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  1. This my first MMO and IMHO playing MMOs is like playing golf. How you play and respond to adversity is a reflection of one's life... And for a lot of people, this is not a compliment. Being nasty and excessive complaining are the two top things I see. I really do not get it. As for needing to grind excessively, I play the game behind the times meaning I am never cutting edge but can instead enjoy the game and minimize grinding.
  2. Playing on Ultros. Nobody has said anything negative. Worse I have met is being called brain dead because I was still learning the tank playing style in the random dungeons. Now all I get are commendations. Interestingly, someone randomly gave me 1,000,000 gil for 10 potions and they bowed to me after the trade. Waiting for the virus to kill my PS4... 😆
  3. To each their own...
  4. For legit games - JRPGs This for non-legit games... 😀
  5. It is a subset. Most difficult trophies have been removed for the most part. Added - I posted a link to the Steam achievement list earlier.
  6. I used a steam guide for the specific achievements/trophies. I also used a guide (most likely Absolute Steve's) from GameFAQ's for the general walkthrough. There are a number so if you don't like one, you can always try another. Site also has a large number of topic specific guides. Hope this helps.
  7. Yes. There is a guide that contains their location. I think the old faq's for the original game still apply for the most part.
  8. Easier than the Steam list. 1. 10,000 kills is gone. 2. Magazine addict is gone. This was collect three other magazine types. 3. Finishing the game with Squall at initial level is gone. 1. Timber Maniacs 2. Pupu Quest 3. Defeat all members of the CC. I believe the Queen gets very difficult to defeat if the certain card rules spread. This is what I remember off the top of my head. Took 20 hours to "platinum" on Steam last year.
  9. Star Ocean
  10. Platinum Gal
  11. In spite of the challenges with crashing particularly in the Wandering Dungeon and when farming Miracles' ornithology drops, this is the most satisfying platinum I have achieved.
  12. Grindy to say the least. But I like the series despite some of its repetitiveness and shortcomings. Glad Star Ocean 5 backed off a bit on the battle trophies. The 55 Grigoris is the biggest pain. The remainder were all right. Have not played the PS4 version though. Does it crash during ambushes when you spam Arumat's Dragon Roar or any ambush really? That was the most frustrating thing about the PS3 version. Took me four or five years to get the platinum on the PS3 version. Will play the PS4 version from time to time and expect to take that long, too.
  13. King of the Lava - Ys Origin
  14. No problem. I just confirmed that resetting does work. But then one needs to make sure to have all the explorer backpacks and archivist maps. I was still missing one, too. After grabbing that one in the northwest crypt in the Peruvian jungle, the trophy popped.