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  1. Yeah when i got tomb raider sometime at the beggining of last year i did the story and started on the trophies. I checked out the multiplayer (which was pretty dead) but i could still find a match or 2, but the lobbys were full of total maxed level pros that insta kill you and the multiplayer just didnt seem fun to me. I had to create about 6 boosting session to get me and about 7 other ppl all the online trophies. And im still trying to solo grind my level to get the level trophy.
  2. It is pretty difficult my friend had the game and got stuck at about 60% then we rotated and took turns and we got their account to 100% and its pretty fun so its worth the buy.
  3. As You shouldent worry that is usually how it works and it will be corrected soon whichever way they do it.
  4. I just waited a few minutes and it was good But if that doesent work try restarting it that usually fixes any problems i have.
  5. Ok thanks was just wondering if i would still be able to find players on the servers normally still
  6. Does anybody still play the mp for this game im considering buying it but i always like getting 100% trophies And if so is anyone willing on doing a boosting session
  7. Sorry i dont think there is any other way of coverinh land quickly except using commands to teleport about 100 or 200 blocks forward or backwards and you can just copy and paste command Actually wait nevermind i just remembered you cant type commands on playstation version Sorry
  8. You need to unlock the boost boots
  9. Oh Ok Well Thanks I Couldent Find The Answer Anywhere
  10. So I Have A Few Games (I Havent Gotten All Of The Trophies Yet) But They Have Dlc Trophies In The List. But I Dont Like Games That Dont Have 100% And I Am Willing To Put In A Few Bucks If I Have To Buy The DLC To Get 100% But Do The DLC Trophies Effect The Percentage If I Dont Own The DLC?
  11. Hey can anyone help me out with getting the online trophies for the ranked games and stuff because the solo trophies ive got them all but i really want to complete all the trophies but you cant find ranked matches and some gamemodes are dead and the matches you do find are full of lvl 60 spawnkillers
  12. Ikr its so annoying but i have to get all the trophies i have only been playing mutiplayer for 2 days and only lvl 12 i wish i could level up faster and find ppl to play ranked and the other gamemodes