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  1. Most third party AAA titles DID shift to PS4 only after the PS4 launch. I already named dozens of examples: Mortal Kombat, God of War, Injustice, Batman, Tomb Raider, Tekken, Resident Evil, Final Fantasy ....literally every major IP shifted to PS4 only after that console launched. So maybe you are the one who needs to pay some fucking attention.
  2. Resident Evil 8 is not a Playstation-only title.
  3. Yet many major games such as the next installments of Spider-Man, Horizon, Resident Evil, Gran Turismo and co. have already been confirmed to not release on PS4. So clearly those studios and franchises do abandon that install base overnight.
  4. The same would apply to future FF VII Remake games though. Definitely not out before 2022.
  5. Well that is a false statement by SE because their upcoming Project Athia is already confirmed to be PS5 and PC only. How about non-sports games ?
  6. Hitman 3 will be on PS4 as well ? I thought for sure it would be only on next gen consoles. That's interesting. And yes people I am aware that many PS4 games that are releasing this year will also get a PS5 release later but that is not what I meant. I am talking about games that are AAA titles from major studios that will release on PS4 (either first on PS4 or alongside PS5, doesn't matter). if Hitman 3 releases on PS4 in January that definitely qualifies as such a game. As for sports games - I was expecting the 22 games (Fifa 22, NHL 22 etc.) to only come out for the new consoles next year. You think games like Fifa 22 will still come out on PS4 ? Seems unlikely. No way. All the FF VII Remake parts that will release in the future will be PS5 only. There has never been a Final Fantasy console game which was released on two different console generations at the same time. Also the future installments will implement a huge world map (as confirmed by Nomura and Kitase in the Ultimania) which would definitely be much easier with the PS5 hardware. Major PS3 games that were released after the PS4 launch ? Such as ? Nearly every AAA title, especially sequels from major franchises were only on PS4 and not on PS3 after the PS4 launch. Injustice 2, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Resident Evil 7, Final Fantasy XV, Arkham Knight, Mortal Kombat X, God of War, Gran Turismo Sport etc. were all PS4 gen only. Not PS3.
  7. We have Assassins Creed Valhalla and Cyberpunk coming out in November. Do you think those will be the last two AAA releases ever for the PS4 before all new major games come out on PS5 ? Do you think there will be some major games releasing for PS4 and PS5 in 2021 ? Because so far all major new game announcements (Spider-Man: MM, RE 8, Gran Turismo 7, Horizon 2 etc.) for 2021 and beyond seem to be PS5 only.
  8. Are we talking all games we have played this year or games that we have played for the 1st time this year ? Because I tend to replay many games over and over each year (trophies are nice but will never be my primary reason to play games). Games I have played for the 1st time this year are only 6: Batman: The Enemy within Resident Evil 3 Final Fantasy VII Remake Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order The Last of Us Part II Horizon Zero Dawn Yeah I am pretty much a AAA-only kinda gamer. I don't really do indies, focusing mostly on my favorite franchises instead.
  9. Platinumed Last of Us 2 yesterday and have now started Horizon Zero Dawn (1st time playing it) and so far I really love it. the open world, the amazing gameplay, the gorgeous environments. The game feels like a mix of RPG, the new Tomb Raider games and the stealth gameplay of Last of Us and is really my kind of cinematic action adventure with strong RPG elements. I could just spend hours simply exploring.

  10. It just occured to me that The Last of Us 2 really is The Last Jedi of games. At first everyone mindlessly hates on it because it's provocative, unconventional, full of challenging themes and is not what most people wanted from it.

    Yet it is expertly crafted, stunningly gorgeous, bold and over time when people stop comparing it to what they imagined it to be appreciated, valued and defended as what it is instead of what people wanted it to be.

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    2. Cloudbahamut


      I remember that actually. MGS 2 was one of my first PS2 games back in late 2001 I think (I was 19 at the time) and I actually never had played MGS 1 so I actually really loved the game and was very surprised when other people kept hating the game. I had fun with it and the visuals were some of the best I had ever seen at that point (And I will never forget that enemy soldier who was listening to music and dancing when he thought nobody was looking lol).

      But I am not really a MGS fan. MGS 2 was basically the only one I ever really played. I tried MGS 3 once but the controls were so bad that I stopped playing after like 10 minutes and never played another MGS ever again.

    3. Alderriz


      I still think TLJ is not very good and poorly written. Though, I've learned to appreciate the good parts of the movie and moved on.


      But you're right. There are just too many similarities between TLJ and TLOU2. One that jumps to mind instantly is how the actress who played Rose was harassed and received death threats on twitter. Just for portraying a character that people didn't like. As we know, the same happened to Laura Bailey. 


