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  1. Thanks for your input, duly noted right in the garbage. El Duderino doesn't like the game, let's all burn our copies. 🤣🤣🤣
  2. Just replying to my old topic since it has to do with the title. I ended up getting Lymle's (the game) most difficult Battle Trophy yesterday afternoon, "Defeat the Ethereal Queen within 10 minutes", I beat her in like 6 minutes. Only 1 more Battle Trophy to go, Faize's "Defeat 55 Grigori", as of right now, I've defeated 20 Grigori. This will be my most satisfying Platinum.
  3. It's the way Sarah looked when she was first available to purchase. I noticed on an update they did that same day, that suddenly she had the current outfit. I've mentioned about it a few weeks ago when she was available.
  4. For the Gold for Sub-Challenge Ungifted, it's Use The Surprise Box 10 Times. You just have to open the box, so take my advice, if the box is inside, just open it and run, don't wait for what it gives you, because you'll be overrun really fast, happened to me everytime I waited inside for my item, I died.
  5. The Sub-Challenge Silver Trophy is just a Medal for each one, I just did all Gold to see what happens, totally agree, very underwhelming. No clue, I actually thought they would add more stuff like characters, bike decals or maybe rings up to Level 4, but nothing at all, pretty pointless to have ¢ unspent.
  6. I just finished my 3rd playthrough, I haven't played the story in over 3 months, since Survival came out. Even though the game is awesome, as of right now, I can seriously say that I'm sick of it, with the Challenges and playing the Story. This game didn't need a New Game Plus, to me there was no point, it just made it too easy and boring.
  7. I'm sure some are wondering what happens with Gold in every Sub-Challenge, if there is a Rank 7 or anything special. Well I can confirm nothing changes, it stays at Rank 6, after all credits spent for upgrades, decals & skins, you have ¢1620 left unspent. Also got my full 100% in Trophies earlier, so I'm completely done with this game, well that is unless they add a Hard III & Survival III 🤔 or additional Story DLC. On my final run on Black Friday, I beat my Score with 380,735 with Gold in all 4 Sub-Challenges.
  8. I don't like any of the hunting rifles, never use them, it takes way too long to reload. A headshot at medium range, with the assault rifle works for me, easy to get one shot fired from it.
  9. Yeah I've had Freakers dive out of the way to avoid my bike, never seen them do that before.
  10. Yeah I just burned a big nest and I swear like 20 or more Freakers emerged, nothing like that even on Survival.
  11. Didn't know, I did a full 100% on Normal when it first came out, then beat it on Survival when that first released. I haven't played the story since June 11th, that's what the date says on when I got that Trophy, couple weeks before the 1st Challenge.
  12. Playing Hard II for the fast travel, pretty sure Survival II is the same minus the fast travel, map displays and other stuff for that mode. Well I finally came across something for the II Modes that wasn't in the game before. Just burned a nest northeast of Wizard Island at the broken bridge, a Breaker came running out of it.
  13. Yes, if you look on the people that already completed New Game Plus, it has the same timestamp as their completion for Hard II or Survival II.
  14. Check all the other threads for tips and pointers for each Challenge, they're all labeled at the headline. Yeah Surrounded is one of the harder ones.
  15. Thank You, just got the Trophy. I wasn't sure which weapon it was because I had every weapon unlocked. There's 4 different bullets to use, just like the Drifter's Crossbow, but you'll have to craft 3 different bullets with supplies you find.