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  1. Winners picked, Shadowhood1111 And Fastflowdaman Thanks again fot everyone who participated in the stream it was very fun to do. Cheers
  2. Thanks man Stream was really fun to do.
  3. Stream live
  4. I will be doing a run on the hardest mode without playing the game prior to this. So it'll be a fun enjoyable stream watching me die over and over. I'll try to make it 5 hours or longer to give people a chance to watch. Idk how much of it I can endure tho before wanting to throw my controllers, we will see tho
  5. I will be streaming Robbie Swifthand and giving away two keys for the game. I was the reason these devs got it's trophies online, to give thanks they gave me keys. I wanted to share these keys with others as I already bought the game. Check out the stream Thursday Oct 10th Pacific time 1:00pm To enter the contest simply comment on my Livestream when it goes live, and message me your psn acc name/yt name you commented with. No need to sub or anything, same as I did before for my Dark Quest 2 giveaway. I am simply doing this to help out another indie Dev, I don't get anything from this, as I said before I paid full price for this game so this is just out of kindness I'm doing this. So anyways hope you enjoy the show and possibly be one to win the one of my two game keys. I will link here when the streams live so comment and follow the thread to stay tuned when I go live! Also for those wondering I'm not on psnp again, this is just a one time thread to giveaway some free games.
  6. Hey everyone, I will be leaving the site unfortunately, sorry
  7. Sorry

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. NekoRave


      Again thanks to everyone whos been kind and supportive. I'll be on PSN still doing my thing, I just have had a huge influx of people consistently putting me down for not having enough completions, owning too many games, people think I spend money on games to pop one trophy and never play it again, that my completion percentage is too low, and at first I blew off what people said, but I have had since 2015 a gradual crowd of hate flooding my way.


      I know I can ignore block or whatever, but it really saddens me that my options are to constantly filter out people who don't know me and openly want to put me down, that's not even considering the incredible amount of people who silently support and agree with them (you know the ones who would upvote said comments)


      Like I didn't join the site to be treated as if I'm a hoarder, not a gamer, etc.


      I've done a Xmas giveaway for example and even some of the people who wanted shit from me would still turn around and say shit like this.


      I've helped people with suggestions of what games to turn online, helped even do a guide for some game, I've done my part to contribute and try to belong positively to the site.


      So it hurts that I'd leave that part behind, but to be honest there's just too much negativity in this hobby.


      I'm a video game collector, I love to play games, instead of my collection having any admiration it's resorted into a way people can target me on a personal level and attempt to bring me down.


      And if it was 20 people fine whatever, but I have had at least 700+ messages from people (not just on the site) across all the various sites/ direct psn messages.


      I just don't feel like I deserve this treatment.


      It's affected me sub consciously, I can barely game when I lose at a simple boss because I'm now starting to believe what people are saying that I'm not a gamer, that my accomplishments are not enough, that I am a hoarder, that everything I've done doesn't mean shit.


      I don't know why I got so much hate in the first place, but this has me very depressed to the point where it's killed off a lot of my drive to even game or socialize about my gaming accomplishments.


      I left my own discord, I left fb, I left psnp, I took everything off, everything down just so I don't hear that shit anymore.


      If that doesn't say how I feel about hearing that shit I don't know what will.


      And if people who are reading this that contributed to me leave, I hope this is what you guys wanted man, I've literally got so broken down that I barely want to game anymore.


      So anyways hope that the people who are supportive read this and understand that you can only take so much harassment before it's enough to go.


      I'm going to be on PSN if people want to add me or message, and this is a genuine goodbye from me to everyone

    3. IceSoul21


      Damn, I knew every community had toxic people, but, wow, what you said is too much.


      Being a gamer, or simply enjoying playing games doesn't mean you've to buy one and complete it, or complete all the games you own/will own. Like drawing, listening to music, reading, etc, videogaming is just a hobby and no one should be attacked for not being a completionist or stuff like that.


      I know my comment will not change things that much, but remember that you're just having fun while playing games. After all, that is what they were created for. Keep on dying against the enemies, bosses, retrying and having fun while doing so.


      Sometimes people don't know how much power their words hold. Even after making someone do something horrible, they still think it's not their fault.


      Sorry to hear you're leaving man, and even though I don't know you, I wish you the best of lucks

    4. Velvet


      Sucks to hear man, I enjoyed seeing you on the 'recent players' list of the odd Indie games I pick up and think no one else is playing. Bummer to hear it's because of other people as well, but hopefully it'll be just a bit of a break? A mental vacation can do the body good. Best of luck, love. Hopefully I'll catch you around on PSN or something. 

  8. Games fun for what I paid for, enjoying it for what it is and getting trophies so I can't complain
  9. I would have to honestly catalog them. Burnout Paradise 4x EDF IA: 2x Borderlands 3x Bioshock 3x Batman 3x Castlevania Collection 3x Contra Collection 3x Hollow Knight 2x Bloodstained 2x Horizon shift 81 2x Super motherload 4x Cosmophony 3x Final fantasy XIII 2x Dragon age origins 2x Mass effect 2x Resident evil 5 3x Resident evil 4 3x Resident evil 6 3x Fallout 3 2x Fallout NV 2x Sega collection 3x Alien isolation 2x Among the sleep 2x Assassin's Creed 1/2/3/4. 3x That's just on the top of my head I own too many games I can't keep track
  10. Dark Quest 2 is a great game, glad to see it's on sale. I picked up a few cheap games myself, decent sale tbh
  11. Not atm, working on unknown fate trying to get it online. But I will update when new lists are up
  12. I'll try to sort this out, will update if I have more info
  13. I actually love AZMD but didn't get it on PSN so welp
  14. What if the developer releases the dlc but adds a new dlc list of a dlc that won't exist. Would people be happy the dlc is out? Lol And I might give it a spin after dauntless
  15. Lmao so the trophy list dlc was never released of a shitty game I just bought out of being a funny guy Dare me to start it tho? I heard the game is pretty bad