      There is also the fact that many people are wasting so much time in arguments over them, as if it will make their opinions more validated somehow. Instead of sharing an opinion once like with other games/films, they keep trying to prove that the other side is wrong about them. Looking at how long the TLJ holy war lasted, I'm afraid that TLOU2 argument won't go away any time soon.


      MGS2 is amazing. The misleading trailers are actually a part of the game's theme about the controlled media and fake news. I know, Druckmann was inspired by them, but what he did is not really the same. But at the same time, it doesn't have to be.


      The original version of MGS3 was clunky to me because of the fixed top-down camera. But the subsistence version in the remaster solved that problem for me. Other than that, I think you could get used to the controls after 5-10 more minutes. Especially because you played the second game already, and it controls mostly the same. It's worth going back to.

    4. PooPooBlast


      I won't fault people for enjoying or hating the last of Us 2. That's their experience and good for them. 


      However, I just want to point out that the first game was critically acclaimed by almost everyone and didn't cause this massive divide which is seen today with part 2. Very few questioned the 10/10 plastered everywhere on the game cover and most of the criticism was directed towards the gameplay which is valid imo. 


      So mindlessly hating part 2 as you call it is simply untrue. There are LOTS of points that I can bring up to point out the flaws of this game that are nowhere no the level of the flaws of the first game's story.


      If the game was genuinely that good, it would've captured everybody's heart like the first one did as opposed to causing this massive divide. Of course this is not mentioning the heavy Sony ban hammer and the blatant deception of the trailers (which is essentially lying) to "subvert people's expectations."


      Anyway, point is, glad to see you're enjoying it but if we're going to talk about people mindlessly hating it then I'm sorry but I have to interject here. 

  11. Been playing The Last of Us 2 for almost a week now and I am still on my 1st playthrough. This game is GIGANTIC and feels like almost twice as long as the first game. Though I am collecting everything on the first run already so that certainly consumes a lot of time as well.

    Currently in Chapter 38 (just arrived on the island with Abby and Yara)

  12. Take a look at reddit. It definitely isn't. It happened to a lot of people and made them lose their progress, forcing them to restart the chapter. I am not an idiot. The first thing I do when I encounter such a bug is that I research online if it happened to others as well. So when I actually post about a bug like this you can be damn sure it has happened to others before me.
  13. You only seem to be talking about the TV series. I am talking about the TWD comics which can be very different (They are also much better then the TV series, especially Negans character). the scene where Maggie spares Negan is very different in the comics. It does not happen while he is locked up but many years later after the end of the Whisperer War and is actually Negans final appearance in the series until the series finale. Maggie seeks him out in the wild and it is a moment entirely between them and no one else around for miles. Also in the comics Negan was not broken by being locked up. He was as nasty as ever (taunting the fuck out of Rick whenever he could) but his outlook changed because he came around to Ricks way of thinking (his relationship with Carl wo is not dead in the comics has a lot to do with that. That's what really changed Negan). Rick also never left in the comics. He is the main character in the Whisperer War fighting side by side with Negan against Beta and the Whisperers. Rick later dies in the comics but that is long after Negan has left the series. You should really read the TWD comics. They are the true story.
  14. Another fellow Negan lover ? Awesome. Most TWD fans seem to hate his guts and want him to die horribly. Though that attitude has changed somewhat since his redemption arc during the Whisperer War (its funny that both the comic and TV fans of TWD reacted the exact same way to Negan in both versions). I know that Ellie will spare Abby in the end and I was trying to remember why that sounded so incredibly familiar and now I just remembered: Maggie in TWD. In the comics (and the TV series) Maggie is obsessed with revenge against Negan for killing Glenn (sound familiar ?) but at the end of the Whisperer War when she finally has the chance to kill Negan she ultimately decides to spare his life after she realizes what vengeance has done to her and that he isn't the sadistic villain underneath that she thought he was. And from what I have heard about Ellie sparing Abby by the end it's almost the exact same thing. Damn Druckmann has been REALLY inspired by TWD for this story huh ? All these similarities can't be a coincidence.
  15. yeah heard about the elevator glitch too. Thankfully I didn't have that. During my 2nd attempt at the chapter I rode straight to the Courthouse and everything was fine. During my 1st attempt I was in the Synagogue first and right afterwards got the falling glitch. Maybe that had something to do with it. Or me dying from falling from heights during my first attempt. My game crashed (blue screen error) after the falling glitch occured whem I went to the area near the synagogue with the tall grass where you have to kill a bunch of enemies. Right when I wanted to attack the first runner game froze and then crashed but everything was fine the 2nd time I played the chapter. Maybe going to the Courthouse first really prevents the glitch and crash from happening. Because I was afraid it might glitch again I opened the Fedra gate as soon as I had the gas, not realizing it would lock me out of the area completely and now there a few collectibles (like 3 artifacts, 2 safes and 1 trading card) I have missed I am guessing there is no way to return to the downtown area huh ?