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  1. OK I took a 3 hour break, tried a few attempts just now and I finally know the correct route, which jumps and when to drift. I almost did it, I had Gold in Sick Line & Desert Drifter, Silver in Road Kill & Air Apparent, I missed the last ramp cause I was wobbly really bad, then ran out of time pass the ramp, I had 34/35 seconds of airtime, it hurts knowing I would be done if it wasn't for that. My highest Score right now is 101,163 I'll try again either later or tomorrow.
  2. I wish I knew about this 3 days ago, you don't drift out of control this way, better handling. I had everything going great, towards the end I wiped out for no reason, I know for a fact I'll get the Gold soon.
  3. Yep found it, wow it's actually easier this way to control, for some reason I'm not spinning out as much, plus it's easier on your finger, thanks a ton.
  4. Oh yeah, I have no problem keeping my streak, always start over if it's not high enough, it's getting the other 2 with that one, ah I guess I'll just practice some more, I'll eventually get it, thanks for the replies. Oh ok, cool, thanks, had no idea.
  5. I dont really understand, mid section?
  6. I just re-watched your video, that's a really good run and strategy, I don't get why I can't do it.
  7. What's your secret? Can you do an updated video?
  8. Yeah this is by far the best run to keep your combo meter up, especially at 1:30 on your video, it's straight away for the next couple of ramps. I'm at almost 94,000, with getting Sick Line always, but it's not killing Freakers half of the time, even when I pause and get close. Also having an issue where my Drift and Ramping only hits Silver, even though I'm doing everything as before for the Gold. Im also curious how to change acceleration to R1, because I only see the change for the gun to L1.
  9. Yeah happened a lot, just like the 1st Bike Challenge, or a stump sends you flying. Ok I got the hang of it, I just read on Bend Studio's newest Facebook post post a tip they put, that Nitrous gets refueled when you go through a checkpoint ring. I applied it and constantly held X for Nitrous and my combo meter never dropped low once. I got Gold for Sick Line, with a Score of 92,035 So don't conserve your Nitrous, no point, use it nonstop, that's the trick.
  10. Earlier today I got the Silver Score of 83,006 I was doing so good, high bar and everything for combo, hitting Freakers in 1 hit, I was at a straight away for the ramp and I flip backwards, WTF.
  11. Ugh Combat is just as important in the game as Horde & Bike, a bunch of crap 🖕
  12. OK on one of my 1st runs I got 76,394 which is my highest as of now, just missed the Silver. In completely separate runs, I have Gold in Sub-Challenges "Air Apparent", "Road Killer" & "Desert Drifter". I have no problem making it to the end. I have a Silver for "Sick Line", when I have a full bar on my multiplier, at like 1:07, then all of a sudden my meter drops really fast for no reason and I'm screwed, I don't know why, I'm clearly keeping my combo, not stopping or slowing down, it's probably glitchy. I think this whole Challenge is glitchy and I bet we'll see a small update soon. Also the Global Rank isn't showing anyone but me, shows I'm #1 and I know I'm not. Also I had a hell of a time getting "Road Killer", because sometimes you shoot right at them, and they don't die, other times like when I got Gold on this Sub-Challenge, Freakers went down with no problems. Anyone else having issues that shouldn't give any problems?
  13. Hey I noticed your name appears on the leaderboards again, how'd you fix it? They never had the same kind of Challenge back to back, every 3 Challenges have a Horde, Combat & Bike, so the 9th will be Combat. I'm guessing the final one might be the Horde.
  14. That's pretty much what I was going to say, not much more to explain, also don't forget it's any explosion.
  15. Crap, the next one is a Bike Challenge, got a notification for a new event on my PS4. "OUTRIDE" - Get to Crazy Willie's as fast as possible. I was hoping for a Combat Challenge.