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  1. Well when I played my Survival run, when I checked mid game, I already unlocked 16 myself, not counting the 3 not available and showed checked, showed I was on Level 17, not 20. I guess it doesn't really matter if it locks you out or not, I've already got 100% anyways, starting the game on Survival without fast travel to do everything, would be annoying if anything. I went fast through Survival and to the point cause I knew where to go and what to do, without having to go out of my way. I've also noticed in Survival there were a lot more ambushes than the other modes, just got annoying everytime you barely on the bike, a wolf, sniper or freaker would be there to attack you.
  2. You will be locked out because it's UNLOCK, not checkmark and can't use that ability. I explained that on my Survival run that those 3 abilities didn't count on for Skill Level. But be my guest and test it for everyone LMAO, just will take longer for that 100% to save some time.
  3. You'll be locked out of the Platinum, because one of the Trophies is Unlock 45 Skills, and 3 of them are Unavailable in Survival. Just start the game on an easier difficulty, with fast travel and other things, make life easier. Then do what I did and bolt through Survival, you'll know what you're doing. Plus to unlock 45 Skills, you have to do almost everything.
  4. I remember you have to have a combo over 30 to get the A+ Rank, took me several attempts to get down his moves and patterns, plus it's like he wouldn't give up at the end, even with his energy gone. I have 2 different certificates saved both times I beat him, 1 with the trophy, the other I screenshot it. The first time I did it I forgot to do the high combo, I got a B Rank, Total Score of 610,145 - Tutor to the King, with a time of 00:14:29. Right after I got the A+ Rank, Total Score of 1,064,711 - Hand of the King, with a time of 00:14:52. Not sure if time is a factor, because both times I beat Noct was under 15 minutes. But I know for a fact that without the combos, you will not get the High Score. I've 100% this whole game, I can tell you that this was the hardest Trophy for me to get.
  5. I actually beat it on Survival an hour and a half ago, I didn't skip cut scenes, because I wanted to watch them again. Took me about 4 days, of course I didn't play it nonstop. I rarely did any nests, just to get some residue nests, only main story jobs & bounties, main story ripper & marauder camps. Also I only did Nero checkpoints I came across, so I guess I only had half stamina & health, about a quarter for focus. An easy way to beat camps are with the residue bolts and watch them kill themselves, it's actually hilarious watching 1 go berserk on its buddies, great way if you're having problems, let them do all the work.
  6. I'm already at Wizard Island doing Missions, I should be done soon, but Survival is nothing compared to some other game difficulties I've played.
  7. The Trophy is Unlock 45 Skills, since you start at Skill Level 1, that means maxed out to Level 46. On my Survival playthrough right now, I'm on Skill Level 17, I counted how many I unlocked, it was 16, not counting the 3 blocked for Survival. If it would count, I'd be at 19. I would seriously not try to see and start on Survival, because pretty much to get all 45 Skills, you practically have to do everything in the game. Instead of bolting through Survival like I am right now skipping some missions and no wandering, and knowing the game from my other playthrough, you'll be doing everything on Survival. If the trophy doesn't unlock, you'll have to start completely over and do all that work again, so doing that to save time, will actually take longer.
  8. I don't see where people are getting 60 plus hours, I'm flying through this game, no detours wandering, already several missions through at Iron Mike's. Survival is not hard at all, takes just as many hits to kill an enemy on Survival as Normal, sure you take a bit more damage, just be careful about confronted by enemies, but plenty of supplies and ammo, not scarce like Grounded mode on The Last Of Us. I've never run out of bandages, medkits, or any supplies, like I said before, just press R3 stick to show your way with the map (on foot or bike) and follow the numbers showing the distance, Fast Travel cut off isn't that bad and doesn't take that much time. After I beat this over a month ago, I waited on purpose to replay it, even though I wanted to so bad, just didn't want to get bored a 3rd time so soon. So far I think Survival is kind of a joke, not hard at all and not much different.
  9. You have the map still, plus press the R3 button (right control stick) while on foot or bike for the route to show for a very short time. Even if not doing that, you can still put a marker on the map, it will still show how far you are away on the screen, same with missions you select, just follow the numbers. Everything on Survival is not as bad as you would think.
  10. Actually it isn't, you can't unlock some of the skills cause they're not available during Survival, so you can't Unlock 45 skills for a Trophy, locking you out of the Platinum. Might as well just enjoy the game on an easier difficulty first, it will make life easier getting the other Trophies.
  11. Just got this in early game, really easy, just go to Horse Lake Nero Checkpoint and take out the Death Train Horde during the day. Go to the Nero building and a line of sight to the train car, throw a molotov, then immediately a pipe bomb in the train (if you have one), then run to the tanker and throw a distractor, keep your distance and wait till most of the Horde is by the tanker, shoot it, clean the rest up with Molotov's and shoot with a primary weapon, I had the SAF I got from a Marauder Camp, kills quickly.
  12. I never listen or pay attention to reviews, they're nothing but someone's stupid opinion, and you know what they say about opinions.
  13. Was playing for an hour or so, it's not that hard, maybe cause I'm used to games like this, or since I already played through it. The mini map, along with health and stamina show when in tracking mode by pressing the R3 stick. Even if I was new to this, I still wouldn't start on this mode, play through it first and enjoy it.
  14. I beat all 5 Uncharted games on Crushing and recently the 1st 3 games on Brutal, this should be a piece of cake compared to that haha
  15. Good, probably for Survival / New Game Plus, hopefully the 2nd trophy will be all challenges combined. Even if there were no new trophies, I'd still play it, I don't get people, only play a game for a trophy, sounds more like a chore than anything when playing like that.