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  1. Did anyone have problem with Battlefield 4 campaign. I lost campaign progress when I restarted the game.

    1. Death


      Only problem I had was the constant freezing while trying to jump back into my Tashgar mission. I ended up having to restart the mission completely.

    2. Hamburger Helper

      Hamburger Helper

      Yeah, I was on the 6th mission of the game, then encountered a hard freeze; went to sleep and then to wake up to all my progress lost. It wasn't as if I enjoyed the game anyway...

    3. biotransformatio


      @scotty243 That's also where I lost all of my saves.

  2. Why're the rappers telling the truth like Lupe less popular than the rappers only blabbering about their own lives or emotion.

    1. Dr_Mayus


      because it is hard to dance along to Words I Never Said so it doesn't really get played at clubs very often. It's unfortunate that people like Lupe will only be truly appreciated after he is dead.

    2. PREDRAG-K


      Exactly what Dr Mayus said, but to be fair there are some rappers who earned their popularity, Eminem being the best example.

  3. I'm wondering if anyone will get Saints Row IV Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition.

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    2. biotransformatio


      I think someone will get it just for showing how rich he is or he is a hardcore fan.

    3. Lady Lilith

      Lady Lilith

      Isn't most of that stuff like...not related to the actual game, though?

    4. biotransformatio
  4. I kinda feel that I can easily look around and target enemy in COD series and it's hard to do so in Killzone series. I just have that feeling.

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    2. biotransformatio


      It's not because of autoaim -_-.

    3. xzero4812


      if its not auto aim u should be able to adjust sensitivity to your liking

    4. biotransformatio


      U could be right, much appreciated.