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  1. “Pazaak is not for everyone...”
  2. I have completed all 3 big arena without a single crash in my main account , I Don t changed language like guide says. I used lilith with an hellfire, I used the split screen method, I was a level 47 and enemies at level 12, and the most important part is to have Phoenix at 5/5 plus Spark 5/5 and the mod that increase fire damage. I set corrosive damage in phasewalk. Every wave I started to kill an enemy, usually with lilith ability L1, then immediately I moved near to an enemy without shoot, because he will burn thanks to Phoenix ability. Then again move near to another enemy and burn him. If you loose the Phoenix effect repeat the process from before. With this method I can burned up to 80% of enemies. Sometimes you have to use your hellfire to remove the shield and let Phoenix ability to burn enemies. There are enemies that you can t burn like the aliens. About the burning psycho i used corrosive phasewalk to kill them. I have even put my ps4 in rest mode and not a single crash.
  3. Hello guys, I checked psnow library on my ps4 and wolfenstein the old blood is not on the list. Even if you use the search bar. Then I checked psnow library on my pc and the game is available. How is it possible that a psnow game is available only through pc, but not on ps4? My psnow is EU version