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  1. The lists of match reports on third-party BF stats sites are usually incomplete. You must've played Conquest on TS before the June 2020 update.
  2. A winning hand needs at least one combination - and some combos are invalid when you start stealing tiles (for the trophy). One of the simplest (!) combinations is called All Simples (or Tanyao). This requires a hand where all the tiles are numbered suit tiles between 2 and 8 inclusive (no 1s or 9s). This combination is valid in a hand with steals if you have the Kuitan rule option enabled. The other easiest combo is to have a scoring triplet set of three matching dragons (red, white or green) or three matching winds (black kanji). To give a valid combination, the winds must be either the current round-wind (shown in the centre of the screen) or your current seat-wind (shown next to your name). As Fear said, once you have a matching pair of these, you can usually use a Pon/Pung call to steal the third to complete the set and give you a combination.
  3. The one tricky aspect that I wrote about back in 2010 (GameFAQs trophies guide) is that meeting Mack in Chapters 4 and 5 doesn't count. You need to meet him again specifically from Chapter 9 onwards when you can do his training. However if you've definitely done his training (chase battles) then I dunno. I have seen a couple of comments saying you should visit the weapons dealer Kamiyama too so that's worth trying.
  4. My old Yakuza 3 trophies guide is available on GameFAQs. I haven't actually played the remastered PS4 edition but I did some research and went through the whole guide to highlight the differences before I re-uploaded it on the remaster page. Incidentally I also wrote the mahjong page on the Yakuza wiki. It's an abridged guide to the rules intended for novices and it also covers all the completion requirements in every game.'s_Introduction_to_Japanese_Mahjong Thirteen Orphans requires one each of every one, nine, wind and dragon (thirteen tiles) plus one duplicate of any of those to make a pair. Unless you're playing Yakuza 5, Kiwami or Kiwami 2 (where you can get it easily with a cheat item), it is very difficult to complete. It usually occurs in about 0.04% of winning hands - so don't expect to get or even see it very often!
  5. The important thing to remember when stealing tiles is that a hand always needs at least one valid combination to declare a win. Several combinations are invalid with steals and others score less with steals. Stealing can help you complete hands faster or more easily which can be helpful when you're a new player - just make sure you have a valid combo. A hand without 1s, 9s, winds and dragons (so 2-8 number tiles only) counts as a combination and, if you play with the Kuitan option on, this will be valid with steals. However you really need to get a few big wins to reach 50k so you'll want hands with multiple combinations. Declare Riichi when your hand is one away from being complete - that counts as a combination and has potential for bonuses. Make a hand with sequence sets (e.g. 234, 678) that is more efficient and gives Pinfu which can combine with other combos. Learn to use the Dora system (and red fives) and use those bonus tiles where possible. When your character's wind is east, you play an extra hand as east again if you get a winning hand (another opportunity to score). So, if you're east and you have a bad hand, try stealing tiles to get a quick cheap win to stay on as east. A quick win can sometimes block an opponent from getting a win too. You'll need to learn to defend against other players - especially after they declare Riichi - to avoid losing points. The simplest form of defence is to discard tiles that match ones that the Riichi player has discarded or ones that anyone has discarded since the Riichi declaration. (One disadvantage of stealing is that it locks tiles in open sets and reduces the number you have available for defence.) Check my article here if you haven't seen it. It's a beginner's guide which includes which combinations are most common (and which are valid with steals), Pinfu requirements, basic defence, hand building, completion tips, etc.
  6. Again it's hard to know the specific requirement/s, but it's suggested that you have at least three cooks (staff) and meal variety on "High" (Policy menu).
  7. Hi Tom. In Japanese mahjong you always need a complete hand with at least one valid combination to declare a winning hand. A complete hand is usually four sets (sequences or triplets/quads) and one pair - or seven different pairs but that's no good for this trophy. The requirement for the trophy is that you win a hand where all four sets were completed by stealing a discard tile from an opponent - using Chii/Chow calls to make a sequence set or Pon/Pung calls to make a triplet set (or Kan/Kong calls to steal a tile to make a quad set). Sets made by stealing are "exposed" on the table. One easy way to guarantee a combination is to have a complete hand with no ones, nines, dragons or winds (this is only valid in a hand with stolen tiles when the Kuitan rule is ON so you have that correct). In your pic you had a complete hand with four exposed sets but the first set was made of nines. You had no valid combination so you couldn't declare a winning hand. (Another easy combination to use is one triplet set of three identical value tiles - red dragons, green dragons, white dragons, your seat wind (north in pic) or the current round wind (east in pic). If you draw an early pair of any of these, you can usually steal the third tile to complete the set, then the rest of the hand can be any sets/pair.)
