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  1. No online trophies??
  2. At the start of the game nothing happen, play the game well, but a few days before the PSN made an update (14-04-21) and the game start to stop many times, like 15-20 min after playing. I made my backup save and uninstall the game and reinstall again. After doing that the game was ok...but after few hours the game freeze and now, when i want to play(load game) the game simple doesnt start...1st time i have a problem with a game like this...hope an update or something.
  3. I´m in to get 10 wins online ID: RisingSun80 PS: DONE
  4. I made this morning, finish 2nd and got tier 2?? just 4 seconds behind the first. Tier 2??really? or i have to wait for tomorrow and see? Something not right.
  5. I want to buy the game and get 100% but just the trophies list. Not the 1016 goldbricks or more things. So yes problably i will buy just DLC list because if you see you just need collect 1 minikit ou something like that. It´s easy but yes,will be little expensive.
  6. Oh, i don´t know that Dzwienkoswit. Thanks for the hint. I will try that way
  7. Well, i hope their fix the AI because for me the rally mode is impossible to win the championship. The other categories are much more easy to get and the world championship. I played all over the years many rally games but never with this difficult. The handling is terrible in rally mode, like driving in the forest and the car turns like i´m in the snow and bye bye road...and i go again and the time in the final stage is.... 30 seconds,more... and the next stage the same or worst even with upgrades in the car. The best game i played in rally was WRC II Extreme for PS2,even in hard mode i win most of the stages. The handling i remember was amazing. But this... i give up until their patch for better of course.
  8. Easy plat. to get.
  9. Easy Easy... Just complete 20 online races. The other trophies are easy to get.
  10. Me too, freeze in menus. I don´t understand is the trophy "Own 6 cars" i have all 6 cars in garage. Don´t see how can i get 6 cars in other way.
  11. After update 1.05 they say the "Brutal AI difficulty is no longer tied to Fearless preset" For me still the same, i want to enter rally and the minimun % is 50% (normal) in between Easy and Hard and the 1st time count, i loose 15,20 seconds without crash. Continue don´t understand these difficult.
  12. I have the same problem. I can´t win a rally championship with rally car cat. 4. I need to buy a car with cat. 8,9?? I don´t understand this... The AI 30% i win easily but when i enter in a rally championship with 50% (it´s minimun) i lose seconds after seconds like 28 seconds behind like my last race and without crash. My question after all of this is, i need buy a rally car with cat. 8,9 to win this??
  13. The trophy Stakhanovist , you have to make 200 online events combined, i done it 201 with for example: 31 rally, 61 hillclimb, 40 rallycross, 25 gymkhana and 30 buggy. But don´t get the trophy. Could be a bug?? Any ideas? I thought i have to make 25 races with all categories and then just do it events online, doesn´t matter what event is until done 200 races. PS: got it after more 4 races (204) could be worst lol