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  1. I'm 23 and never played this game as a kid. I played Vice City and San Andreas a bunch, like @ZachBoardyHD. I have the Platinum though. I didn't actually find it too bad compared to Vice City. Vice City's "Take the Cannoli" trophy was a joke. There was also the fact that one of the stunt jumps glitched out on me in Vice City on my first Platinum attempt which robbed me of the 100%. I did do the paramedic missions at the start of my GTA 3 playthrough though, before the worst of the fuckery began with enemies one-shotting your vehicle with a shotgun. I'd say the biggest pain in the dick about GTA 3 was that it didn't have a map so you had to find your own way around. Thank fuck they added a map in Vice City and then allowed you to have waypoints in San Andreas as well.
  2. I have nothing against speedruns but imo someone's first playthrough should always be a casual run. I can't fathom blasting through a game as a speedrun for my first playthrough. Sure, they may blast through the game a million times and end up putting in more time than someone who does one casual run, but they're never going to experience the game as well as someone who takes time to explore and whatnot. Different strokes though, I guess.
  3. Not sure what people get out of spending their money on a video game and then blasting through it in no time. If I'm spending that kind of money on a video game, you better believe I'm taking my time with it and getting my money's worth.
  4. I don't see why not. There are a couple of trophies that you need two players for but it doesn't have to be online. It can be done in offline co-op ie. you can get a real-life friend to help you with them/use a second controller yourself. If you don't have a second PS3 controller, the PS4 controller works on PS3 as well.
  5. Really? THAT knocked the game down to a 5/10 for you?😂
  6. I'd love to be able to agree or disagree with you but unfortunately Sony have fucked up the launch and have nowhere near enough PS5s to meet demand.
  7. I killed Lord Shimura. Even if Jin doesn't stick to the samurai code of honour as strongly as he used to, it still has been and always will be the most important thing to his uncle. Anything other than a warrior's death for Shimura would be an insult. Even if Shimura was spared, he'd never renounce his samurai ways so Jin wouldn't be able to have any kind of relationship with him going forward as he's still a traitor in the eyes of the shogun. Shimura would have to live with the knowledge that he'd failed the shogun, failed at making Jin his son and heir, been denied a warrior's death and would have to watch as the shogun continues to hunt Jin. Besides, sparing Shimura felt like too much of a non-ending to me. It's not like we'd get to see how their relationship would develop afterwards, at least not unless we get a sequel at some point, which I assume would have the shogun as the main antagonist, but like I said, Shimura is samurai 'til the end so he would never go up against the shogun with Jin. Killing him felt much more final and concluded this chapter of Jin's journey so he can focus on what's next.
  8. You're not afraid of a difficult plat.
  9. Yawn. I have Just Cause 4 and don't care about the other two.
  10. Damn, what an underwhelming sound. Trophies need a good PING.
  11. Well that's disappointing. I wish they offered the video and a screenshot on PS5. No reason why that wouldn't be possible.
  12. As well as the screenshot or instead of the screenshot? My buddy and I like to send each other screenshots of our Platinums. Hello, 911? Yes, I've just witnessed a murder.
  13. Disagree with me if you like but at least present an argument. I'm not saying the game is bad. I can't do that because I haven't played it yet. But what I've heard from everyone is that it's essentially a large DLC and not a full game in terms of length, so it shouldn't have the price tag of a full game. Period.
  14. Why in the hell are you still playing it if you hate it so much? Trophies aren't everything. The game could have been better and fell down in some areas, I'll grant you, but it's far from garbage. C'mon now.
  15. Oh yeah, I'm sure it's great but it isn't anywhere near long enough to warrant the hefty price tag. It's definitely a "wait for a sale" title.