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  1. I was convinced. I finished the story in the first run through with just around 7h. I really enjoyed it. I liked the fighting and the exploring was super fun too. The story is rather average. If you're expecting a scary game, then I have to disappoint you. I felt it rather not as scary. I just don't know if I'm hardened. But there are some jumpscares. The atmosphere is great! I definitely had fun. In terms of trophies, everything is very doable. Magister is not that hard. However, the collectibles are missable because you can't go back to all areas. I'm still missing one, but I don't know where it should be lmao.
  2. Everything popped up without any problems for RE2, except for the DLC. Here I had to re-download my save data from the PS4 version again and import it to the PS5 again for it to work.
  3. Does anyone else have the problem? I can't upgrade my Gold Edition that I purchased on disc. The store says I have to pay 19.99€. Edit: you can now select the version and then you can upgrade if you select the Gold Edition on the right now.
  4. Thank you for the information. I was going to try it that way at some point, but now it's nice to know that it works that way too. It still bothers me that I am missing two Tems
  5. you can find the pink orb in the last playable mission. I don't know the english name for it, but that was the map where you had to go through three teleporters. The sphere was to the left of the starting point, where you had to go through the first pink door. This should unlock the side mission which gives you the possibility to unlock the third blacksmith key to get the Trophy.
  6. When you transfer your save to the PS4, make sure that your console does not freeze. When the trophies started popping up and I wanted to go into the menu, my PS5 crashed twice lmao.
  7. I got the trophy after many hours. I think i was at 100 hours playtime when I got it (im not sure), but I got it before the latest patch. The console was also running 3 days at night to farm the km (used rubberband method). I also had the time glitch, but it was fixed when I played some missions with randoms. However, you can still change your time in certain parkour missions, as some missions can only be completed during the day or night. Maybe the bug will go away from that as well 😇
  8. In fact, I have almost all of the collectibles. For example, I'm only missing 3, but I've invested almost 200 hours and I'm running out of fun. Every building looks the same from the inside and sometimes you don't recognize the golden symbol of the collectibles. Some are even missable too! But enough about this. However, it's doable, you just need some patience.
  9. As I remember - It was a Keyword that triggerd that quest. Yes I bought everything but for sure the TownGo is bugged! You can see that i got every TownGo Trophy
  10. It's Takayuki Yagami: Evil Detective and A Final Request Beware - The 100% Town GoTrophy is bugged. (Maybe the wearables too cause I completed everything now) Edit* im going to update my game now / its not working I have to wait for another patch
  11. Oh lmao that was my mistake yeah you're right I have to use them 😅 Yeah I was hoping to avoid the gauntlet stuff too but since I was not able to find the last "Records" I was trying to do the missions. If you have other questions about some trophies - feel free to ask
  12. You can grind the extract with one vessel? How 😳 - Yes you have to do the Gauntlet Missions to get some trophy related items. You can get a Vinyl here too and some wearables. I think I only need one more wearable to get the last "collectible" trophy but I can't find it cause im sure that the "Assist Boxers 3" is one wearable I miss. Maybe it's the reward for my last gauntlet mission? My last mission is the "Speed Stealth: Seiryo High" Mission but this Mission is a bit buggy ... 🙃
  13. Does anyone have an idea how to get Extract Vessel's? This TownGo mission is also the only one I'm still missing. I've only completed 14/100 in my entire playing time 🥲 By the way, Lost Judgment is really great! You don't have to worry about hard difficulty stuff! The hardest part is in my opinion some Gauntlet Missions.
  14. Hey there, so I can’t get the platinum trophy for Returnal cause” 3 Surveys trophies” bugged for me. According to the Devs on Discord they told me a new Patch was released today but they’re unable to retroactively fix the trophies for that. Does anybody knows here if you can collect every collectible without beating Act 3 again? I mean this game is very easy to beat but I don’t want to spend more time just to collect everything again.
  15. I don’t have the same issue but after I collected every collectible, (Yes I didn’t got 3 trophies) my activity card shows me Survive the containment area with 83% progress. This is so bad cause I really want to pop the platinum trophy