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  1. Unlikely, because the dev folded and it hasn't been fixed on other platforms either.
  2. Delisted, but available via physical disc.
  3. I was just writing up the same. It has 4 packages (NA, EU, JP, AS) that we scanned in on TrueTrophies on the 1st, and no trophy list that came with it. 99% of games these days have trophy packs, so I would contact the publisher as HuntingFever suggested. Fantasy Friends - Under the Sea scanned in on the 1st and is missing a list. Sin Slayer scanned in yesterday and is missing a list. Smelter's PS5 list doesn't seem to be live yet after scanning yesterday. It's become pretty common sadly as of late. Also starting to have a growing backlog of games with late lists that were added that haven't been played by anyone yet...
  4. Thank you for vindicating the unlock data that suggested it. Greatly appreciated.
  5. Thank you for the confirmation that it should at least still be possible.
  6. Right, I've heard that but I've not seen references to that requirement anywhere except a comment from the guide many updates ago (1.04 -> 1.11 now) back in 2016, and I'm seeing unlock data that suggests otherwise, though not a lot because people don't normally pick the offline method. 😬
  7. Reading conflicting reports of being able to do the nuke build/disarm offline. Example:
  8. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain PS3 shutting down May 31st, 2022 per Source: Target Services ・METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN ・METAL GEAR ONLINE Looks like 1 trophy impacted, according to TT flags: Intruder
  9. Joindots restructured, and are a German company (hence the physical bundle). It looks like Season Match 2 and 3 were certified by Sony Europe, as you noted the pbnew12 account (of which these seem to be NP environment testing accounts for Sony Europe). Venturing a guess, this came up during the restructuring and either got pushed back or cancelled as a result of that and/or the pandemic. Might be worth just straight up asking Joindots and seeing if you get an answer.
  10. Well, there is a 3rd as you stated, though we assumed it was Japan based on the release date at the time: https://www.(URL not allowed)/game/Biped-Japanese/trophies Will look into it. As for Sheryl Nome, the translated name (I believe I got it right) should give a good hint: Sheryl Nome: Choujikuu Virtual Clip ~Iteza*Gogo Kuji Don't be late~ English: Sheryl Nome Super Dimensional Virtual Clip Sagittarius 9 PM Don't Be Late It likely was planned to be included with a Hybrid Disk, but the Serial on it doesn't start with 9, so that means it was meant to be a standalone release. Which points us to Macross 30, which has the Serials of BLJS-10182 and BLJS-10184 (with Sheryl Nome being BLJS-10183). If I had to guess, this was meant to be included as some sort of promotion with Macross 30, which featured Sheryl Nome (and most of the Macross universe). The song itself though is from Macross Frontier, and it appears to be a promotional fan disk with her performing on stage where you can modify the costumes and camera views which was somewhat common at the time. Just seems like something cancelled before full release, unfortunately.
  11. Any chance you can ask them the regions for the lists? I believe we still have Japan and Korea floating out there that we don't know what they're tied to.
  12. WWE 2K20 shutting down Road to Glory on September 26th, making 3 trophies Discontinued:
  13. Yes, it's delisted. No, there's no physical copy. EDIT: It is available via PS Now, however.
  14. Between 25-30h and 40-50h estimate on TrueTrophies (tied between the two), and PSNP data suggests about 30h so that would seem to be the average target time for completion.
  15. The discussion of a rarity leaderboard has been something I've been pursuing for a while as well. I recently asked TrueTrophy to post and ask for feedback about it, but unfortunately he cannot post on the PSNProfiles forums (even though he's never posted before). With this most recent conversation having come up as a reminder, I'd like to reveal a first pass at an implementation of a similar idea using the TrueTrophy ratio of a game: https://www.(URL not allowed)/Competitive-Ratio/leaderboard The basic concept is that it excludes the quick, easy completions based on how common something is unlocked. If the entire game's ratio is below 1.2, it's removed from the calculations, which essentially results in removing the bottom 25% of games from the leaderboard. This removes Xitilon, POWGI, most Ratalaika, Gamuzumi, and others from the calculations to give a better comparison to those who don't routinely dive those games to see how they stack up. The bar for this can always be adjusted, and this is just a first pass as more features and polish will be added next week. The regular leaderboards still exist, and this is just a special one-off. The top 3 don't really don't change much, just from the sheer amount of trophies unlocked from games higher than 1.2 ratio, but the board shifts quite a bit within the top 100. I'd encourage anyone interested to take a look to see how things shift and provide any kind of feedback on the process. There are more things to expose still as well, such as being able to filter by country (e.g. Brazil): https://www.(URL not allowed)/Competitive-Ratio/leaderboard?countryid=35 EDIT: For Honda's point, still not exposed directly on the site but same calculation for completions: https://www.(URL not allowed)/Competitive-Ratio/leaderboard/gamer/completedgames