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  1. Been playing Avengers for a few hours (Loving it !) and I kept thinking "Why does Captain America sound so familiar ?" I knew that voice instantly but I just couldn't put my finger on from where I knew it. Then it hit me - Carlos from the Resident Evil 3 Remake. And indeed Carlos and Cap are both voiced by Jeff Schine. Man this is a big year for him. I am surprised we haven't heard him in more games because he is really perfect as the honest but badass action hero. He has a voice and delivery that just nails it. He had so many cool lines in RE 3 that were so memorable to me because of how he delivered them ("One at a time, pick a number !" I keep saying this now over and over when playing RE lol).

    So awesome that he gets to play Cap.

  2. Avengers arrived today ! Gonna start the story now. Feels like when I was sitting in the cinema watching Avengers for the first time in 2012. Been a Marvel Comics fan for 30 years so I cannot wait to dive into this new version of the Marvel Universe and discover everything anew and recognize all the comics easter eggs that make me go "Ahhhhhh ! I know this !!" like I did in the first Avengers movie when Thanos showed up at the end haha

  3. okay I was barely able to beat my speedrun record of Resident Evil 2 (Remake). My previous record was 70 Minutes, this time I did it in 68 minutes. But's that pretty much my limit. I did everything the fastest way I could, ignored everything that I did not need to do to progress and only took out the enemies that were absolutely necessary. I have no idea how some speedrunners do this in like 40 minutes.

    Then I tried to beat my speedrun record of RE 3 remake (61 Minutes) but ended up with 65 minutes. I don't think I will be able to beat it in much less then an hour.

    It's kinda funny that people complained so much about RE 3 being too short when it pretty much has the same length as RE 2 when you speedrun both of them. Both take me about an hour to beat if I really go for speed.

  4. [Resident Evil 2] I took another stab at Hardcore with Leon on 2nd run as that was the only S rank I was still missing. The Ada part was a bit nasty but otherwise it went pretty well. Now I got S with all characters on all scenarios and all difficulties.

    Currently doing another standard run with Claire, trying to break my speedrun record of 70 minutes. Just arrived at the Sherry part and current time is 28 minutes. Got less then 40 minutes now to get this done. Will see how it goes.EhBvjxQXgAABakL.jpg:orig

  5. My game didn't arrive today. According to Amazon it will arrive tomorrow. Trying to avoid spoilers at all cost now though I took a look at the trophylist and some of those trophy description were quite spoiler-y. However the kind of spoilers that only get me more excited.
  6. I am hopefully gonna get the game today. Btw I am really not a multiplayer guy and I don't have Playstation Plus. I am really buying this game for the offline single player content only. I know that I obviously can play the story campaign offline single player but what about the individual hero missions, War Zones etc. ? Can you only play those in Multiplayer (and thus need Playstation Plus) or can those be played single player with AI team members as well ? Basically I need to know what content is there besides the story campaign that you can play in single player.
  7. yeah unfortunately this otherwise amazing game has a few game breaking glitches that can occur. Just recently I had a glitch at the beginning on the glacier when Lara is supposed to swing to the other side and grab the ice wall. The cutscene where she grabs the wall wouldn't trigger causing me to fall again and again. Reloading the checkpoint didn't help. Thankfully closing the game completely and then restarting it fixed the issue. maybe that will help with your issue too ? I remember a glitch in Tomb Raider 2013 (PS3 version) where in the massive battle against the Stormguard at the end you are supposed to rip open a gate afterwards with a rope arrow but the rope arrow wouldn't attach to the gate and thus I could not open it.
  8. Amazon has sent my copy for Avengers today, should arrive on Friday (with a LOT of luck maybe even tomorrow). Gotta say as a lifelong Marvel fan I am pretty excited now. They worked a lot on the game since the initial reveal and after all this is the studio that delivered two of my most favorite games of all time (Tomb Raider 2013 and Rise of the Tomb Raider). I still remember back in 2012 when I watched the first Avengers for the first time in the cinema how much blown away I was by the experience of seeing the actual Avengers unite for the first time onscreen. It was like I was watching all these comics that I had been reading and collecting for almost 20 years come to life right before my eyes. In that Battle of New York I had tears of joy in my eyes.

