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  1. Anothe method that can go with that is someone having the ball near the spinners the entire team will trail behind.
  2. Map doesn't matter. If you do it solo the best method is dropping to get a double kill and killing the rest. Another method (before they patch it) kill a few of them fast 2-3 and hope the AI kills one near you. AI kills count for the trophy but this will be patched. You can also boost it it's much easier if someone holds a ball and you spawn kill them use an alt. Id recommend Full Metal Judge for this.
  3. Yes but it's one less game I have to worry about fixing. Anyways I nabbed the game can't wait to play it
  4. Your welcome bro. This game had a special rush. Onto the next game!
  5. Already contacted them hope for an update soon
  6. The 300,000m was actually 300,000km Averaging 8km per 7 mins this trophy was originally 4,000 hours. After a long debate with these devs on how nobody deserves to have another lifetime to dedicate to this game. (they said play the game naturally to get 300,000km) I had to explain metrics and math of why that's a horrible idea. We argued about this for awhile for finally they agreed that based on this. I asked them how they would handle griefing if they encouraged people to drive 5000 hours if HMM elite players played against people that didn't care and drove around throwing 37,500 matches per person. It would not only kill the hardcore fan base but once they are done kill them off too since they played 5,000 hours and the game dies so its like your move devs what do we do. Finally they decided they didn't want to kill their game scared people would actually want to drive mindlessly for 5,000 hours and ruin the game. It will be updated to 300km which is what it should have been in the first place. Atm no patch eta but confirmed its coming. Potentially quads and iron man and 666 kills will get harder. Currently assist kills count as kills that is what was talked about as well so it's possible both will be patched in the same patch. Atm the games 5,000 hours long so start at your own discretion. I'll update the thread when the patch is live. You are welcome lol I don't think anyone wants to play this game for 5 years. (if it even lasted that long.)
  7. Dm me, but it wasn't too bad maybe 10 mins. There's probably a lot more people searching now.
  8. Usually most devs miss it because Sony doesn't automate this process which is very annoying
  9. Atlus, and because the trophy date isn't the same as the release date and there's complicated steps to get it turned on. Its hidden away and I usually point out where to upload and publish the lists to get them online
  10. That's great news I wasn't able to get a real answer from them. Unfortunately the game even being ftp won't last forever this might end up like darwin and don't even think. That almost definitely confirms you can be able to boost this I think I'm currently at 13 ppl with alts for my session so hopefully matchmaking will be easy to find each other. I'm sure at launch it'll be active tho considering it's free. Just nipping this in the ass before it gets cancer hahaha
  11. Yeah it seems that pc players the veteran ones at least can average probably 20 or more no deaths. Its going to be hard to kill let alone not die. What's worse is if you see their live streams which I've watched to learn a bit they are very relentless and aggressive players. So unfortunately this game never gave us a chance to have a beta but I'm seriously hoping options to turn off the crossplay but again doubt it. The games been reworked numerous times and the devs don't care really and cater to the minority group that are the ones which will eventually gatekeep. I mean practice surely can help but once everyone gets good the time to get those two specific trophies will dramatically increase
  12. This game will be populated since it's ftp, fall guys was any indication as to how bad a game can get. Since the games not out until tomorrow there is no way to setup an official session. So I would like to create this thread not to be session related but to discuss the two trophies that would potentially stop you from ever finishing the game with a potential of a game keeping community like twisted metal. The two trophies in mention would be the quad kill (very luck based hard to find 4 players together) and the 10 kills without dying. Please comment below your thoughts on these trophies and as a side note until the game is up I will leave my dms open for those wishing to coordinate some preemptive way of obtaining these potential 100% widow makers. That being said the game does look very fun and it's going to be one hell of a 100% considering the games free.