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  1. after playing persona 5 and loving it i was watching some stuff to see what games fans of the series would recommend, and Dragon Quest kept popping up. I tried echoes of an elusive age but that games combat is soo boring compared to other turn based combat and the soundtrack is genuinely one of the worst things I've ever heard in a game that otherwise is well-made.
  2. yeah i got an A the first time and it didnt unlock, so i did everything else and came back to see if it unlocked. it still wasn't so I just played the skill game right before it which was the second one.
  3. i had to play the second one multiple times.
  4. just got it, d is enough. the one called hungry nets is cancer
  5. I think the people doing grounded and permadeath to save time for the trophies are making a mistake. it will be faster to just do two playthroughs. I'm playing grounded, on new game, and will be playing it like I did my first playthrough, I plan on watching the cutscenes again and reading the artifacts i come across. my permadeath playthrough will be per chapter, on very light, I'm not interested in the mode but want to get 100%.
  6. Of the solo games my favorite is probably Hexagone, it is by far the best of the finals. For team games I like the one where you push the ball. It's absolutely hilarious to trap one of the teams balls.
  7. I am up to 16 or 17, I have spent 17 crowns in the store, maybe 18 and still have 2. I am really sad about the infallible trophy though. Today I won 5 games out of 7. My losses were in Jinxed, which is literally just half the players getting wiped at random (i've never seen a team win by more than 2 lives) and then the keep the balls in your zone game. I really can't see myself getting any better relative to the playerbase. Most fun I've had on a game in ages though.
  8. 19.15 Trophy popped 11 minutes after my 30 second run, which was probably my 2nd or 3rd attempt going slow to learn the route. surprisingly fun trophy, pretty easy once you figure out the gimmick though.
  9. I really like Cherami Leigh. She voiced my favorite Borderlands 2 Vault Hunter, Gaige. Her dialogue is my favorite part of the character, so a good performance really helped me enjoy the game and character more. She also voiced my favorite persona 5 party member, Makoto. (her voice is super distinct too, she did some of the voice acting for the last of us 2 WLF females, and honestly it took me out of the game a bit because her voice was too recognizable for the 1 girl voices several characters type thing). looking at her credits it seems like she does way more anime, though she is the lead for the female Cyberpunk character. Ashley Johnson's portrayal of Ellie in the last of us series is undoubtedly my favorite voice acting performance ever in a video game.
  10. Fun, easy and time-consuming has gotta be persona 5 royal. If you can get into that type of game it's a blast, has such a wonderful blend of Social-Sim and the combat and dungeons are actually pretty fun. For fun and difficult, Catherine: Full Body was the most wildly unique game I've ever played. It is not extremely difficult, but if you choose to go through the rapunzel stages without a guide, and the randomly-generated challenge stages solo, it can kick your ass. sorry if that's not what you're looking for, the title doesn't make any sense lol
  11. You definitely should not feel that way, you clearly don't know anything about the game, as you seem to think this is a story based around Ellie's sexuality, which while relevant to her as an individual, has minimal influence over the themes present in the game. HOWEVER, even if it did, and was the driving force of everything that happened in the story, it doesn't matter, a story can be about anything. Then stop taking the side of those causing divisiveness? Characters in this game's sexuality is no issue to those who are actually accepting of others. Only those who are intolerant of others take issue with other people's sexual orientation. Also, who cares if a story isn't for anyone? Sometimes a depressing story like this one just genuinely won't be for everyone, and that's okay. also, demanding that LGBT characters not exist in a game because some people don't tolerate LGBT people is absolutely backwards.Everyone who thinks that the sexuality of Ellie/Dina/etc. is a problem is not worth taking seriously.
  12. I took the time to watch some of all of these videos. It's really interesting to me how comments in these videos flaunt anti-semitism towards Druckmann and mocking comments about LGBTQ people. If you can't understand the implications here, these videos especially the third one, is a breeding ground for incel culture, and the embarassment that is gamer gate. The guy in the third video literally refuses to say queer, racist, sexist, transphobia and homophobia. Funnily enough, he also dismisses other female characters by calling them "poorly written." One question I would love for some people to answer is this: Please give me concrete examples of the game inserting politics into the game? (in case you dont know, sexual preferences, skin color, and gender are not political issues)
  13. Yeah I noticed it was pretty easy compared to 1, and I felt that, especially while playing as abby, I had ammo way more often than not. I think the difficulty of the stealth made up for it though, in 1 I could easily stealth most places, but in part 2 I struggled to stealth areas completely.