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  1. Unfortunately people can't even handle 5 let alone 200-300.
  2. Wonder how many "years" this game will take to beat And yeah this isn't the first idle game lol
  3. Yes its a proxy you are still earning them
  4. Confirmed this method works, dont trust the stat screen and keep count and youll be fine. Why this isn't in a guide or not as known is beyond me.
  5. Ctrl + f Killzone shadow No need to even read the threads
  6. So sick of games being released in current states like this, absolutely ridiculous imo
  7. Plan to finish every game, so that means the entire campaign of games where trophy lists fall short. Not fond of the auto running, but its alright I guess. Runner 2 autoruns but I just prefer to run myself. That being said I'll probably record it tbh
  8. Well cats do like lasers...... AND YESSSSS YESSSSSSS MORE TECHNO So you should listen to MOAR
  9. Should go back and finish FFXIII
  10. Twisted Metal Platinum 0.46%
  11. I totally agree with that sentiment. I have a plan to tackle my backlog but I'm not rushing games like its a buffet and I need to eat everything on my plate or I'm a terrible person. I am doing something called Neko Diving, popping one trophy in every game, some games the easiest trophy is beating the story, or an ultra rare, or nobody has earned anything like attacking zegetta 2. But my goodness never thought owning a lot of games would be shamed upon and not admired. Its a video game collection for gosh sakes not some devil contract with a gun against my head to do every trophy that has ever existed. I didnt buy all these games just to look at them either lmao, people are so funny sometimes, its why my SIG is what it is. That being said I really want to play kingdom come deliverance, amazing game tbh
  12. I finished this on nightmare without the cheese, it is my platinum #40 Just figured I'd let ya know this one is done
  13. Twisted Metal Platinumed!


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Spyro
    3. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

    4. NekoRave


      Thanks for all of the support :)


      The online was terrible and the campaign was brutal.


      I accidentally got rank #1 for the monthly rank as well.


      Not to mention a la mode glitched and another level so I had to do 250 matches for it to pop.




      onto the next game after I help a few others with twisted metal

  14. Ive never played any resident evil besides 5, I'm glad to play the series in HD but I feel spoiled :/