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  1. My IP has been blocked again. This thread has been around for 7 years. When are you going to pull your finger out of your ass and fix this? @Sly Ripper
  2. I haven't played this game yet so I can't really say but I will say that I came to this thread because it did seem to me like the difficulty on the guide was a bit high compared to what it looks like you have to do. It seems more grindy that difficult.
  3. I was just thinking the same thing about you. Guess we'll find out.
  4. World at War for sure has a higher chance of being remastered than Black Ops 1 and 2. To say that World at War will never be remastered is just dumb. It's an older game than BO1 and BO2 and therefore in more need of a remaster. Why do you think COD4 was the first Infinity Ward title to get a remaster? Because it's older and because it came first. Treyarch aren't going to work backwards with their remasters. Come on now. I'll be sure to come back to your smart-ass message when World at War gets remastered lmao. It would make no sense to not remaster 3 and round out the trilogy. In fact I'm pretty sure it's been all but confirmed that it's coming. The only thing I can think of that would prevent it is the recent controversy Activision's been facing to do with sexual harassment of women in the workplace and whatnot.
  5. Because they tried to make it ultra realistic, in some ways to a fault.
  6. I don't find it boring, per se. It's satisfying to go round clearing all the locations, and the fights with mercenaries can be challenging and satisfying when you beat 'em, especially if a few of 'em team up on you at once, but I would say that I haven't been very invested in the storyline thus far and it does kind of feel like they made the game huge just for the sake of it being huge.
  7. Worst month in a while, wow.
  8. This will probably be attached on to my previous message but this is two weeks after my previous message and still nothing has been done. @Sly Ripper
  9. Yes you did. "at least you can play them on PC". That's PC gaming, believe it or not, bud. Also I think a WaW remaster is very possible. They've already remastered the Call of Duty titles that came before and after it. Yes, different developers, but saying that WaW being remastered is never going to happen seems a little silly to me. I'd say it's just a matter of when, rather than if.
  10. It is a site glitch. One that the owner refuses to fix. Here we go again, Sly. 🙄 @Sly Ripper
  11. Not interested in PC gaming but more power to ya.
  12. Oh man, I remember storming the Reichstag on veteran difficulty while blasting heavy metal through my headphones and doing some kind of ritualistic dance that would make Michael Flatley jealous in order to try and avoid the grenades that were landing at my feet every half a second.
  13. I'd like to play through a remastered MW3 campaign to round out the trilogy but what I really want are remasters of World at War and Black Ops.
  14. If it is, it's a total slap in the face to the people who supported them with the first game.