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  1. I don' even have that tab, under Ships Defeated there isn't any more lines :-/ and in my inventory I have 175 pieces //WhiteWolf
  2. Just remember to do the entire level, as I also went for the nightmares I did those on normal and the trophy didn't pop - next playthrough I just going to skip the nightmares. //WhiteWolf
  3. PHEEEEW, now I can sleep easy - just checked mine and it said 5/191 but the game stats said 51, so I'm hoping I'm still good, almost finished with Jeets Territory exept for some Scavenging locations and a few camps. //WhiteWolf
  4. Get this when I try to acces Initiates - think they have closed the site - have tried over several days and on different times of day. //WhiteWolf
  5. Figured it out, for some reason the PS4 Collection states that you need 5 but in reality you need 10 streaks, never played the PS3 version so don't know if it's the same there, but thanks for the answers :-), got he paltinum a few days ago, now I'm working to get the platinum for Revelations. //WhiteWolf
  6. So I have been going around trying to get the guild challenges and all are done except for the Kill streak, know how to do them, but the counter says 5/5 but it remains black, if I google it seems like there is supposed to be 10 kill streaks, not 5 as my game says, has this been changed to the Remaster or is it still 10 or has my game glitched, which then leads to another question - does these challenges ount towards the 100% Sync trophy. //WhiteWolf
  7. Well, got the problem solved, seemed that the update file somehow had gotten corrupted, deleted that and redownloaded it, after installing it the stats got back, so if anyone else get this problem, try that //Whitewolf
  8. Save was from 30th of December, uploaded it to the cloud just before changing PS4s, so it was the most recent available. Have just tried to start the old PS4, started the game and found a single Propaganda poster, saving the game and quiting, uploaded it to the cloud and will try to redownload it onto the new PS4, just to see what happens. //Whitewolf
  9. My PS4 decided to break down on the 30th of December, bought a new one the day after and downloaded Far Cry 4 again, copied my savegame from the cloud and to my horror all of my progress is gone, sort of, because if I take down a poster it will say 25 posters and so one, but on the progress screen it will show as the first, now is there any way to get the progress back or do I have to start a brand new game, don't want to reach the end and not getting my trophies because the little coloured blocks aren't filled in. The rewards I used to have are also locked, but they are working, like the Scorpion machine Gun is available for free even it's not supposed to be, got my signature weapons, but skills are locked even they are working as supposed to. Better to start a new game right away than to wait to the end and then starting over, but would like to have a solution if one exists, I still have the old PS4 it just shuts down randomly as it pleases, so it is basically unplayable. //Whitewolf
  10. Ah, so it was a nemesis monster - was playing, minding my own monsters when I suddenly got attacked by a monster, almost got me killed as I got cornered, but managed to slay it in the neck of time :-) Play occasionally but add me if you want, usually playing in the late mornings due to working in the night, but sometimes before work also. Just write Diablo or PSNProfile in the subject so I know what it's about ;-) //WhiteWolf
  11. Wasn't sure I was going to download it of PS+, but now I'm glad I did, when starting it almost instantly reminded me of GoW, which isn't a bad thing at all, this game is defintly worth your time, no longer free though, but if you had the sense to mark it when it was and didn't download it, now is the time and then of to do some slashing, offcourse there are things that could be better, but the overall score is defintly in the high end. //WhiteWolf
  12. You might want to re-read the ToS, it's not allowed to share your login informations, thereby making gamesharing illegal and a banable offence, and as such also account-sharing. So yes, it's illegal and it's cheating. //WhiteWolf
  13. So what about the few of us that actually have gotten one of these legit, I worked my tail of doing Fuel, burning a lot of midnight oil collecting and racing to get the platinum, finally did it, just to see a lot of people hacking it - I for one has advocated strongly to SCEE connections to start banning people from the SEN to stop them hacking - so far with no luck, but I keep on working them There shouldn't be any exeptions, a hack is a hack no matter when and how. //WhiteWolf
  14. Me like, this was the reason I left the other sites - the cheaters on the leaderboards - so having them removed here is a treat. //WhiteWolf EDIT: Even liked it so much I just renewed my premium :-D
  15. Or you simply know the right people ;-) besides that some online shops sends the games before release so that you have the game on releaseday, depending on postal services they might arrive early. //WhiteWolf