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  1. I'm not getting a ps5 lol, ima pass on that tbh

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    2. MikeCheck--


      How - how do you have 1,000 games in your backlog?! Lol!!! That is just insane t ome

    3. Sword


      I'll be getting mine either at the end of 2021 or for my birthday (May) of 2022. There's till some PS4 titles that got delayed due to COVID coming out in first quarter of 2021! Plus, titles I'd really want on PS5 like FF16 I don't think will be coming for awhile, so time enough yet to enjoy the huge backlog I have on PS4. Don't think it's a bad idea to wait until more games come out. 


      So Neko, 10k games played coming during PS5 era then? xD

    4. NekoRave


      Technically 1,000 was just sonys cap I have 3,000 games plus the games I started so 6,000+ 


      And oh God plus ps5 games I'm sure to hit 10,000 lmfao

  2. Special thanks to me for putting you through hell, God have mercy on the next recommendation you give out
  3. Gotcha just recently most of thier games are pricey like $10-$20
  4. Why is this game $10?
  5. Ow
  6. Right here
  7. It should be I got my copy recently to finish it all, it has recent earners
  8. Yeah it's just a matter of dodging active hackers. It takes a few hours to complete it all so make sure to do it right away
  9. The situation is bad, hackers basically join and edit stats so you'll never get the plat. Its a form of gatekeeping and worms unfortunately has tons of that. You just have to hope you get lucky and don't meet any tbh. I did mine late at night all in one go but I was lucky to not be hacked by griefers and unfortunately many people have had there stats in the negative so if that happens it's unfortunate but plat remains unobtainable
  10. I can bet you it's a disc problem dude in one hour just add me I'll get you really good gear
  11. Might be a ps4 issue as well as a game issue. I never had the game crash not even once during my plat and went back to the dlc doing about 12 different missions (maybe more) and zero issues. Not sure what's the cause clearly there's an issue but it seems isolated unfortunately
  12. anthropomorphic cat which has human traits as well and speaks English. Let me know one cat that speaks English. Totally fake the evidence is there
  13. No need to we all know it's me
  14. Nekopara is a cat tho How the fuck has not one other person voted for me. Outrage
  15. How did you get a picture of me?