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  1. You have no friends who play videogames at all?! Online or local? Its not that hard of a game to play along even if you are clueless.
  2. Didn't you know that since you had bought the game, you could invite your friends to play for free? They only had to download the free demo.
  3. I used hints and the trophy popped to me.
  4. Just finished it. Yes, when you die the archive collectibles of your current mission are lost. You have to pick them again. This, and the lack of saving during the mission, made this game frustrating. But overall, it was great experience.
  5. Here. This will help a lot. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-06-25-rime-and-reason-beneath-the-meaning-of-tequila-works-artful-wonder