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  1. Just got the codes via Live Chat, 3 separate codes for 21 Avatars.
  2. Chapter, I just got the Trophy for that on New Game+ on the easiest setting, it's not as bad as restarting the whole Act. It Autosaves quite often, just go to the menu while playing and it should say how long since Autosave.
  3. I just started the Permadeath Chapter Select on Very Light+, just going to skip cutscenes and get to the point. Then I'll start my Grounded run after, no way am I going to do Grounded with Permadeath, especially against The Rat King, I don't have the patience and would probably take me longer overall.
  4. Exactly, she's the one who killed her father, she's a hardcore split personality disorder. Probably from her inhaling the oleander at a young age, thinking she's seeing things, seeing others murder, even though she's doing it. It's kinda similar to the movie My Bloody Valentine 3D with Jensen Ackles, plus other movies I've seen that were similar like High Tension, where you see what they see during the movie, but then it shows what really happened. In Erica it hints with some flashbacks and isn't hard to figure out, plus with Greene she knew who she was and met at a young age, so it became her scape goat. I also don't deny that they were doing experiments on the patients and possibly some cult was going on, but most was in her head. That's what I got from it, I played 5 times, that's enough for me, not playing again to figure more out.
  5. You don't have to start over if you screw up, every once in a while upload your file to Playstation cloud, probably works with a USB drive, then if you mess up, just download it to your system and depending where you were you don't have to do too much. Oh before anyone bashes me saying it doesn't work, it does and it still saves your progress from other playthroughs, because I've screwed up some and had to do that.
  6. I did this on the PS3 version, but been playing the PS4 version now. I tried him last night and he always broke through or Sora would jump without hitting and allowing him free. I got to his last bar on one try, even after he broke through it twice, the third time he broke through and killed me, I have no problem getting immediately back in the loop if that happens. I never had this problem on the PS3 version, don't care what anyone says, it is different. So what I'm going to do is synthesize some Power Ups, that will probably bridge the gap. Oh last thing, I don't think this way is a cheat or anything, you're doing it by unequipping and equipping different Abilities and Weapons. I honestly don't see the point for the Negative Combo on Fenrir, since you get the Keyblade so late, it was probably meant for The Lingering Will. EDIT: Got my Strength up to 100 and that did it and it bridged the gap, I beat him on my 1st try. He only got out of the combo once with 2 bars left, got back in it and beat him. All I can say is do what I did if you're having problems.
  7. It's Game Of Thrones Season 8 all over again. 🤣🙄 Like I've said before, a bunch of self entitled babies, "I don't like it, so I want it changed". Too funny, Naughty Dog is laughing all the way to the bank. Sure, how about the person who started these ridiculous petitions pay for the thousands of man hours in a video game, or millions of dollars in a TV show, would they pay for this ridiculous nonsense to redo? Hell No they won't.
  8. You got it wrong for worst Final Fantasy games: Final Fantasy VII - 1997 Or Final Fantasy X
  9. Polemical LMAO, but if you want to get technical with words, it seems you're being polemical right now towards me. But whatever you say buddy, not taking it personal and have to type up a paragraph talking nonsense. Yes people are idiots that do nothing but bitch about a video game online over and over again, these same ones spoiled it for themselves and refuse to play it, bunch of childish babies, those same people try to ruin it for others. So yes if you played all the way through it, instead of a few cutscenes, then you have an opinion, if not, nobody cares. Going back and forth doesn't solve a thing, we're done here.
  10. No the people that won't let it go, says the same stupid jokes about the game and complains nonstop on every thread on other social media platforms. OK you don't like it, we get it, move on. But tells how you are by taking my comment personal, there's always one. 🤣 This coming from someone that hasn't even played it, go get offended somewhere else.
  11. I was able to avoid too, it's not that hard, just avoid social media updates with comments and don't be a real genius and look up spoilers. 🤣 Nothing but a bunch of self entitled babies who do nothing but bash the game, if you don't like it, don't play it or just move on.
  12. Plus there's tons of stuff that can be unlocked in the new story, not just what is offered. Cassie Cage has a new costume with 6 variations, Kung Lao has one with a few, same with Shang Tsung, plus many other costumes and gear. Mortal Kombat is so much more than just Trophies.
  13. I did it, when I got my Platinum on April 25th
  14. Just finished my 3rd Playthrough, already beat it with all 6 before. Did a speed run, skipped every fight except the forced ones, went right to the point, no out of the way treasures of any kind and skipped all cutscenes, except the ones I haven't seen for the 3rd of the set of bosses towards the end. From my old save file, compared at the last save point before the final boss, it took 4 Hours and 1 minute. It really helps with having everything maxed out at the start.
  15. How I did it really quick was target its hand cannon / laser with magic to Stagger it and deplete its energy quickly, it is its weakness, also always manually control Barret.