  8. This forum may be, but the game's far from dead. It's currently running its first "season" so more people will be playing to grind extra dailies. On PS4 you can easily find PvP multiplayer matches (although there will often be several bots on each side) and you can join PvE raids without issue too (although you'll sometimes get matched with players using significantly higher/lower powerscore builds). It's not a great game for trophy hunters. There's no plat and to get 100% you'll need to get the Raider trophy which requires you to complete 500 raids and joining raids costs fuel which is a limited resource. Of my 7k+ trophies, it is my rarest and almost twice as rare as any other I have - based on PSN Profiles stats. Five other trophies have completion rates under 2% in this community too.
  9. Even with extensive testing - and some input from the dev studio - it's hard to pin down the exact requirements for the snapshots. You need a medic to treat a prisoner so try to encourage discord that might result in violence. You need a prisoner in solitary so set your punishments to solitary then run shakedowns or encourage misconduct again. Indoor and outdoor cells both work. More importantly, have only one doctor and one small block of solitary cells so you can focus your attention on them. If you think you've missed a snapshot, quit right out of the game and restart it.
  10. ▶️▶️▶️ 🤓
  11. I don't recall Cain needing any special method and the trophies for Rachael and Charlie are slightly rarer. Focus on picking Cain whenever possible and do the usual - excel in combat, get melee kills, get multi-kills, heal your squad mates, praise/scold as appropriate, acknowledge/follow orders, avoid friendly fire, agree in conversations and use the Trust Enhancement perk. If necessary you can play at a lower difficulty where impressive daring deeds are easier. My trophy guide on GameFAQs (hopefully reasonably complete!) also includes details of several places to farm kills/trust.
  12. Good job on completing the mahjong and other bits. Minigame Master was always a tough nut to crack, even with mahjong and shogi cut on PS3 in the West. Hopefully your plat rate will be restored soon...!
  13. Hi DMD. I'm reluctant to help you to the mahjong trophy if it will spoil the misery you're enjoying! 1) A winning hand always needs at least one combination. The easiest is All Simples where all tiles are numbers between 2 and 8 inclusive - no 1s, 9s, winds or dragons. You must have the Kuitan rule active for this combo to be valid with stolen tiles. The other good one is a triplet of three identical scoring tiles - red dragon, white drag, green drag, the round wind (shown in the centre) or seat wind (shown by your name). If you get a pair of these near the start you can usually steal the third to complete the set. The other three sets and the pair can be anything. 2) Efficiency can improve your chances of being able to steal tiles. Try to get groups of two consecutive tiles in the same suit like 23, 45, 67, etc. Each can make a sequence set with two types of tile and there are up to four copies of each available. 3) Once you have your four open sets and you're left with one tile to match for your pair, remember you can switch out that tile for a better one on any turn. Check how many of that tile are already on the table and unavailable. Winds, dragons, 1s and 9s are less useful so more likely to be discarded - but no good for All Simples of course. Next best are 2s and 8s. Don't keep a tile if you've already discarded one of the same. (you won't be able to win by Ron)
  14. I've seen people saying that they were able to get trophies on custom servers, but I still don't know about ones with passwords. Now that the Frontlines week has ended, I thought I'd see what's on offer. Currently I can see two full 32-player servers (Euro) running Frontlines plus another two with 8 players (Euro) and 16 players (US). For reference it's late evening on a Friday - 10pm here in UK. Still early in the States - 5pm east coast.
  15. Hmm, all these months I've been assuming that this'll provide a long-term solution to the Frontines problem but I don't remember seeing trophies mentioned either way. We know that public custom servers will allow normal progression (like XP/rank) but not Tides of War chapter progression. If a custom server has the optional password-protection then you don't even get normal progression. The minimum number of players must be at least four and it won't be possible to set a server name, although that's one of many features they hope to add next year. Hopefully folks will confirm here whether trophies are possible in public or password servers.