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  1. Yes in fact I completed one of the requests already. Server shutdowns has taken my time so far. Planning to be the fastest achiever for orcs unchained 400 hour game. I'm 87% done with the trophies need 6 levels left and 120+ hours gold grinding. Planned to play 30 hours today in a row. After that possibly drawn to death, and right after I absolutely need to get elemental card online done which I am close to completing the 100 trials without dying trophy. After those I need to resume final fantasy xiii I put on hold and maybe start doing some faster completions to make up for the larger ones I've tackled this year so far. Worms 2 (1.6%) Clan of champions (2.44%) And soon Orcs Unchained (0.08%) Elemental monster card online game (0.17%) Luckily I already have invokers Tournament done it's shutting down in may. Also need to do happy dungeons as well as the VR game in danger of being unobtainable. So yeah lots I've been doing so it's taken my time up
  2. 21% increase from my 7% 4 days ago. Let's see what I can do by next Tuesday!
  3. One time about $350 in irl money mts
  4. Did you not see my edit? Also I stated I don't know how to add the box, but yeah cool thanks for that. It's almost as if I stated "I dont even know how to use spoiler tags" or something I'm on my fucking phone btw and I'm not accustomed to the sites forums as far as HTML on mobile is considered so it would be nice instead of being smart to say how to do it if it's that big of a fucking deal Just fyi I changed all my comments to no opinion so that way I don't hear anymore fucking shit from anyone on the thread, so there you go. Enjoy
  5. Ah rare plat? I'm really intrigued now. I plan to be the first to figure out attacking zegetta 2 and 100% Plus I am doing orcs unchained and elemental monster card online I also finished worms 2 (1.6%) and clan of champions #36 to plat. So rare plats really entice me
  6. Dynamite after dust plus luck potion. Hope that helps bud. I'm streaming 20 hours tonight In 25 minutes it starts if you want to watch how I do it.
  7. I own that game haha, is it really that hard? Ive been so busy with orcs unchained, didnt see the post till now, but I'm willing to attempt the plat in it for sure
  8. Madlad. I guess the vita was attracted to ya eh?
  9. Isn't that a contra clone? Oof thats a huge weakness, but I'll do it Probably need to do the online or co-op too right?
  10. I need to play through that series haha, its one ive been missing out on. Sounds fun tbh
  11. Definitely planned to do all edf solo anyhow. I hate being carried, and just bought iron rain!!!!
  12. Wasn't intentional, I dont even know how to use spoiler tags. So not trying to be "that guy" just trying to discuss the game
  13. No opinion
  14. I'm doing it in 11 days. 11 stream today 14 hour tomorrow And even a 36 hour stream. So I'm going to go hard at this so I can do drawn to death possibly. Good luck on the plat
  15. No opinion