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    Started Ni no Kuni II when the game was initially released but only made it to Chapter 4... BACK AT IT!

    1. charxsetsuna


      Great game, I've yet to get the plat but I'm nearly there.

  2. Finished the EXTINCTION campaign (no platinum yet). The trophy list is easy and simple enough.


    At the moment i will not go into full detail on the game itself. Would not recommend EXTINCTION to anyone, though. 0.5/5 to be honest.

    1. JadedDragos


      How is that one? I've been eyeballing it for a long time now.

    2. Wayne Moxxi

      Wayne Moxxi

      After Chapter 3, the game becomes extremely repetitive. 


      The game itself is not hard but i found myself getting frustrated with the mechanics, and the constant unnecessary dialogue. That could just be my personal issue.


      Example: the main character will auto climb at random times or go the opposite direction.


      This game would have thrived temporarily during the PS2 era. I would not grab Extinction unless it's no more than $5. The DLC doesn't add trophies either (if that matters to ya).

  3. My sweet new Playstation shirt!
  4. I like the creativity of these trophy additions. Here are some notes on the trophies. AGAINST ALL ODDS / UNBREAKABLE While I like a challenge (and even though you should save before each boss fight) I believe this trophy would take away from the game. Of course this looks like a trophy for strategists. NICE DISGUISE AGENT P Doppelgangers are pretty easy to gather, even with missing some and a little grinding in dimension of time. STORY RELATED TROPHIES These are something I definitely could have added more of. Specifically in the important key moments of the game. (ie. After Fort Dragonia / Viper Manor / Save or Leave Kid / Defeat All Dragons / etc) PUZZLE TROPHY There aren't many puzzles in the game, nor do I believe they are difficult enough for a trophy. Would you consider Criosphinx a puzzle? TRUE WARRIOR This would take A LOT of grinding. Even after all endings you'd like not have 2500 enemies slain. Maybe after grinding rainbow material. Don't think this trophy is fitting for this game. Better for longer RPGs, preferably with hordes. ELEMENTAL ASSISTANCE I like the idea of this trophy. Perhaps "use every healing element once". Additionally "use every element once" or "use at each type of element once". DIMENSIONAL ROAD TRIP This could be one of those key story trophies. BOW BEFORE ME There is not a difficulty in the game. (Unless I missed something for the past 20 years). POWER SERGE (clever) / WAR PARTY The level up system is based off stars, which you get after each (aside from the stat boost you get after boss fights and sometimes randomly). HUNT FOR THE TRUTH Some places vanish and become inaccessible in certain areas. This would be a miserable trophy for sure. Don't think I would add this one. SHOPPING SPREE Once you get SMITH SPIRIT you won't really need weapon shops. I rarely used element shops also. DATA INTERRUPTED Is this based more on mid-battle party health or stats? The idea of dealing the final blow to FATE is interesting. More with a specific character related to the story rather a weak character. Overall it seems this list has inspiration from modern RPG trophy list. Creative for sure and some to modify or add to. Thanks for the comment! Again, I know this was 3 years ago (oops). I believe with SQUARE remastering and remaking so many titles lately, there is a strong chance of Trigger and Cross being RE:.
  5. Hi! I honestly thought this thread was deleted years ago by an admin. Since I have rediscovered the thread, i'll start to adjust the trophy list and reply to some of the comments. I never found the Dragon Feeding to be too difficult (if you are patient). No trophy for ozzie pants but I'll update as stated. I left out optional bosses because you can't go back and fight the bosses again (such as Dimension of Time).

    Oh! Picked up one of my favorite Harvest Moon games and restarted the Let's Play!


    I have already killed some vegetables and almost my chicken... and spring isn't even over yet!

    1. MidnightDragon


      You probably won't save the homeland at this rate. xD 

    2. Wayne Moxxi

      Wayne Moxxi

      If there was an option to burn the village down... I probably would have accidentally done that! 😂

  7.  Hi! Probably wondering how you can get your hands on my sweet new shirt?! Well, you can't... YET!


    Head over to prowrestlingtees.com/waynemoxxi to order my first shirt Dreamweaver's Dreamcatcher!


    Throwing this design up soon! (And one with color!)



    1. JadedDragos


      That is a really sweet Tee!

  8. #96 via TEKKEN 7 Short review: I enjoy TEKKEN games, but this one did not seem as fun. Additionally, the A.I. was not difficult aside from the story bosses like Akuma and Kazumi. A lot of characters removed or deemed as downloadable content. The overall trophy list difficulty would be 1.5/10. Even the online trophies were simple enough to achieve. This is simply based on personal preferences and previous title comparisons. Overall I enjoyed playing TEKKEN again!
  9. Stream wasn't much of a success tonight due to the storms in this area.


    My current status on TEKKEN 7 is: TEKKEN 7 is the easiest TEKKEN game I have played in terms of difficulty, both against A.I. and earning trophies.


    I am disappointed about the removal of many characters from previous games like Dr. Bosconovitch and Bruce Irvin (he was my main).


    Still enjoying the game, however. I will likely be doing an LP (or stream) of the Story on my YouTube.



  10. #94 via Horizon: Zero Dawn #95 Far Cry: New Dawn
  11. Long time since posting an actual status on PSNProfiles. Unfortunately, this COVID-19 situation has put a halt on my professional wrestling (considering i am on the independent).


    It's been a nice relief on the body and bank! Fortunately, I was able to secure an essential employment role indefinitely since the gym I work at is temporarily closed.


    This has been a time to recover and strategize going forward once everything blows over.


    Meanwhile, I'm gaming more frequently also. Specifically playing WWE 2K20 (among other games) and returning to hunting some trophies in the process.


    Check out my creations on WWE 2K20 by searching WAYNE MOXXI (download me) and CONTENT BY CREATOR.


    Stay safe and healthy, my friends.


    Also, check on the YouTube channels:


    DANIEZUTTON for gaming

    Wayne Moxxi for wrestling

    1. JadedDragos


      Glad your doing good man. =-)

      Glad your doing good man. =-)

  12. Respect before the match against Toby Farley at Valour Pro Wrestling in York, PA.