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  1. Got rid of discord server in case people were wondering. 


    Just need time for myself atm. 

  2. The Last of Us Part II on sale 9/2 I win @TheLakota

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    2. NekoRave




      Technically it's not Hentai :)

    3. TheLakota


      Jesus. I hope I don't get flagged for this. 


      Ah fuck it, I don't post on these shit forums anyway. 

      Decided to go for broke and double up on it.

    4. NekoRave


      You are absolutely amazing haha i am fucking laughing my ass off. 


      You madman. 


      But hey a bet is a bet



    I love this quote

  4. New Neko Server for those that use discord




    1. Lorajet


      Thanks Neko for the invite! 

    2. NekoRave
  5. https://www.true


    I welcome anyone who supports me and wants to get updates to join me here. 


    Just glad to have people that support me and are good people who have kind hearts. 


    Hopefully I can get back my momentum soon maybe in a week or so

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    2. NekoRave


      Thank you 

    3. Kittet3


      I'll miss your forum posts :( But if it's a better balance for you then I wish you the best of luck! 

    4. NekoRave


      Thanks for understanding, I truly didn't want to just not post anymore, however after everything I think its for the best.


      I will be super active in my discord semi active on TT

      however psnp ill just be a ghost tbh its much easier to lurk on this site


  6. I woke up to being unflagged. 


    I'm glad the CRT did there thing however that had to be the most stressful dispute I've ever dealt with. 


    After everything tho I won't be posting much on psnp as a result. 


    I will be active on TT in case people want to contact me. 


    I'm using this purely for stats honestly, I'm grateful for those that support me and alhave been kind throughout. 


    For those that want nothing but toxic things to happen to me well I seriously hope you reevaluate your life. 


    This whole situation affected my job affected my health and honestly I was thinking that If I was open and did the same thing on TT would I even have an ounce of the feedback, dispute at all, or drama. 


    I think it's safe to say that this site isn't healthy for me and even on TT maybe forum posting in general needs to stop. 


    I will still help fix games and reply if people message me but other than that I'll just be gaming and focusing more on gaming and less posting at all on the site or any other site. 


    I did want to add I have a huge project I was planning on doing for everyone and I may or may not still do it. 


    If I do it will be on TT but it's adding trophies to games without any called a Retro Badge. 


    I wanted to start making these for fun and atm my drive to do this is low. 


    If people like the idea of that and want to contribute let me know and I'll continue to do so. 


    Anyways back to sleep I really need some rest

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    2. AlchemistWer


      It's a shame see that you will leave this forum but I hope now you find some mind-peace.

    3. NekoRave


      I'll be around lurking just want to be at peace tbh. 


      There's a lot of good people here and I'm glad for that. 


      Add me on TT and as I will be more active there

    4. UltraFire121


      Glad to see you back on leaderboards Neko.

  7. He said he sent them to a mod already so you should have them lmk if you dont

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    2. NekoRave


      He said he sent it over so idk this is really frustrating 

      He sent them to a mod to send over to you so I'm not sure where it is exactly but it's sent

    3. MMDE


      I got no idea who he sent it to. I was the one who requested it, so why send it to someone else? :S

    4. NekoRave


      Because he sent it prior to your post I believe because he can't dm you. 


      He sent it to grimy 

  8. Just got sent home from work for having an anxiety attack..... Great

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    2. AlchemistWer


      I saw the problem you have currently here, I hope everything is resolved soon.

    3. Sophie Kiri

      Sophie Kiri

      Yeah, hope it'll get resolved soon Neko

    4. NekoRave


      Thank you guys. 


      Just been really stressed over this I still haven't even slept. 


    This is how my disputes going so far. 



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    2. Astray404


      Wait... so is shareplay illegal on this site? cuz I saw lots of helping threads from games like DMC series and Dark Souls series

    3. NekoRave


      I didn't know making more than one status was against the rule I was just posting

      No it's just a witch hunt that's being allowed honestly 

    4. NekoRave


      Haven't slept just so frustrating 

      I'm emotionally drained

  10. I do want to say one thing. 


    Thanks for those that are defending me and supporting me. 


    I would have fallen in a great depression if not for you guys so thanks for that. 



    1. Nighcisama


      You can't ever catch a break I guess 😅

    2. NekoRave


      Not unless it's all of my bones 

  11. Nothing like waking up to death threats, warning and a witch hunt. 


    I might just be on hiatus after this 

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    2. charxsetsuna


      The rules say team accounts are fine if not frowned upon how is this different enough to warrant a dispute?

    3. NekoRave


      I don't know who approved the flag to begin with but I'm just hoping this ends soon. 


      I won't hide the game as it's legit so I'm just waiting patiently for a response 

    4. MidnightDragon
  12. This has probably been the worst fucking weekend. 


    Never thought I'd be happy to go back and work. 