    And now the very first cinematic Avengers video game where I actually get to PLAY the Avengers and get to have my own Battles of New York so to speak. I don't know what flaws or drawbacks this game will have but for that experience alone it will be worth it for this 30 years long Marvel Comics fan.

    ASSEMBLE !avengers-battle-of-new-york-header.jpg

    1. MidnightDragon


      Hope you enjoy it.

  9. [Resident Evil 2] After I did this on RE 3, I went back to RE 2 and started a new run with all HUD elements (including target reticles) completely turned off and without infinite weapons (using mostly Handguns and the SMG) which is definitely a much more immersive, realistic but also much tougher experience. Try to hit those damn dogs without targeting visuals. As a result the run also takes me a lot longer then usual - I am right before the G2 boss and already have a time of about 2 hours.

  10. Do any of you know this ? You are missing only one trophy for the platinum but you just can't get it. A game where this happened for me is for example Arkham Knight where I am only missing the trophy for doing all of Batmans moves in one combo. Another is Shadow Warrior where I am only missing the trophy for beating the game on Heroic. And yet another would be Rise of the Tomb Raider where I am only missing the trophy for getting a gold score on every level in Score Attack.
  11. [Resident Evil 3] I am currently doing a run of RE 3 with HUD elements completely turned off for better immersion. Which means no ammo counter, no button prompts and not even aiming reticles and no hints of any kind. Makes it really feel like you're in a big zombie movie and I love it.

  12. [Resident Evil 3] Finally got that S rank on Hardcore after several attempts. It's almost harder then getting S rank on Nightmare and Inferno since it has the tightest time requirement (You need to finish the game in 1 hour, 45 minutes on Hardcore while on Nightmare and Inferno you need to beat it in under 2 hours).

    On my first Hardcore run I was only 1 (!) minute over the required time. Yesterday I finally did it with a time of 1 hour, 39 minutes and 0 saves.Egj8q5zXYAU9BXc.jpg:orig

  13. I am in complete shock about the death of Chadwick Boseman. I am a lifelong Marvel fan and loved him as Black Panther (who also happens to be one of my favorite superheroes). I am even more shocked by the fact that Chadwick died of colon cancer - same as my father 15 years ago. Apparently he was diagnosed in 2016 right after he got the role of Black Panther. And despite that he still continued to make several movies (including Black Panther, Avengers Infinity War and Endgame). But apparently the cancer got worse in the last 3 years and now he has lost the battle against it.

    I can't even think right now.

    1. MidnightDragon


      As I said before, fuck cancer.

    2. Cloudbahamut


      yeah ever since my father died from cancer I have been so fucking scared of that shit. Had a coloscopy just last year to be safe. I am turning 38 this November. My father didn't even make it to 50. Chadwick was 43. This shit is real.

    3. Cloudbahamut


      could you possibly me more of a disrespectful asshole ? I already said in my status WHO he was. Why are you being such a soulless cruel dick ? You're going right on my ignore list for this shit.

  14. I bought the RE 3 all unlocks DLC to have some fun. I already unlocked everything in this game legit but if you buy the unlocks you actually get everything twice (the purchased unlocks and the legit unlocks). Meaning you get every unlockable weapon twice (which is kinda useless lol) but more apparently you get all the coins twice. And that's where the fun begins because going through the game with Assault Rifle/Shotgun/Grenade Launcher with four assault coins and four defense coins makes you ridiculously OP lol.

    I am playing a run on Hardcore right now because I am still missing an S rank on that difficulty and I am taking down even Nemesis with just a few Assault Rifle shots haha. Awesome. I already platinumed this game when it came out (my fastest plat ever actually) so I am not even using the unlock DLC to cheat the plat, just having some fun with it.

  15. [Doom Eternal] wait so let me get this straight. Bethesda hypes up a 90 seconds trailer for a DLC for weeks only to reveal in that trailer that we have to wait ANOTHER TWO MONTHS for the DLC's actual release and won't even share pricing details ?

    What a letdown.

    1. Squirlruler


      Bethesda the last 2 years: What a letdown.

    2. MidnightDragon


      You sound surprised.

