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  1. Ah I see, I didn't switch realms, that could be where it makes the glitch happen. Hopefully they'll patch it up for future players.
  2. I know it's posted on the PS4 version forums, is the problem for both? Because when you get close to the tower, there's the final battle with the dragon, health bar and all, just did it a bit ago and was able to move on with no problem. I haven't come across any glitches so far in the PS4 version. I did most of the quests and even killed a Traveler before the dragon.
  3. Yeah I love this game, but the only downside is no Battle Trophies, for someone that got all 900 on The Last Hope and all 100 on Integrity And Faithlessness, I miss them for this game.
  4. Just did Hard Mode in just under 9 hours, skipping cutscenes, etc. I just wanted to let people know that you don't have to defeat the final boss and go through most of Chapter 9 for the Trophy to pop.
  5. Oh yes a high horse, telling people what I did so they don't waste their times with crazy nonsense. The Trophy is bugged without the disc until a patch, if no one figured out about it, I would have waited and not obsess over some Trophy and spend days and hours on it. Many Trophies have been figure out in the past by reverting to day 1, so it's nothing special. So you get off your high horse and stay mad, I'm done with this topic, and this game, there's always a couple that have to make it personal.
  6. LMAO people are still doing runs even after it was found out, doing crazy stuff isn't going to make the Trophy pop, so whatever you say dude.
  7. I got the Platinum this morning on the PS4, did this Trophy with the Peanut Butter Butterpops Trophy offline disc un-patched. I never did any of these crazy requirements people are posting like hearing Eliza at a certain time, shooing ravens, etc, next people will say to beat the game upside down for the Trophy to pop LMAO. My guess the only requirement is get 1 Tarot card per chapter, people died in my playthrough and I didn't do any of these so called requirements. It's not a complicated Trophy, the game and this Trophy is buggy and glitches all the time, they need a patch. People trying over and over with no new results are wasting their time and sanity.
  8. Yeah I agree, bad bug, I even heard the Trophy still didn't pop for some doing pretty much what I did, so I really don't know why some Chapter 8 and some Chapter 9.
  9. There is no specific requirements like people keep mentioning, certain choices and paths don't matter, like minor details like ravens, etc. or doing some special thing doesn't matter. I know it does pop at the end of Chapter 9, not 8, I don't know how it did for someone, probably a glitch, because Chapter 9 is the last time you can choose to move on. I explained what I did, but I also put it's probably not required. They really need to fix this bug, because that's exactly what it is.
  10. Hey everyone, I just got this Trophy with the unpatched disc version on the PS4, instead of explaining here, I made a topic on The Quarry PS4 Forum, commenting here to let everyone know who's been following the thread.
  11. I know this has been the biggest topic on the PS5 The Quarry forums, thought I'd make a Topic on the version I'm playing, plus who wants to scroll throughout over 600+ replies and dozens of pages. I just got this, on the un-patched disc version of the game, I'm pretty sure it works the same on PS4 & PS5. you have to completely uninstall the game, transferring to a removable hard drive and unplugging it does NOT work, if you're trying to save time for the re-download after you get the Trophy. Turn your internet off, then put in the disc and start a brand new playthrough, past saves and replaying Chapter 9 only also does NOT work. Unfortunately, I don't see any way of getting this with the digital version of the game, because it automatically installs the update, just going to have to wait for a future patch. I'm going to put the rest in spoilers just for people that haven't gone through it yet. The Trophy popped immediately after I did "Move On" at the end of Chapter 9.
  12. Ok I just got this Trophy on the PS4, maybe my prejudgement of this being really easy was a mistake, in the Main Quests starting from Gemini on was all bad, but I prevailed haha, geez talk about a pain, glad that's over with.
  13. It's actually really easy, just like on Zero Dawn, but the reason may be because I have my main armor and weapons maxed out, including my main bow Death-Seeker's Shadow, plus The Skykiller, Icestorm Boltblaster and Wings Of The Ten just to name a few. I did everything and stocked up on supplies on my original run so I don't have to worry too much on Ultra Hard. If anyone is having problems, I recommend to upgrade all your main weapons and armor and have the best coils allocated to them that you have, before you start New Game Plus.
  14. Nope, just save before the final form of the Time Devourer, if you want to finish stuff up before New Game Plus, either do it before the final boss, or load the file and start from there. I've been playing this game from the beginning since its first release in 2000 and it's what I always did.
  15. I actually just got this, I'm pretty sure I just got lucky, tried counting a couple times and trying to time it, but it didn't work. I just let it spin for a bit, then hit X, seemed to work, somehow I did it, don't hit it right away without it spinning, usually goes South that way. It's definitely a pain since they took using pause out.