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  1. So this account I made in 2011 after my very first account got hacked (It had 23 plats). I started collecting trophies during 2010, but mostly just for games that I enjoy (and some 1h plats here and there ofc 😁) Here goes my list 2011: 20 - Spare Parts (59.23%) / Call of duty: Black Ops (4.25%) 2012: 12 - Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7 (30.09%) / Tom Clancy's: Ghost Recon Future Soldier (0.61%) 2013: 16 - Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (38.45%) / Call of duty: Black Ops 2 (0.93%) 2014: 20 - Infamous: Second Son (29.33%) / Call of duty: Ghosts (3.97%) 2015: 20 - Telltales The Walking Dead (72.97%) / Star Wars: Battlefront (2.30%) 2016: 37 - My Name is Mayo (96.36%) / Call of duty: Infinite Warfare (1.29%) 2017: 24 - Telltales Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy (69.39%) / Marvel Heroes Omega (1.39%) 2018: 17 - Slyde (98.41%) / Titanfall 2 (8.97%) 2019: 35 - Jack N' Jill DX (99.23%) / Red Dead Redemption 2 (1.82%) Thanks for this post! Nice going down memory lane! ☺️
  2. I'm talking about difficulty related trophies (as in, complete the game on veteran difficulty etc). I didn't write it without looking at the list 😂
  3. Looks easy enough. No story difficulty related trophies either. Can't wait
  4. Congrats

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      @BlazikieronUS I guess for plat in Modern Warfare. He's also first that got the plat. Unless someone didn't sync trophies yet.

    3. ArmoredSnowman
    4. RamiALJ
  5. Same thing has happened to me and I'm also playing as FL4K.
  6. The Witcher 3, great game that I haven't even finished yet. Bought the game at release
  7. You can see how many steps you're on by pausing the game, going to "records", then scrolling all the way down.
  8. The game is not long at all. You do the same objectives every playtrough with the only difference being the side missions (Ada and Sherry missions). I don't count that as extra content, it's the same. The game is amazing but I gotta be real. Still a 9/10
  9. Hahaha that was almost me! Got the trophy by accident at 13980 steps on my second playtrough
  10. I have completed it a few times now (Got it on Tuesday). It's def a 10/10 for me if I rate it on the Resident Evil scale. By far the best RE game in recent years. As a $60 game I'll give it a 9/10 (Maybe a 8.5/10) Because it's very short. Completed the game in 5-6h the first time. The other runs clocks me in on just over 2h per run. Both campaigns are very similar with minor changes so you will be going through a lot of the same sections a couple of times. But I have not gotten bored yet. Still got 3 more play through's left before plat with two of them being hardcore and I'm still excited to jump back in.
  11. Only needed battery and Shaw. So life wasted for the rest but I had fun ................ Kill me
  12. lol, I think I just saw you in a horse race online on RDR 2 - like 20-30 min ago, is that possible?

  13. Ok false alarm, I thought I had 10 currants but I had 0 ....................... Problem solved. Sorry for wasting your time 🤐
  14. Ok, so I'm trying to learn the recipe for the "Special Miracle Tonic" to complete this challenge. I bought the recipe from the fence post game but when I read it in my satchel it does nothing. I still can't craft the tonic. I have read it like 50 times but it still tells me to learn the recipe. I went to the location on the map where you find it but there was nothing. Am I doing something wrong or is this glitched?
  15. Does Completionist also unlock in NG+? Because both Dr.Croft and Completionist glitched for me