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  1. Good to hear then. I just didn't want it to go unnoticed that the leaderboards supposedly wouldn't sync until you went back online, but seems it was tested already. Hopefully it's not broken for Xbox and it was just a one-off for the person reporting it.
  2. Confirmed, you say? Someone on TrueAchievements verified that the trials leaderboards require online.
  3. Okay, thank you. At this point, I'm just going to tell my team to not even bother flagging Air Mech until I see a screenshot. We've gotten bad intel on it twice on the past week.
  4. Can we get confirmation on this?
  5. It was on Activision's list, which means it should've already had action taken against it (whatever it may be). The Servers are still up currently however.
  6. Sorry that wasn't clear, but they're Discontinuing the content related to the 8 trophies. Not physically removing them from the trophy pack.
  7. World of Tanks removing Crew Customization vouchers on December 7th and removing 7 trophies from the game: https://www.(URL not allowed)/n18758/world-of-tanks-discontinued-trophies
  8. Thanks for that, as I didn't know the source. Guess we'll see. WB never seem to know.
  9. Just saw this posted in one of our forums about Mad Max. Looks like maybe Scrap Crews not being offlined?
  10. It's still up in the air whether or not it'll stay in the bundles, though it's assumed it won't be.
  11. Madden shutdowns pushed back to December 14th:
  12. Nope, just this mention here: And a 2nd person that re-iterated it.
  13. Imgur link didn't work. EDIT: Need to remove the . at the end of the link. Nice.
  14. Looks like 3 trophies impacted for Disintegration according to TA/TT Online flags: Battle Tested Suit Up Tough Stuff ...and of course the Platinum which would need these 3. They all seem to only take 1 MP match to unlock the requirements for, so that's nice. You'll have to boost it though as the online is dead. As for AirMech Arena, I've heard that it was moved to November 6th from someone getting an email from Ubisoft, but that's the only word I've heard about it. Nothing posted in any official sources.
  15. Mad Max, October 31st: One trophy, Up to the Task, impacted. Scrap Crews are only available when connected to the server, so would make it Partially Discontinued: https://www.(URL not allowed)/t115170/up-to-the-task-trophy