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    Games, Resident Evil Series, Batman, Playing Coop, Pizza, Pasta, Music (hiphop, R&B, Acoustic, Classical, Game OST), Movies, & Ipod.

    1) Playing Resident Evil 5 co-op
    2) Batman Arkham Series
    3) Music (R&B, Hip-Hop, Acousitc, Classical, Game OST)

    Not going to help anyone anymore on some games due to being deleted after helping getting the platinum like some people i met here & there recently & last year. Except for those people who i find awesome.

    I don't respond to people who wants to pick a fight or start an argument.

    I don't play with players who are arrogant.

    I don't play with people who are being too nosy.

    I don't play with people who just play for trophies

    I don't play with people who feels like they're in a competition.

    I don't play with people claiming themselves the best in games.

    I don't play with people who are claiming themselves "Game Gods".

    I don't play with people who take gaming seriously

    I don't play with people who don't have any gratitude or don't know how to say "Thanks" - Not that I'm expecting one to say otherwise you don't have any brain

    I don't play or talk to people who are "assholes"

    I don't waste my time on people who are "Jerks"

    I hate people who can't say anything or troll around or being biased on people like some i met here.

    Traitors like some I've met here(his psn says it all)- that he created a new psnp account here so he wouldn't be identified.

    if you want to get help by me on any game in common, tell me what your intentions are & make sure you don't belong on the things that are listed above.

    "Never judge me because of my mininum number of trophies or platinums".

    On the bottom line,

    I play for fun & enjoyment.

    I'm NOT going to post on this site anymore due to SOME people being jealous or having irrational reasons about me being here. I'm sure "SOME assholes" & "DICK HEADS" will be happy & Finally, Some shitty asshole who is obsessed abusing his authority here and having a Crab-Mentality issue" PSNPROFILES is FUCKING waste of my time! NOT even worth it.

    Enough said.

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  12. After Megaman 9, i never played it again. Too hard. Then I went back to X-series. I played Megaman Zero & Megaman ZX. I remember drawing Megaman Zero & 1 of my most favourite & most frustrating bosses i've ever fought with was this