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  1. Good thing you didn't play Borderlands JP GOTY on this account.
  2. Just to confirm, Evolution is down as well now on PS4?
  3. PES 2020 shutting down September 30th for all versions. 12 Online Trophies impacted. List of Trophies Impacted: First Online Divisions Win Promoted in Online Divisions Team Play Win a Casual Match Win a Clan Match Co-op Contributor myClub: 1st Ranked Match Win Ranking Recognition Ace Signing One of Our Own Eye for Talent Global Giants Source: https://www.(URL not allowed)/forum/viewthread.aspx?tid=122011
  4. Defiance and Defiance 2050 shutting down April 29th, 2021.
  5. 😲
  6. Tbh I've been pretty busy so haven't put in the time, and having headaches so playing VR's been difficult. But, I contacted the publisher a long time ago about this problem and no response. I should just stop and take the time to knock this out to get something to unlock in this game.
  7. You are correct, it's technically not unobtainable and more just extremely unlikely at this point. It's part of the whole "tracker stops working" issue for Worms Rumble PS5.
  8. Just PS5. Every update indeed. I need to look through the rest but there's a variety of trophies that track incorrectly now on DbD, both positive and negative. MK11 also inherited the Krypt Chest reset issue from PS4, where it resets and the tracker won't update until you eclipse the old value.
  9. Worms Rumble and Borderlands 3 Dead by Daylight has a Discontinued with Texas BBQ as well.
  10. Thank you sir. Have been going through and updating all of the server shutdowns and recently discontinued trophies for TrueTrophies this week for the new site contest. 2 PS5 games with an unobtainable Plat and a 3rd (DbD) with broken trophies is not a great thing to see less than 3 months out from launch. 😬
  11. @EdinhoN Can you confirm if NBA 2K19 CN is down? Very difficult to find any information to confirm when those go down. Thanks.
  12. There are a few examples of this, including Borderlands 2 JP GOTY. This site, as all others, display the DLC since it's part of the trophy pack and therefore you will never be able to 100% it, whether you like it or not. All you can do is get 100% possible and move on.
  13. Totally agree with that one. Monolith are the ones putting in work and WB allowed it to happen. Let's just be thankful that they were allowed to do it and that Monolith was willing and able to patch it for everyone. 🍻 Indeed. Was just posting the info over here as well. Probably should've checked the actual forum first just to link it through though.
  14. I think this is building off the momentum of the problems with Mad Max and the fact that it's had more coverage in its lead up due to the problems, and a developer trying to actively fix the issue.
  15. For Shadow of Mordor, a patch is being released which will address the three trophies that would be Discontinued from the online shutdown (they say three, but the Trials work fine on PSN offline): "All three achievements will unlock. Barring some rare last-minute, unforeseen complication, a patch is on deck for early next week. Until that patch is live, I won't be able to offer more details but I'll be happy to discuss once it drops. Thanks for your patience β€” and most importantly β€” thanks for caring enough to raise your concerns. Sincerely, your passion here helped propel this up the chain and demonstrate the need to find a good solution. And I have to give props to WB again. They really worked hard with us to find the best possible outcome. Thanks, all -"