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  1. I only see an IX tank on sale can anyone mention the specific tank that's on sale which needs to be bought?
  2. How exactly do you do those because I basically am going in the game blind
  3. If you buy it how long for all trophies affected is it just 5 hours for sure?
  4. Lmao what the hell are you on I want some. Trophy hunting is however you want it to be that's the glory of playing however the hell you want. Don't like the dlc? Okay nobody cares don't do it. Its free and it's online. If you care about the 100% then do it. If you only want the single player experience do the platinum. If you bitch and moan about not being able to 100% because you have to play online then you are cancer. Literally just either get the plat and shut up or do the online portion. But calling people casuals because they don't bitch and complain that anything online should be immediately stand alone (so they don't have to touch it) is retarded. It exists, and not online does it exist but it's free. And the best part is its here to stay and I kinda hope for more support on the game and more trophies for it. So git gud scrub as you would put it.
  5. Nobody said they didn't care about 100% Nobody cares about how mp dlc should be a standalone and the *casuals* as you like to call them like the dlc and actually consider finishing it as they don't mind it being a part of the base game. Caring about how this dlc ruins 100% to begin with is about as retarded as it gets. Not one thing is ruined by free co-op and ng+ content. So the ones saying they don't care aren't saying they won't finish it, they are saying don't care about 100% if you complain about the dlc rather than whine about it being seperated. Seems like you missed the mark tho, at least you tried?
  6. So I guess that means you'll be ghosting the game then? Too soon?
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