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  1. Psn id: phoenixofadranon Country: Italy Language: Italian, English and games holy language systems: ps3, vita, ps4 I think meeting new friend is the other half of the fun when play video games. I can share my knowledge of the game I did and I like to talk! ✌🏻
  2. I will try metal gear rising. It will be tough 😂
  3. WW2 done!!! Oh that one was crazy. I’m a huge fan of cod zombies, but I’ve found this one in awesome. All ester eggs are perfectly balanced (except the first dlc… that is the most unfair thing I ever seen in my life), all Easter eggs are well made, the challenge to unlock characters are very funny (not required for trophies tho) and overall it’s a great game. If someone needs help in zombies or just want to play feel free to add me, I’m happy to help/play zombies. But only canonic zombies, not strange things like cod ghosts or poor things like vanguard! Call me for every bo 1, 2, 3, IW or WW2 Easter eggs! Oh and advanced warfare too, but I have to play it yet. Btw another game done. Peace ✌🏻
  4. Everybody’s golf. It’s a classic jappo-grind with a lot of stuff to do and the 3 condors are not an easy task… but it’s mad fun. Play it before servers shout down in September!
  5. everybody's golf done! ha-ha! here's the thing. who is from 90' like me probably will remember themo discs. basically a disc formed by trials version of 10 games. first time i played it was the first one in that demo. i remeber there were first smackdown too where you could choose only undertaker and triple h and jax enter the jacko btw thing is that i couldnt buy the game so it is one of my childhood wishes i finally realized! the game is a classic bloody jappo-grind tho. you have to unlock 720 npg by beating them with 3 or more holes in advantage, you have to gather all the fishes by fishing, farming 110 gems to upgrade the clubs, beating 18 characters twice, do 200 birdies, 50 eagles, 5 albatross and 3 condors to challenge the secret characters. so a lot of stuff. if someone wants to try it before server closing, i can suggest 2 things: 1) do not farm gems. it's waste of time. you can farm roughly 10 gems per day in open courses online, but when you will play class 7 tournaments very often you will be rewarded with 4 gems, plus the gems you will get by special chellenges. once i finished class 7 i had more then 180 gems and i alredy spent other 110 gems to upgrade the clubs. so farming is a huge waste of time. 2) the guide says there are only 2 online trophies. even if this is technically correct, i think secret master too should be a online trophy. the reason is becouse you need to do 3 condors to face the last opponent (condor is hole in the first shot in a par 5) and you can do this only in 3-4 holes. the easy one is alpina forest 12. the problem is that if you do this in an online fre course you can keep try and try and try that hole as much as you want until you pull off all 3 condors (and believe me it will take time. i think i finish after 5 o 6 hours of tries), but if you do it in an offline course you must wait to reach alpina forest 12, and then you hace only 1 chance to do it! so even if technically is possible, in the practice is impossible. chances are that maybe they close online but you can go in online free course but without other players, but i wouldnt take the risk. more probably they will close the open courses too. who wants hope this tips can help everyone who wants to start it. the game is very funny tho, so you will not disappointed. good luck!!!
  6. Mmm mine is “win at life” from the quiet man. I think we are only 6 or 7 guys to have it.
  7. Ooooh. I have 2 games that I would play but can’t cause platinum is unobtainable. Mortal kombat vs dc universe and black ops 2. 😪
  8. Limbo done. Nothing much to say for this one. Just do yourself a favor and play it. It is a little masterpiece.
  9. Hello guys! Hope your trophy hunting is going better… better then me for sure (damn ww2 darkest shore)…😂 btw I had to finish my list and here we are. I add 3 last games and made some swaps, mostly because all were too much timing consuming and in 1 case because I can’t play another game of this genre (hack and slash). Sooo… this is my official list! 1) Ninja Gaiden sigma plus psvita: done. 2) Devil may cry 4: done. 3) Devil may cry 5: done. 4) Cod WW2: work in progress…again, f*ckin island 5) Limbo 6) Street fighter anniversary 7) Muramasa rebirth 8) Metal gear rising 9) Everybody’s Golf 10) Wolfenstein 2.
  10. I think the answer is “what are you searching in a game”. I mean, if you play casually it’s fine don’t care about trophies. But if all you search is some challenge, so go for all the trophies the game has to offer. The real question for me is: why should platinum some shitty bad-made game? 😂 i really don’t understand why some people are pride when say “I have 388 platinums” and the games are my name is Mayo-like.
  11. Mmm it’s hard to choose. Probably I would say bioshock series, mass effect series, ninja gaiden series and, of course, metal gear 3 and 4.
  12. Hello. Face melter should be the gun you have to chose. In fact is the gun with the most damege if you hit the weak spot. When you have to put the colors let the alien finish the combination, DONT DO ANYTHING and wait the ship to do the combination again. In fact can happen that if you put the combination right after, even if right, the game says it is wrong 😂 for zombies they spawn only after you put the combination. So kill most zombies and put combination with the few still alive. When the alien spawn don’t shoot early. Train the zombi first and then keep shooting.
  13. It’s not a platinum but I advise to complete far cry 4.
  14. I think it was for free on ps plus? Or maybe I’m wrong 😂 btw I think you can suggest a game to try, even if someone doesn’t own it. Maybe 😂 Otherwise just finish dragonball fighterz or crash 😎
  15. Mmm based on your titanfall platinum I would suggest to try battlefield 5