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  1. He was being sarcastic.... Btw I seem to remember Kitase saying that in the Remake Cait, Yuffie and Vincent won't be optional but will be part of the main story, so you will always get them.
  2. It's not a new game. It's a new episode in the FF VII Remake project. It's part of the same story. It has the same gameplay. Think of it more as an Add On. And in Part 2 they will not suddenly take away all the stuff you have earned in the first game. That is just ridiculous. You don't start Part 2 with just cure, fire, lightning etc. and all your high level materia, summons and enemy skills gone. Storywise alone it would make no sense at all how the party has suddenly lost all their stuff and became weak overnight. It's more likely that Lv.50 is the levelcap in this game and then you start with 50 and all your inventory from Part 1 (if you have a Part 1 save file) in Part 2. Then the levelcap in Part 2 will be 100. You also cannot compare this to X-2 or XIII-2. Those were sequels and had different gameplay then their predecessors. FF VII Remake is one big project that shares the same gameplay, assets and tells one story. They each offer the scale and amount of content of a full game but are still 2 (or more) parts of the same game. It is why the first game is not actually called Part 1. They will all be called FF VII Remake. Because they are not sequels but just different chapters of the same game. The only reason they make several parts is because it would be too large for a single game.
  3. That would make no sense whatsoever. Are you saying that in Part 2 you suddenly start without all the weapons, equipment, materia, enemy skills, Limit Breaks and summons that you obtained in Part 1 ? That would be infuriating and would never work.
  4. While I don't own it yet I know it's around 100 GB and comes on 2 discs.
  5. Most people seem to think that your progress and stats from the first game will be carried over into the 2nd game but what if someone would skip the 1st game and start with the 2nd instead ? Or would Square make it impossible to play the 2nd game before you have beaten the 1st ? Like selling Part 2 and 3 merely as an add on (or even DLC) with Part 1 being the base game ? Then there is the fact that Part 2 and 3 will most likely be for PS5. Does that mean you have to beat Part 1 on PS5 before you can play the other games ? Or will they release Part 2 and 3 on PS4 as well ? It would be kinda odd if the graphics for Part 2 and 3 would look enormously more advanced then for the first game.
  6. What about other classic summons like Ramuh, Odin, Phoenix or Alexander ? Btw I am from Germany too. How did you get the game so early ? I pre-ordered with Amazon and it says I won't get the game until April 15th
  7. Thanks. Really appreciate it.
  8. Are you for real ? I NEVER said I own this game. I pre-ordered on PSN. So no I don't own it and I have not played it. THAT IS WHY I ASK. I know about the difficulties because that shit has been leaked DAYS AGO by Dusk Golem on Resetera. Maybe you should actually bother to do your research before accusing people who haven't done anything to you. God you're an asshole.
  9. Seriously I am here like a day and you already have to insult me ?! The hell is your problem, man ? I know about Nightmare and Inferno because of the leaks but why would that mean that I also have to know about the hidden trophies ? I don't, that's why I asked for screenshots. Yet you are the one who keeps saying "I have the game and I know about these trophies" but refuses to post any proof of them and when someone calls you on it, you insult them. maybe I am not the one full of it here. Now quit with this overreacting shit and stop being a dick. I didn't become a member here to be insulted and disrespected at the very first oppertunity.
  10. Don't know. I guess the required time is tighter like it was on Harcore in RE 2. Do we know if S+ is still a thing in RE 3 ?
  11. On Nightmare enemy and item locations are different, also a shit ton more enemies around. Some later enemies such as Pale Heads show up much earlier, Lickers show up in the hospital, Nemesis is much faster and more aggressive and so on. You also get the magnum much earlier in this mode. Inferno is much like that but there are no checkpoints and less save points. No ink ribbons on any difficulty though.
  12. Can anyone post screenshots of the hidden trophies ? I need proof of that S-ranking Inferno business. Not gonna believe it until I see screens. Not today lol
  13. I just really need to know if Bahamut is in this game. The trophy list strangely gives you a trophy for obtaining Choco Mog but there seem to be no trophies for the other summons or for defeating all of them (Just one). And they have showed Ifrit, Shiva and Leviathan in trailers and such but absolutely no hint of Bahamut whatsoever. I really want to know wether he is in this game or not. 4 regular summons doesn't really seem enough for a FF game.