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  1. Second playtrough going for all secrets just rushing trough on padawan. randomly trophy pops on third secret in Bespin streets level. I guess Not all secrets registered my first time trough even tho it said 3 of 3 on the loading screen. Least got Plat now.
  2. No not yet. and from what i see no one else has obtained it either. Im assuming its glitched at this point.
  3. Secrets Trophies seem abit buggy. 10 secret one popped way after i discovered 10 and "all secrets" did not pop at all and i made sure i got all secret areas.
  4. It is still possible yes i just did it less then 2 weeks ago.
  5. Sign me up! Sitting on 11 plats right now! not including duplicates. AC 2 AC Odyssey AC Origins AC 4 AC brotherhood AC Revelations AC 3 AC Liberation AC Rogue AC Unity AC Syndicate
  6. Reporting in with 11 games platted! Type 0 World of FF FF 15 Lightning Returns FF 13-2 FF 13 FF 12 FF X-2 FF 9 FF 7 FF 10
  7. As this is my all time favorite game series i have been crazy enough to play them all on ps3 and ps4! (yes even Re:com) Sign me up!
  8. Reporting in with 5 unique plats! Uncharted 1 Uncharted 2 Uncharted 3 Uncharted 4 Lost Legacy!
  9. Excluding doubles i got 7 God of war plats! God of war Ascension (ps3) God of war 1 (Ps3) God of war 2 (ps3) God of war 3 (ps4) God of war Ghost of sparta (ps3) God of war Chains of Olympus (Ps3) God of war (ps4)
  10. Sign me up! Spidey being my favorite hero ofc i got all these already platted!