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  1. Why would anyone download the free version on PS Plus if they already have it, plus it even says it's not eligible for the PS5 upgrade, makes no sense to download.
  2. Thanks, I honestly didn't even know about the 1 hit setting, never really went to options, even if i knew, I wouldn't have done it. I got the Surge Level 3 upgrade before the Hartman fight, not sure which ones drop the item, but I know the Side Missions I found gave them, maybe this will help you out if you missed a Mission. Dead In Its Tracks Gerbil Took The Top Head Return To Sender SHUM I'm pretty sure Ahti's 3 Side Missions only give you the Custodial Readiness.
  3. I only have 1 Trophy left for 100%. I really enjoyed this game, hope there will be a Part 2. The only gripe I have is a lot of places are just too dark, if it wasn't for indicators, I'd have missed many collectibles and chests, at least have some kind of light to toggle on and off. I spent 20 minutes doing scans, mail and coffee cups before I realized the red indicator to deliver mail to the Director 🤣
  4. Well that's no fun or challenge in it, I can understand for grinding, but bosses, I'd rather do it legit.
  5. I looked through the topics and I didn't see anything about the final fight with Hartman. Thought I'd share my strategy and set-up for new players like myself who are having problems. Always bring a Ranger with you, he keeps Hartman busy and away from you. After Hartman's first bar of Health is gone, (which is easy to do), he darkens the room automatically. After turning the lights back on during the second part, he kept darkening the room no matter what I did, I tried every strategy and this worked best, I beat him right away after many tries. Use the Pierce gun with Mods: Damage Boost Damage Boost Custodial Readiness (you get from the Ahti's AWE Quests) Personal Mods: Health Boost Health Boost Health Recovery After turning the lights back on and dealing with a couple Hiss soldiers, the battle during the second phase can literally take like a minute, no need to have it drawn out. Keep your distance at all times, everytime Hartman gets close, just evade. Only shoot your Pierce gun, (with Custodial Readiness it reloads fast), when he says Darkness or looks like he's going to slam the ground, use Multi-Launch, it will stop him from turning the lights off. You don't want to keep launching, otherwise you won't have enough Energy for Multi-Launch and evade when needed.
  6. This is exactly what happened to me just now, had all Collectibles and no Trophy, backed up to the cloud and Mission Select, picked up the first Collectible in The Foundation and the Trophy popped, thanks for the explanation.
  7. I just got this Trophy a few days ago, it was a real pain, I didn't die or fail from traps in Crypts, I would die from stupid stuff like being attacked at the same time by 2 bears and a cougar, you just can't get away. But I did notice that it gets harder each time you restart, for people who still need to do it, just completely exit out each time you fail and the outside world is much easier. Have no clue why it does that.
  8. Yeah me too, it was my main nicer 🎮 I use, when I switched to the 🎮 that came with the system, had zero problems.
  9. I can confirm this, had all Proud Cleared with 1 Button and the Trophy did not pop. I have 100 songs cleared on Basic Mode Proud, so I guess I'm doing the rest of the 50.
  10. Is there a way to drop down again, or should I just upload my save to the cloud and start over for this Trophy
  11. So everything carries over with your account? Meaning all types of currency, outfits, gear, profile level, etc.. I was thinking when I do get a PS5, I was probably not going to play on this, just keep playing on PS4, but if everything carries over, I'm all in. I know that PS5 plays PS4 discs, is that how the transition works?
  12. I don't play rhythm games either, I'm at Platinum 2 and this is not easy. There's no easy way to do this except practice and I'm getting annoyed, I have a perfect chain, getting Excellents, opponent misses and I'm behind. 🙄 The trick I always get against me is no matter what I do everything misses or disappearing targets (not enemies). People who say it's easy, play these type of games all the time or they're just naturally good. EDIT: I just lost 3 on purpose and when I got new opponents, one of the stages is a Standard, so now I have the 20 Opponents Trophy, think I got lucky having a Standard with being so high up, but doesn't help for the other Trophy, since all hard stages for the rest.
  13. Just got it, I kept messing up not realizing it, tried it again, noticed I jumped the gun and hit air, caused him to disappear, did it again with no problems when I noticed what I did wrong.
  14. This is my first rhythm game, besides Ice Cream Beat on BBS, was horrible at first, but gotten much better while playing. I've played online against some people, I get almost all Excellents with a Full Chain and I still lose, 🙄 was wondering why, then I figured out about Rainbow Excellents. I got a question, the 19 hit Trophy, the Big Body always disappears before I'm able to finish, even when I'm hitting all the marks. After it recovers from being dazed, it's gone, maybe I'm messing up and not realizing it, I got it down to 4 at my best, any kind of strategy?
  15. Nope, but I've been doing Standard and Beginner at the same time. Did some Proud, some Standard on some worlds is harder than Proud on others, go figure. But I have gotten much better by playing, you get used to it.