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  1. The real challenge is keeping the dinosaur eggs in a can.
  2. Not glitched just nobody has done it yet, just because a game hasn't had every trophy earned doesn't mean it's glitched, it's just hard.
  3. It looks like Fucking alpha footage dogshit but I'm not a shill for shitty AAA shovelware. Maybe if the devs didn't outright admit to stealing other games ideas because of it's obvious lack of passion and originality I'd bite. Sorry but I'm not blind or crazy to not want to pay Fucking $60-$100 for some pile of shit that can be spent on better quality games. I'll look for this in the clearance bin or grab it 50% off a week after launch.
  4. The problem is the game overall screams nothing really original and to me I'd rather buy other games day one and wait for a sale than dip into this. Coming from someone who's neutral I really don't think this games all that great in terms of what is coming out and what people would spend $60-$100 on for preorders. Plenty of games to choose from and for me this ain't it chief. It really looks underdeveloped tbh, looks like an alpha imo
  5. *Change the models they look bad* Keeps the Shrek face anyways. Reminds me of that buttchin ODST member in Halo.
  6. Tbh I'll wait for a square enix sale. Idk why they are dropping the ball on this game, it seems like based on the article I read about them copying ideas from other major franchises that it'll just be something not investing day one into. So many other great titles, I hope the game is good and doesn't lack innovation but everything imo seems a bit lackluster
  7. Well one of them doesn't and the rest can be for fun. You remember fun right?
  8. I believe in his ability to find an HD port of WoC If not we RIOT
  9. If they updated past threat 17 which I doubt, it would just be trophies for the gear which wouldn't be too hard and fine to do. But the mastery for example for damage is 2,200,000,000 damage and if they ever asked for players to complete those it would just extend the playtime of the game with some grindy boring trophies. We will see if winterhorn will have trophies, but realistically we won't see new interesting hunts until drask, stormclaw, and skrav get dire/heroic versions Then after maybe new hunts but who knows how many they will even release and it may just be no new trophies but doing the hunts for funsies
  10. Is there a cheat code to unlock Crash Bandicoot Wrath of Cortex HD???!!! (Please)
  11. I have but I doubt this game will get much support for trophies as the trophies themselves were shit to begin with
  12. Hunter pass is different from Slayer mastery so you don't gain levels from it just unlock aesthetic rewards. Also the game won't update trophies more than likely, the game will slowly die off and tapper down as far as updates are concerned imo. But who knows maybe I'm wrong about them giving more trophies, but it seems highly unlikely.
  13. Games fun for what I paid for, enjoying it for what it is and getting trophies so I can't complain
  14. I would have to honestly catalog them. Burnout Paradise 4x EDF IA: 2x Borderlands 3x Bioshock 3x Batman 3x Castlevania Collection 3x Contra Collection 3x Hollow Knight 2x Bloodstained 2x Horizon shift 81 2x Super motherload 4x Cosmophony 3x Final fantasy XIII 2x Dragon age origins 2x Mass effect 2x Resident evil 5 3x Resident evil 4 3x Resident evil 6 3x Fallout 3 2x Fallout NV 2x Sega collection 3x Alien isolation 2x Among the sleep 2x Assassin's Creed 1/2/3/4. 3x That's just on the top of my head I own too many games I can't keep track
  15. Dark Quest 2 is a great game, glad to see it's on sale. I picked up a few cheap games myself, decent sale tbh