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  1. Plus there's tons of stuff that can be unlocked in the new story, not just what is offered. Cassie Cage has a new costume with 6 variations, Kung Lao has one with a few, same with Shang Tsung, plus many other costumes and gear. Mortal Kombat is so much more than just Trophies.
  2. I did it, when I got my Platinum on April 25th
  3. Just finished my 3rd Playthrough, already beat it with all 6 before. Did a speed run, skipped every fight except the forced ones, went right to the point, no out of the way treasures of any kind and skipped all cutscenes, except the ones I haven't seen for the 3rd of the set of bosses towards the end. From my old save file, compared at the last save point before the final boss, it took 4 Hours and 1 minute. It really helps with having everything maxed out at the start.
  4. How I did it really quick was target its hand cannon / laser with magic to Stagger it and deplete its energy quickly, it is its weakness, also always manually control Barret.
  5. Just so everyone knows, you have to have 100,000 Lucre in your possession for the Saver Trophy, and 500,000 Lucre in your possession for the Wealthy Trophy. I dont see a point in the 500,000 one, because before end game on your 1st run, even with buying everything new, I still had almost 200,000 Lucre. Just sell every expensive weapon, armor, items etc, and you'll be well over 500,000, then just load your game after.
  6. People who spoil it for themselves, click links and watch videos knowing there are spoilers, deserves to have it ruined, doesn't take a genius to stay away from that stuff.
  7. I picked Duran, Angela & Charlotte for my 1st playthrough, on Chapter 3 right now.
  8. I have no problem, my PS4 is quiet, I have an original that's 4 years old.
  9. Yeah same thing happened to me, I was like, he's supposed to die, but I think that's what he does for Hard Mode, 2 characters died also, good thing I had a couple ATB gauges to bring them back and finish the fight.
  10. I just beat it on Hard a bit ago, here's a some tips that really helped me, I didn't look anything up, I figured it out myself and this worked. Have all Materia maxed out before you start your run, so you don't have to worry about changing and having the wrong Materia equipped. For me, I had 8 HP Ups and 8 MP Ups maxed out, always had 2 HP Ups and 2 MP Ups equipped to each character no matter what, it gives you 100% extra HP and MP with 2 equipped. You'll be doing a lot of blocking, so equip Steadfast Block, every block will get your ATB up. When using Magic on regular enemies, since you have to conserve, only use the weak spells. Break boxes because they have Mako Shards that give your MP back. Use everyone's 6th weapon, it's Attack and Magic balanced. You may mostly look for Attack Power for other weapons, but the better weapon is with higher MP, you want your spells to do damage. Plus these weapons in their final tier have Reprieve, that you can purchase with AP, don't know how many times I was saved with this. You can get the final tier for your weapons, I'm pretty sure by beating the Solo Simulator Battles on Hard, in Chapter 17 post game.
  11. I just beat Chapter 18 on Hard Mode for the Trophy. I totally agree with people on here, you have to conserve magic and blocking is your friend, equipped with Steadfast Block, it makes it way easier. The hardest Chapter for me was 17, because of 4 bosses and you really have to conserve MP, at least you can get some MP back from breaking boxes. I actually thought the Hell House wasn't that bad, to get all Manuscripts like I did, you have to beat it twice on Hard. I didn't realize the Tonberrys were weak at first, they kept killing me, just take them out instantly to make this fight a breeze.
  12. I play blind on all new games, no fun in using a guide for your first playthrough to rush it, ruins it in my opinion, don't care if everything takes twice as long. I figure everything out for myself when it comes to strategies, first I did my blind run, second I did another playthrough to grind Materia, Levels, Gil, etc, Id rather play through the story again than repetitive boring grind in the same area. Right now I have all maxed Materia, several of each, almost everything shown in the Play Log, every Colosseum and Simulator done, except for the final Simulator for the Gold Trophy, save that after my Hard run. Playing Hard right now skipping all cutscenes, I got every Manuscript up to Chapter 16, on Chapter 17 right now, it's not hard at all with everything maxed, the right Materia and all upgrades that matter.
  13. After you get his wallet back, return it to him, if you did that, then re-do Chapter 9 post game, with the Party Never Stops quest and make sure to talk to Johnny at every point when he's standing outside of the next destination, also don't forget to talk to him at the Colosseum in the losers waiting room before your 1st match.
  14. Yeah it wasn't that bad, I just got it, I waited till my 2nd playthrough to do it. You just have to get the rhythm and go super fast once you mash a button prompt, took me about 8 tries, with the music and voices turned to zero. I had 23 before the end of round 1, in the end round 2, I had 44, Jules had 42. Here's a tip for everyone in round 2, 1st part is slow, then you button mash, then it's medium speed, don't go too fast or you'll fall, then when you button mash again, just go all out and pay attention for the next button mash.
  15. Says spoilers in title, clicks anyways, gets mad cause there's spoilers 🤣