    I did Dantes Inferno online but I don't even feel proud of anything anymore

  13. I'm not political at all I hate politics but this is very important.


    This video is having massive censorship and is being taken down.


    Id advise anyone to really give this a watch tbh.



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    2. Litha


      Off to BitChute lads!

    3. NekoRave


      Is that the duck duck go of youtube haha

    4. NekoRave


      And its taken down as i thought. Censorship at its finest

  14. Realm Royale Plat :)

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    2. NekoRave


      So far ive done quite a few of these battle royale games.


      Im kinda burnt on them tho, so i may switch it up to some long mmorpg and maybe do a few easy games :)


      Need to finish dark souls 2 as well

    3. ihadalifeb4this



    4. NekoRave


      Thanks my dude


      So many games left to play still haha

  15. 3 wins amd 80 kills left for realm royale :)

  16. Realm Royale almost finished but i gtg to work.


    Rip top 20 position lol

  17. I finally got a fucking vita.


      Let the region stacks begin.

    (3,000 games started..... now for my vita collection to be dived. hehehe)


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    2. DaivRules


      Get that thing connected to PSN first thing so you don’t have missing timestamps on Welcome Park!!

    3. NekoRave


      Will do hahahah



    4. DaisyVilla102



  18. Tempted to play Genesis for 100%



    1. NekoRave


      Also wanna add all stacks of Friday the 13th soon

  19. Just spent $1000 on games and movies


    No regrets?

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    2. ResoluteRock


      That reminds me... I’ve got to pick up My Hero Academia Season 1 for free on PSN. Also, wow, that’s a lot of games :o My Friend Pedro looks like a really good one. Let me know how it is whenever you get the chance to play it!

    3. NekoRave


      Ima spend $750 more in 7 days.


      Lots of region stacks to pick up.


      And yeah ill make a status about my name is Pedro whenever I get to it :)

    4. ResoluteRock


      I would give rep but I ran out for the day already 😂

  20. #13 Worldwide to Complete Darwin Project.


    What a ride

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    2. NekoRave


      Thanks buddy. Now for idle champions

    3. MidnightDragon
    4. NekoRave


      So many more battle royale games to finish.

  21. I may or may not have uploaded a trophy for crypt of the necrodancer. 

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    2. NekoRave


      Getting one trophy required a lot of setting up too.


      The zone alone for this game has such HORRIBLE bosses.


      I legit force myself to die to spend gems to see boss patterns.


      It reminds me of spelunky a bit but rhythm based.


      But oh boy I wasnt ready for any of the bosses.


      Now to dive more games and hit 3000 started games


    3. Arcesius


      What did that poor shopkeeper ever do to you 😢

    4. NekoRave


      He kept singing

  22. Dark Souls Plat!!!


    now for 2.... Again


    Then demon souls in jp and EU


    And ds3....bloodborne....nioh....sekiro.....Elden ring....dark devotion...salt and sanctuary....blasphamous.....deaths gambit.....dead cells, twice.......ashen.....the surge.....the surge 2.......sinner.......redemption.....hollow knight......and probably several more I dont even want to know about.

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    2. Copanele


      Ya know, I will borrow that list. Having Blasphemous and The Surge on my list anyway, should give them a go once i finish the ds2 run and that stupid cancerous horrible street fighter 5.

      Must be the Easter spirit, the mood for Souls games is great. 

    3. NekoRave


      Both are great games. Id highly reccomend deaths gambit if you gavent played it already

    4. Copanele


      Oh I played Death's Gambit  at launch was a broken mess so I dropped it. But it seems they patched  it good now so I might re-pick it.

  23. Beat dark souls twice all souls obtained.


    Time to finish this

  24. Ornstien and Smough Double Dead

    4 Kings Dead

    Firesage Dead

    Centipede Demon Dead

    Bed of Chaos Dead

    Sanctuary Guardian Dead

    Atorious Dead

    Nito Dead

    Seathe Dead

    Gwendolyn Dead

    Gywn Dead





    Buy all miracles from Rhea

    Free pyro npc

    Free mage

    All the tail weapons.

    3 sif souls

    2 gwyn

    Max out gwyndolin Covenant before killing her (10? Ears from the ravens)

    Get egg infected

    Max out pyro glove

    Talk to the witch pyro and max out that glove for the quest kill the bed of chaos and report back.

    Release logan from the cage, talk to him in prison and free him, make him go insane and kill him.

    10 sunlight medals

    Nitos quest before hes dead (10 eyes)

    Dont talk to the "good snake" and join Dark snake for the covenant weapon gear etc. (Ones required I believe for thr weapons trophy.)

    Kill patches

    Turn human and kill the npc invaders for special weapons.


    All I have left to do is ng+ for weapons.