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  1. Blocking and deflecting are essentially useless against Lady Butterfly? Oh my.. I parried the shit out of her, broke her posture really fast, worked totally fine. What are you talking about?
  2. For me it's definitely Skyrim. The game is fine in the beginning but starts to become boring really fast. I have yet to get the last trophies for the DLC since it is so boring but I will get it eventually.
  3. This platinum trophy is so fucking tedious. I just need one more challenge, the one where you have to take down 12 enemies with the Titan & it's just bad. Funny thing is that I already got it but ended up not getting it because our team lost. The AI is so stupid. Either you win in 2 rounds or if you get 3 rounds your team gets so bad that you lose. Anyone interested in helping me out? This is a challenge that can be done in Multiplayer right? Would be nice if somebody wants to help or maybe needs help too. My PSN: psychescape94
  4. I recently updated my profile but it now shows that there are no trophies there. Untill yesterday it showed all of my trophies. I did not set back any settings. Trophies are still visible to anyone and I don't see why these trophies are now missing. I tried to update my profile twice now since I first thought maybe that's a mistake or something & it should load the next time (1 hour later) but still no trophies there. Is there any problem with the site or something?