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  1. That last clip in the vid actually happened to me too. In the exact same spot lmao now I'm paranoid if I'm really holding on to Trico when he jumps 🤣
  2. Thanks for this, this has helped me a lot!
  3. FYI: can no longer be obtained in new game plus in a new update. I've tried twice then I looked up the patch notes and sure enough it said they patched it
  4. Did you check Chris's cell? You have to go back in there for ammo. I thought the trophy was going to pop then but it didn't. You have to go through the last hallway and gather those items and then you have to pick up the signal flare rockets at the end to signal the ending for the trophy to pop. Hope this helps
  5. Remaster/Remake of Ape Escape
  6. Also I think the Left 4 Dead series deserves a remaster or at least make Left 4 Dead 3
  7. Thanks so much!!
  8. The God of War PP is closed to replies, but they came out with a new game and it's not updated. So who fixes that? New to PP
  9. Gauntlet Dark Legacy and Simpsons Hit and Run
  10. Is it too late to join lol