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  1. Those mother fuckers. I want my money for candy back
  2. I buy every Konami game day 1 so ima get this
  3. Anyone else excited for this thrilling action packed sequel?
  4. Racing bros has NO TROPHIES and will never have them. "Hello Neko! Thanks for reaching out. Not adding trophies was intentional in our first releases. We will be considering adding them in the future."
  5. Ghost > tlou2. I voted
  6. No I gotchu. It does suck that theres the ability to just rush through with modded money but then again the same can be said about borderlands. In fact i always run a shield in borderlands thats modded because ive played the game like a billion times. Also the only difference really is time spent so imo its not a biggie but i can see the og fans who spent more time on it, it sucks for those. But I'm sure this will be lifted because its in game items which is for some reason different than someone giving you modded exp. Its weird how rules work honestly but if its in game money being abused all those that got 20,000,000 zeni in dbz would have gotten flagged even tho those who did it legit spent countless hours on it where as you could glitch it in 5 mins. So we will see what they do tbh
  7. Its hacked modded money but idk they use modded guns in borderlands so imo its not a big deal
  8. Just letting you know I already contacted them and they said they're going to look into it
  9. JP?

    No this is seperate a new list
  10. JP?

    is this a limited version?
  11. I still would love to know how someone earns an online trophy offline but regarding this dispute none of it makes sense so im voicing an example of how this is going
  12. Well at least I know now if I cheat an online trophy ill just say it glitched and be free of the flag. The more you know.
  13. That's the thing I don't know how that screen is even possible without cheating. There's no real explanation for it. Also I don't know how he earned an online trophy offline as its not normal none of this is and there's a lot of reasonable doubt. I understand its your job to be fair and have concrete flags but this just doesnt sit right with those that legitemently have earned the trophy. If its that easy to do then anyone can test and replicate the trophy to pop normally which imo should be done as proof and then this could be case closed. Otherwise its imo not fair to have it mess up stats and leaderboards even even CRT thinks it should be lifted. I mean is it really that hard to test this on an alt and attempt to replicate this again and see if its bullshit or not?