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  1. You have to talk to Lil Cactus every time after it says The End for that quest, he has to write it in his diary. All entries carry over, if you didn't register it the first time, just do it in New Game Plus. No penalty for failing a quest or not talking to Lil Cactus from a previous playthrough.
  2. What I did was save it, then plant the seeds, move from section to section to pass days, if no seeds I want, then reload. But you really don't need to reload because the new seeds you get can be used for your next planting and you can even purchase some cheap. I noticed it was at random and didn't see a difference in which produce seeds were used to get the results you want.
  3. I did all these with Gold and Gold in all Sub-Challenges when they were first released, 1 a week for 12 weeks. I just hated the bike challenges, they're awful, Drifter's Run and Outride are the only 2 Challenges that really gave me problems. If you think Outride is hard now, well they patched it, when it was first released it was much harder, the needed score and requirements for Gold and Sub-Challenges were higer.
  4. Just to let people know, your produce growth does carry over into New Game Plus, there was a couple I only grew in my first run that I didn't in my second, Trophy still popped.
  5. The easiest way is to keep harvesting and Trent will eventually give the seed you need, I actually get Flat Seeds quite often. It can go pretty quick, after giving your seeds, just enter and exit 3 or 4 different areas, see Trent and see your produce grow in a couple minutes, if he doesn't give it, repeat, he always gives seeds so you'll never run out. This is the fastest way in my opinion.
  6. I was able to do it thanks to this video on my 3rd try, works perfectly, thanks for sharing it.
  7. Totally agree, the mechanics in this game, especially this dlc is terrible. They still rush you even with the light on them, plus the flashlight always moves and randomly turns off. I figured an easy way, just don't stand still and always move.
  8. I felt the same way originally because I got almost all the Battle Trophies for the PS3 version, wasn't sure if I wanted to go through that again. I said screw it and bought it on sale a week after it came out for the PS4, also got a theme and full avatar set with the purchase. I ended up getting the Platinum in 2019, this is still one of my all time favorite games.
  9. I just checked on mine, just like on all releases, only English & Japanese voices, but for Subtitles, it's English, Japanese, French, German, Italian & Spanish. This is the North American version, which is USA and Canada. EDIT: it says "Text" for the language, my guess it changes everything, not just the Subtitles.
  10. I just got this Trophy, along with the Platinum, I took my time playing, enjoyed the game, did all Quests, upgrades and read everything. I saved the speedrun for last, so I could just get to the point, I skipped all cutscenes and dialogue, no upgrading because I wasn't going to grind, and did some Quests that were only on my way. The timer when I finally finished was 8:04:27 and at Level 26.
  11. This is what I followed, I never would have figured it out myself, I just did it while doing all Quests and everything else in the first part of the game, since I heard there's no going back. Now I got all these out of the way, I can really enjoy the game. Clock Manipulation works great, without it, you'd waste hours waiting to see if your flowers would blend into the colors you need. In the 3rd phase, it just wouldn't blend any of the flowers Pink, so I turned the clock back, replanted, repeated. Finally I got it to blend 4 Pink flowers and got 13 seeds in all. I got the White Moonflower on the 1st try, for the final blending phase. Just to let people know, by following the above written guide, each phase will probably take 14 hours or so.
  12. Why would anyone download the free version on PS Plus if they already have it, plus it even says it's not eligible for the PS5 upgrade, makes no sense to download.
  13. Thanks, I honestly didn't even know about the 1 hit setting, never really went to options, even if i knew, I wouldn't have done it. I got the Surge Level 3 upgrade before the Hartman fight, not sure which ones drop the item, but I know the Side Missions I found gave them, maybe this will help you out if you missed a Mission. Dead In Its Tracks Gerbil Took The Top Head Return To Sender SHUM I'm pretty sure Ahti's 3 Side Missions only give you the Custodial Readiness.
  14. I only have 1 Trophy left for 100%. I really enjoyed this game, hope there will be a Part 2. The only gripe I have is a lot of places are just too dark, if it wasn't for indicators, I'd have missed many collectibles and chests, at least have some kind of light to toggle on and off. I spent 20 minutes doing scans, mail and coffee cups before I realized the red indicator to deliver mail to the Director 🤣
  15. Well that's no fun or challenge in it, I can understand for grinding, but bosses, I'd rather do it legit.