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  1. I kinda feel that I can easily look around and target enemy in COD series and it's hard to do so in Killzone series. I just have that feeling.

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    2. biotransformatio


      It's not because of autoaim -_-.

    3. xzero4812


      if its not auto aim u should be able to adjust sensitivity to your liking

    4. biotransformatio


      U could be right, much appreciated.

  2. I'm wondering if anyone will get Saints Row IV Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition.

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    2. biotransformatio


      I think someone will get it just for showing how rich he is or he is a hardcore fan.

    3. Lady Lilith

      Lady Lilith

      Isn't most of that stuff like...not related to the actual game, though?

    4. biotransformatio
  3. Did anyone have problem with Battlefield 4 campaign. I lost campaign progress when I restarted the game.

    1. Death


      Only problem I had was the constant freezing while trying to jump back into my Tashgar mission. I ended up having to restart the mission completely.

    2. Hamburger Helper

      Hamburger Helper

      Yeah, I was on the 6th mission of the game, then encountered a hard freeze; went to sleep and then to wake up to all my progress lost. It wasn't as if I enjoyed the game anyway...

    3. biotransformatio


      @scotty243 That's also where I lost all of my saves.

  4. Why're the rappers telling the truth like Lupe less popular than the rappers only blabbering about their own lives or emotion.

    1. Dr_Mayus


      because it is hard to dance along to Words I Never Said so it doesn't really get played at clubs very often. It's unfortunate that people like Lupe will only be truly appreciated after he is dead.

    2. PREDRAG-K


      Exactly what Dr Mayus said, but to be fair there are some rappers who earned their popularity, Eminem being the best example.