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  1. Nah I agree, jokes aside really would rather have trophies that complete the game. Shame really, lost potential.
  2. Hey....
  3. @RatalaikaGames should make a mortal Kombat game Great suggestion
  4. https://psnprofiles.com/session/174597-burnout-paradise
  5. I beat the final 360 or whatever level needed and it didn't pop, after doing it again it popped so yeah it's a bit buggy imo Also I left the game idle and it never popped for a while hoping it would and continued to play, could just be chance it worked.
  6. Scramble!!!! Also wish they had beat x level not high score but eh, it'll be a great plat
  7. I am a whore
  8. Platin Gald Svler Brozn
  9. They arent, I got them awhile ago, just hackers lurk about I assume
  10. I'd recommend giving this a chance, it's not the best BR, but it's definitely worth it while the servers are still up. I'd say it's pretty fun tbh.
  11. Over 50,000!!!!!!!(soon tbh)
  12. Congrats!!!!!!!! glad we worked together to get the patch going!