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  1. No, i never changed the ID. I think im done that, but, now i will check it again, its strange because the internet connection (Via wifi) is working fine.
  2. Hey All! So i managed to get a new ps3, an 500 gb superslim version, and i decided to use that as my primary ps3, because my older model has significantly less storage space. I deactivated the old one and log in on this new modell with my psn account and first i was happy because all of my previous save files appeared in the new consoles cloud, everything what was on the other ps3 back then. But when i install any of the more than 25 games i have on disk and play it before on the other machine, every game notes when is started them that ''the game cant found any save files" and just offer to start a new game or something like that. How can i solve this problem? Thx https://kepkuldes.com/image/Uxo0mt https://kepkuldes.com/image/Uxo68B (An example about the problem.)
  3. So i heard about that ps3 servers close down (I already had plat on ps4) so i got a ps3 version of the game to claim the remaining trophies. But when i check my online character i realized that he is only on rank 22 (I already got most of the other online trophies.) There is any method to reach rank 100 with him fast? Thx
  4. Hello, So i already completed the platinum trophy on ps4 and recently i learned that ps3 servers set to shut down this year. So i log in on ps3 after 6 years......My character is just on level 20, there is any tips or tricks how to earn rank 100 quickly or i should give up on this? My other problem is the ''live a little'' trophy....i need to spend 8M dollars but my ps3 character only has 600k right now, any fast method available to earn money? Some other trophies maybe i able to boost in the coming weeks but i dont know that even worth wasting time with it if this two trophies are impossible. I appreciate any help thanks