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  1. Hey there, so I can’t get the platinum trophy for Returnal cause” 3 Surveys trophies” bugged for me. According to the Devs on Discord they told me a new Patch was released today but they’re unable to retroactively fix the trophies for that. Does anybody knows here if you can collect every collectible without beating Act 3 again? I mean this game is very easy to beat but I don’t want to spend more time just to collect everything again.
  2. I don’t have the same issue but after I collected every collectible, (Yes I didn’t got 3 trophies) my activity card shows me Survive the containment area with 83% progress. This is so bad cause I really want to pop the platinum trophy
  3. No, you can’t transfer your saves
  4. I never played the PS4 Version but the “remastered version” is not that good. It’s just okay. The most annoying thing was, that I was not able to hear audio during the last chapters. At first I thought my PS5 was broken but it was just the game. Everything was muted. I already tried this and it didn’t worked for me … I got the game last week and didn’t got the fool me once Trophy too.
  5. Before you buy! Basically I got the platinum trophy but the trophies that I’m missing are bugged out. I got every collectible, beat the new mode, found all secrets and it didn’t pop a single trophy. So beware before you buy this game. It’s a shame that most PS5 games are buggy at launch. I have to wait for a patch now. This game needs a fix (not only for the trophies cause sometimes you can’t hear the audio during the game). it’s just a 2/10 platinum trophy cause this game is way too easy on any difficulty.
  6. The <100 Slig Trophy was glitched for me. I’ve done a new fresh run yesterday on good ending and killed 84 Sligs. I didn’t get a trophy. I hope the devs fix this too cause I don’t want to play this game anymore 🥲 congrats for the no death run trophy and welcome to the club ☺️
  7. Can be glitched. I don’t know. I didn’t got the medal trophies too. I finished my 2nd run with 92 kills. I didn’t reload Checkpoints. This is so annoying cause i don’t want to replay a whole run again. I didn’t play via level select. The only thing I can try is the good ending to try unlock the No Death Run Trophy. But at first I upload my save file to make sure nothing wipes over if I make some mistakes ...
  8. For everybody ... You have to beat the game on Good Ending for the “No Death Run” Trophy and the “under 100 Kills” Trophy. I’ve tried this on the bad ending (Level 15) and I didn’t get a single trophy. That’s not cool cause I have to replay a run again 🥲
  9. its not that hard lol ... The hardest part of this game is to save the Mudokons cause it’s buggy. Sometimes they disappear or they are falling trough the elevators
  10. It's not just the trophy pictures that are beautiful. The whole game is amazing. At first I thought it was very boring because the gameplay is very monotonous, but the deep story is what defines the game. The relationships between the characters make the game what it is. Accompanied by one of the best video game soundtacks, I had a lot of fun. Sometimes you have to give games a chance and I definitely don't regret it.
  11. The devs didn’t care about the trophy bugs. I already contact them over 10 times and they said they already uploaded a patch. I hope that more people try to contact the devs to fix it ...
  12. This is so annoying. I can't get the 100% for this game too. EA needs to fix this. I've tried to contact them over 20 times now without any response.
  13. That's true. I forgot that!
  14. You need the Scroll for that Trophy. "The Greatest Weapon scroll is given to you by your father if you chose the Alchemist home job and leveled it to 12. Then you need materials. For example Ultimite. Ultimite can be purchased from a level 3 Merchant family in Tipa. So you have to level up the merchant too. Once you've gathered up the materials and scroll you can craft one of the ultimate weapons at a level 3 Blacksmith in Tipa." Source: https://game8.co/games/Final-Fantasy-Crystal-Chronicles-Remastered/archives/294570#hl_2 It's grindy. And it takes some time. Legendary weapons don't work for this trophy. Good Luck with that.
  15. Sadly no but you can look in the internet where to find the missing artifacts