophy on my first try. I did a lot of research and preparation on the current issues and made sure I feel I may have found the solution and wanted to share my experience with these challenges. DISCLAMER: THIS IS IN NO WAY SUPPOSED TO BE A PERMENANT SOLUTION, I AM SIMPLY SHARING MY INFORMATION IN HOPES IT CAN HELP ANOTHER. Here are the conditions I made note of: - DO NOT USE GIBING WEAPONS! I found that gibbing the enemy seems to be the main problem with the game crashing, avoid blowing them into little pieces since they do not de-spawn. - USE CORROSIVE OR BURNING WEAPONS! Allowing the enemy to die by the corrosive or burning effects, means there body will disintegrate having less on the screen. Its is important to know that any bodies that don't get gibed or disintergrate DO DESPAWN after a little while. - EMPTY YOUR INVENTORY! Gibs arn't the only problem, make sure you have an empty inventory to pick up lingering weapons, ammo and cash so there are less objects on the map. - PLAY IN 60 FOV! I found that as soon as my game started lagging around 10 - 12, I turned my FOV to 60 and had no problems at all, up until round 20 (But i think this was because of the gibs building up) - ONLINE CO-OP SEEMED FINE! I did this with my friend online, I hosted and was level 12 and he was level 62. He carried most of the game but I contributed when I could. He experienced a little lag but we figured it may have been his own connection. To summerize, i do think the biggest issue is the gibs, but playing in a lower FOV puts less strain on your console making it much more reliable for more intense situations. Hope I have helped all those having problems! GOOD LUCK!