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  1. It has always been weird for me, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't work, and it has been like this since the beginning, i still tried to ask support for help at first, but now can't be bothered when it stops working. It should fix by itself, but it will probably freeze again.
  2. I don't trust anyone that dislikes any of the Ueda games. This game is a big beautiful journey, it has it problems because development began many many years before it was released, but besides that, it has one of the best relationships in a game and without any talking being done.
  3. I just want to say i got it with a normal BFG kill, got the trophy on the end of all the rounds.
  4. This game is starting to piss me off, my last 3 attempts were all the game's fault that i died, including 2 times in chapter 4 (one the game crashed in the library section and another i just fell from a ledge for no reason). I'm starting to feel that i can beat this difficulty but the game keeps being an asshole.
  5. I must be really unlucky then, because i have done countless crucibles gotten at least 6 to 10 drops every crucible and nothing. I have offered at least 10 blessed equipment to the lord of the land as well.
  6. So i saw in the trophy guide that when you're on NG+ the ammount of battles gets reset so you can just start the game on hard and get easily this trophy. The problem is that i played the whole ng+ on Chaos and didn't get it. Is it a sure thing the battles are reset when you enter NG+? Because my first playthrough was all on normal and i farmed a lot, so it im sure it will still take a lot to catch up to it in case it doesn't reset.
  7. So i just completed Slaughterhouse 3000 alone and it took me like 2 full days, but now it won't show on the completed missions and the mission shows up again, i'm not sure if it's one of the repeatable missions or if i'm screwed and have to do it again. Can anyone help?
  8. For the Laser Hammer is there any good turret to farm kills? the gun itself just uses too much ammo too quickly even with a full loaded gun cant get more than 20 kills.
  9. Tips for Tiny Temple? I am using an acceleration character since i read it's easier but i always tend to lose blue flame randomly ( besides all my attempts i lose because i'm bad).
  10. This track to me is all about knowing where and how to drift boost without crashing. Watch a video and try to replicate where he does his boosts and see if you can do them yourselves without crashing/losing Sacred Fire. Crash Cove was my first track and i felt like i didn't even need to be perfect to beat Oxide. It's still probably one of the hardest tracks so if you have other tracks to do maybe you can go for other tracks.
  11. It seems like it pretty much came down to this, just keep the USF and you'll be golden, tried to used Polar but just sucked with it so came back to Penta and beat Oxide by 2 seconds far from a perfect run, but as long as you keep USF a bit you're good. Thanks everyone for your answers. Now tomorrow i'll start the CNK tracks. The plat is getting closer, when i started the game i really wasn't sure if i would be able to do the time trials but with some patience and some training im sure everyone can do it.
  12. Any tips for Oxide Station? Last Ctr track i need to beat before the CNK tracks.
  13. After 10 hours of grinding Sewer Speedway i finally got throught that bullshit shortcut, i don't really know how to explain how i got it but i was at really high speed all 3 laps and i made sure my last boost was a perfect one instead of a good and finally beat the track. Been advancing on the list and nothing has been as bad as that garbage track, even Dragon Mines was easy as comparison, at least there's not much bullshit on that track if you fail it's because you're not good enough and you don't even need to be perfect to beat Dragon Mines. Now to complete the rest of the CTR tracks tomorrow and hopefully CNK tracks on the weekends and be done with the trials. Good luck for everyone else going for this.
  14. Well first of all there's the shortcut where i lose pretty much all my runs, haven't found a consistent way of dealing with it have watched a ton of videos but nothing really worked for me. Then the hardest part for me to maintain the boost is the part where you have to go through 2 holes just before the finish line. I am using Coco, but probably just suck at the game.😅
  15. Ok I really suck at Sewer Speedway besides the shortcut being ass, if you lose the sacred flame trying to dodge the stupidly big barrels or keeping the boost on this tiny track. i get the shortcut maybe 2/5 times and even when i get the shortcut two times in a row im allways behind oxide. Been stuck on this track for 4 hours and not even near of being close to beating him. And i have seen people say this track minus the shortcut is easy when oxide is on your tail the whole track even if youre perfect. Any tips?