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  1. That doesn't really sound fair. Some people get early access to games to do reviews of them and whatnot.
  2. I like a straightforward list every now and then but trophy hunting would be very boring if every list was like this.
  3. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is my rarest plat but honestly it isn't even that hard, it's just loooong.
  4. A bug has existed in Skyrim for years where the Mask of Clavicus Vile won't count towards the Daedric Artefact total. I don't know if it always happens (although I believe having Dawnguard installed is what can cause it, which is mandatory in the SE and the AE) but you're probably best just to get both Savior's Hide and the Ring of Hircine in the Ill Met By Moonlight quest to be safe anyway. It's Bethesda so I wouldn't be surprised if the code was just copied and pasted over. The bug could very well still exist.
  5. The Outer Worlds.
  6. Sure. I'm not even that into fighting games but it was reasonably fun to play through. It's quite a quick and easy platinum honestly. Only trouble I had was when you had to perform a certain move and I didn't really know what the hell I was doing but I'm sure that mostly comes down to just not being very experienced at fighting games.
  7. Here's a gold star. ⭐
  8. There's a DLC coming out already? This game hasn't even been out for a month yet.
  9. I see. I assume there are other ways to get trophies illegitimately without the need for a hacked console though.
  10. No, I mean to include the Take the Cannoli trophy. It's pretty much impossible without a serious amount of grinding and/or a glitch. To include it even once was insane but to have included it again... what are they thinking?!
  11. I guess it would be a lot of work for the mods to have to look into every single individual case. I don't really know anything about this specific case so that could well be true, but I was speaking more in a general sense. I've seen a lot of cases in the past where people have been removed from the leaderboards and such for something that wasn't their fault. CFW?
  12. Kind of ridiculous that you can get flagged for something that isn't your fault. I suppose the other side of the coin though is that, if it were allowed, you'd have people intentionally getting illegitimate trophies and claiming it was an accident.