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  1. The trophy bug fix has been updated from "potentially 4.4" to "Will be fixed with Update 4.4". (scheduled for late August)
  2. Oh, also there is currently a bug affecting new players where progress for some online trophies is lost if you quit a server. The fix for this has now been confirmed for Update 4.4 at the end of this month.
  3. They removed the dedicated Frontlines and Domination servers back in May (but they left the modes in the server browser). Frontlines is only routinely available in Grand Ops, in Day 3 of two operations. Use advanced search and join Airborne mode (Day 1) on Twisted Steel or Rotterdam. Otherwise Frontlines features only as a temporary mode. You just missed a week of servers running Frontlines and Domination on the new map. The 'private games' (custom servers) feature should be available in a month or two, so it should be possible to make your own map/mode rotations then.
  4. I see they decided to go with a rotation of two Frontlines matches, one Domination and no TDM. That's better for anyone that prefers proper objective modes - or needs Frontlines caps for the trophy.
  5. As noted in the other thread, the trophy fix is now listed as "potentially 4.4" (late August). The new multiplayer map Marita was added today. There are dedicated Marita servers this week running 64-player modes (Conquest and Breakthrough) and the map's also been added to the rotations for Conquest, Breakthrough and TDM servers. Next week (from 8 August) the Marita servers will change to a playlist of 32-player modes (Domination, Frontlines and TDM) so that'll be the next opportunity to play Frontlines mode outside of Grand Ops.
  6. Today's update is 4.2.1 which just adds the new Marita multiplayer map and a couple more premium Elite characters. The official DICE thread on Reddit says, "This update contains no other fixes, or changes to Battlefield V." (The trophy fix is still listed as "potentially 4.4" which is the update planned for the end of August.)
  7. It's still one of the (seven) "top issues" listed and two others there also say "potentially 4.4".
  8. A couple of notes: You can view your score per minute (SPM) under the Profile \ Statistics \ General menu. That probably doesn't count downtime between matches though. It seems like they switch servers on/off subject to demand. I play late at night in Europe and sometimes get booted from a server after a match ends. (Worth bearing in mind just in case anyone is contemplating a marathon!)
  9. DICE's quality-of-life tracker now says the following: Update 4.4 is the next major update after today's, currently scheduled for the end of August...
  10. Update 4.2 is coming next week but its content/fixes have not been announced yet. With the return of Rush mode in the new week starting today, the Close Quarters servers featuring Frontlines have been removed. Frontlines is now only available on the Rotterdam and France ops in Grand Operations mode which is not viable for this trophy with the current issues. Frontlines should be available in private games (custom servers) when that feature is added "after this summer" and I expect it to reappear as a temporary mode again in future.
  11. No probs. I see they've changed the rotation slightly to make it better for anyone wanting Frontlines. It's now TDM on four maps followed by Frontlines on three (Mercury added). Use the advanced search to join TDM on Aerodrome on a Close Quarters server to get three consecutive Frontlines matches next. I dunno how long these servers are running - could just be for the current week (Thursday to Wednesday).
  12. The one significant change they made was to give you the full selection of your unlocked planes on the spawn menu instead of limiting you to the three you picked in Your Company, but that was supposed to give you more options, not fewer! I just tested this, had more than three options and was able to get a bomber. If you think you should have more unlocked then you might've just hit a glitch where your unlocks are temporarily missing. I don't usually fly, but maybe plane types are restricted by map/mode too?
  13. You start with only the Spitfire Mk VA and Messerschmitt Bf 109 G2. If you go to the Your Company menu, pick Axis or Allies (L1/R1), select the plane to customize and then click Replace Plane, you can see your options. The original planes each unlock at a specific multiplayer rank (e.g. Ju-88 A at rank eight). You can also buy the Ju-88 C (Axis) or Mosquito FB (Allies) there for 2500 CC each.
  14. They've launched several "Close Quarters" servers in America, Germany and Japan running Team Deathmatch and Frontlines in the following rotation: TDM on Fjell Frontlines on Twisted Steel TDM on Devastation TDM on Al Sundan Frontlines on Narvik TDM on Aerodrome Join on Fjell or Al Sundan to get a full round of Frontlines in the next match.
  15. I don't play Grand Ops but I assume you're always put into Day 1 if you use quick-match (Grand Ops button on Multiplayer menu). I expected the Advanced Search (server browser) to give you more control, but it seems to only offer Airborne which is the Day 1 mode on all five operations, hmm. At least you can choose the map there - Twisted Steel for France or Rotterdam for, er, Rotterdam - and if you're lucky you'll join near the end of Day 1. The other three operations don't feature Frontlines. I haven't seen a date for the Frontlines week yet, it was just a passing comment from someone at DICE. As you can see in the game, only the first three weeks (of twelve total) in this chapter have been confirmed so far. I'd expect Frontlines to be included in the challenges for the weekly unlock though so it's probably not week 2 or 3.
  16. Grand Ops plays over three or (exceptionally) four days, each with a different mode, including Frontlines. If the Battlefield wiki info is current, you get Frontlines on Day 3 in Rotterdam (Devastation map) and Day 3 in France (Arras map). DICE have stated that Frontlines will return occasionally as one of their "limited-time" (temporary) multiplayer modes and they confirmed recently that the new chapter of content (which started last week) will include one week of Frontlines, so you might want to wait for that.
  17. Cool, glad you got it. My Prison Architect guide on GameFAQs covers the trophies (and everything else) in the base game. (trophies are right at the end) My big update for Escape Mode won't be available for another 2-3 days. Is there anything else you want to ask about now?
  18. Rage spawns in execution. Actually I might as well post the full list! (This will be included in the next update to my GameFAQs guide.) 1. Fighter [holding cell] 2. Merchant [shop] 3. Athlete [yard] 4. Chronos Traveller [chapel] 5. Pack Mule [storage] 6. Avid Learner [classroom] 7. Respect [office] 8. Thief [deliveries] 9. Locksmith [security] 10. Observant [kennel] 11. Saboteur [workshop] 12. Secret Pocket [visitation] 13. Engineer [workshop] 14. Ninja [library] 15. Escape Expert [cleaning] 16. Tough Guy [morgue] 17. Moleman [garbage] 18. Swimmer [shower] 19. Inconspicuous [solitary cell] 20. Back Scratcher [staffroom] 21. Natural Leader [common room] 22. Mob Connections [reception] 23. Marksman [armoury] 24. Sweet Talker [parole] 25. Dealer [exports] 26. Firestarter [forestry] 27. Rage [execution]
  19. Basically, yup. You do need valid offices for the warden, security chief and foreman to research all the necessary room types. Also the prison must have a valid canteen, kitchen and holding cell, plus you need to run it for ten full days. All the other rooms just need to be zoned. The objects are not required and the min size doesn't apply either.
  20. Yes and yes. A new snapshot spawns every time you start a new game in Escape Mode, but each pic only spawns in one specific type of room. Several of these do actually match the name, like Merchant in shop, Avid Learner in classroom, Swimmer in shower, etc. Deliveries, garbage and exports are included. Two pics spawn in workshop (not in same game). None spawn in canteen, infirmary, kitchen, laundry or mailroom. Also it seems the rooms don't need objects to make them valid for this. I tested it and got the chapel one in an empty room.
  21. I got Take Over by approaching and bribing the warden when I had sufficient cash funds. It was $1600 but on my next playthrough he was asking for $1800. Inflation?