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  1. Are you sure it's EU? EAS version is due for release this month:
  2. Mighty Rabbit was supported by LRG, and it was sold at LRG's booth at a convention and on eBay to raise money for preservation efforts, but it was never directly available from LRG. The developer paid out of pocket to make sure that a physical version was printed so it could be preserved, and the Vita version was cancelled I believe as a result since it never got a physical printing (AFAIK).
  3. For Skate 3, everything came back recently.
  4. Smash, just checked and can confirm the content system shows that US isn't tied to a current trophy list, so this seems correct. Need to contact Smilegate to publish the US trophy list.
  5. 2nd list is already released, and has Stranger Things DLC in it. 🙄
  6. Just wanted to hop in to let you know that Invasions are down on Xbox as well. Not sure why people are saying these events are still happening on Xbox. They stopped on July 24th as well. Good luck!
  7. Re-release? Isn't that just the Western release that was promised that released today?
  8. It's actually a self-published version from GameTomo in NA and EU. New stack.
  9. More than likely Armored, it was the same deal with Spectrum where they secured a different publisher before release. But, would be great if they republished it in Japan as the other two lists are NA/EU. Spectrum: EDIT: Nevermind, realized that they self-published in Japan and not in the West. Would still be nice to see it released to HK/TW then.
  10. Does it help to know that the "Platform Support" for a trophy pack is just a checkbox for the platforms?
  11. We have the Daealus trophy list in English on TrueTrophies as confirmation, so I would presume if it doesn't have English here on PSNP it needs a rescan.
  12. Back in 1995 (JP) (PS4) scanned. Fort Boyard scanned.
  13. Serious Sam Collection trophy list is available to the public to view. Not sure why someone hasn't manually added it to PSNP, but Mango mentioned before they'd likely just wait until someone unlocked a trophy in it for it to scan into the site.
  14. Good call. It has a list on Xbox for verification.
  15. Graveyard Keeper's up now. If anyone that owns it wants to verify, Catan VR theoretically should have a list but hasn't scanned yet.