  16. Tonight they will reveal the new Doom Eternal DLC. I hope we get a release date and pricing as well.

  17. Gonny try again to platinum Rise of the Tomb Raider. I am missing only 1 trophy which is the Golden Child one (gold score on all score attack levels). Was never able to do it 4 years ago, maybe I have better luck now.


  18. What a Night !!!! We did it !!! I have been a dedicated fan of german football team FC Bayern Munich for 26 years and tonight we have won the Champions League/European Cup (the biggest trophy in club football, it's bigger then the Superbowl) for the 6th time after 1974, 1975, 1976, 2001 and 2013. And not only that but Bayern has now won the SECOND Treble (or Triple) - which is national championship, cup and Champions League in one season - in club history. When they did this for the first time in 2013 I never thought I would get to experience that again. And now 7 years later here it is - the second treble/triple.

    I am going to party for a whole damn week.

    Mia San Mia !!


    1. Deceptrox


      I expected Bayern to score more goals though. I hope they have a back to back championship win next year.

  19. what a weekend this will be - DC Fandome event tomorrow and my favorite sports team playing in the Champions League final on Sunday with the chance to win their 2nd historical treble.

    1. BRKs_Eagle


      Americans being Americans, as always. *shrug*

    2. starcrunch061


      Dudes. Surely you recognize the difference between “first class full on American ignorance”, and a joke playing on the same (and also recalling a similar Simpsons joke)?

      That makes me pretty sad. 😞

    3. BRKs_Eagle


      Dude. Surely you recognize I was joking too, right?

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  20. Definitely Horizon: Forbidden West after recently discovering HZD for myself. RE 8 and Spider-Man: MM as well and of course also the inevitable next Tomb Raider, Injustice 3, Spider-Man 2 or the eventual Final Fantasy XVI and hopefully Last of Us 3.
  21. After finishing up Doom Eternal I have gone back to Doom 2016 and it's definitely a new experience after playing through the much more demanding and strategic Eternal. It feels like I am practically flying through Doom 2016 now haha

  22. In 2 days they will finally reveal the next Batman Arkham game. WB Montreal has been teasing it like crazy the last few days. It will definitely adapt the Court of Owls storyline, that much is clear and apparently Batgirl plays a big role.

    It's been five years since Arkham Knight and 2 years ago Spider-Man took the throne from Arkham. About damn time for a comeback.

    1. Crispy_Oglop


      I'm really looking forward to hearing more, it's been ages since they first teased it. I'm also hoping for a remaster of Origins minus the multiplayer stuff in tandem with this.

    2. NERVergoproxy


      But I want to play a villain maybe instead.

    3. Cloudbahamut


      Yes ! I definitely need an Origins remaster so bad. Honestly that was one of my most favorite Arkham games. The bossfights were the best in the series (the Deathstroke fight might be the best boss ever) and I absolutely LOVED Troy Bakers Joker, especially his design. Bane too. Still bummed they never remastered it for PS4.

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  23. wow I just completed all challenges in Doom Eternal (never managed to do that in Doom 2016) as well as all the weekly challenges for this week. Now I really completed everything in Campaign.

    Now all that's left is the dreaded extra life mode....

  24. [Doom Eternal] Very good day. I now have all campaign-related trophies. Only trophies left are Extra Life mode and Multiplayer. Not gonna do the MP trophies but might take on Extra Life mode some time. For now I am pretty much finished with Doom Eternal though after beating the game, fully upgrading everything and collecting all skins and collectibles. The game is an absolute blast, most fun shooter I have ever played and surpasses even Doom 2016 and Shadow Warrior for me.

    I am currently having a run of really, really amazing games (RE 3, FF VII R, Last of Us 2, Horizon Zero Dawn, Doom Eternal) so it's been a really amazing gaming year 2020 for me so far. Next I will probably continue with Uncharted 4 where I had just started a few weeks ago.

  25. Replaying several Missions in Doom Eternal and man this game is now more fun then ever with all weapons fully upgraded, all suit skills, fully upgraded health, armor and ammo and using fun cheats like instant stagger, onslaught and infinite ammo. Rip and tear indeed.

    Completed more challenges for Sentinel batteries and finishing up all the collectibles.