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  1. I bought this game yesterday and after having it upgraded, I start playing the game, but I always get disconnected continuously, which I really can't stand anymore. Just now I got disconnected for three times within 7 minutes probably.


    But I see you guys don't have connection problem with this game. Maybe it's because the problem is game server itself, or the place I live in, because my native friends also say this game lags an asshole on both PS3 and PS4.


  2. I need to warn you that it is just going to disappoint you. I have heard the true game synopsis from an inside source. SPOILER ALERT, this will ruin parts of Last of Us if you haven't beaten it yet.


      It is just going to be a PS move game which will be a spiritual successor to Last of Us.  It is going to turn out that Joel contacts aliens via A commodore 64, a satellite, a used 9 volt battery, and a ouji board.   He does this because he realizes the only way to get that gigantic growth out of Ellie's head is through an alien surgeon.  The gameplay will just be a mixture between Trauma Center for the Wii, and the Operation board game (pandemic edition) from Milton Bradley.  Just don't forget to force Ellie to give you power of attorney, so you can sign the DNR as soon as she goes under anesthesia.


    You're welcome for the spoiler...

    The story is kinda magical....

    I guess not  :unsure:



    Gotta let everyone else know it soon.