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  1. [Doom Eternal] okay yeah Icon of Sin was a pain in the ass for sure. Took me several tries and a lot of crazy stunts and a lot of luck to beat his ass. It was close too. By the time I took him down I had little health left.

    After I have beaten the campaign the REAL fun began. replaying several chapters with infinite ammo etc. and I quickly got the trophies for maxing out all weapons, maxing out the suit and collecting all cheats.

    What's really cool is that with chapter select you can actually farm Extra lives and stack them up.

    Only offline trophies (besides the Extra Life mode run) I am still missing now are:

    collecting all codexes
    collecting all toys
    collecting all albums
    completing mission 10 with all collectibles and challenges
    completing one mission with famine cheat

    I should get all those after replaying 5 more chapters.

  2. holy shit , Mission 12 in Doom Eternal (Urdak, the penultimate chapter) really fucked me up. Not only do they throw insane arena battles at you with dozens of the most powerful enemies but those damn fucking jumping sections. I got no issues with climbing traversal but this jumping shit through launch portals, then needing to shoot a button in midair to deactivate a forcefield and jump through ? FUCK that shit. This is such an awesome and badass shooter game, it doesn't need this stupid, annoying platforming shit.

    Anyway just made it pass the final arena battle and are about to take on the final boss, Icon of Sin ! here goes nothing.


  3. [Doom Eternal] Now heading into the last three missions, which undoubtedly will be the hardest full with massive area battles that will probably throw absolutely everything at me - Dread Knights, Arch-Viles, Barons of Hell, Doom Hunters, Pain Elementals, Cyber Mancubi and of course those fucking Marauders. Thank god for BFG/Unmakyr (you suckers just wait until I get infinite ammo for those guns, then it's payback time) and of course my favorite weapons - Chaingun turret and Super Shotgun.

    On the plus side I have fully mastered quite a few weapons by now, have almost fully upgraded the suit and need only one more sentinel crystal to max out armor. Completed all secret encounters and Slayer Gates and collected almost all cheatcodes. Have found all runes too.

    I am however still missing about 6 Sentinel batteries, gonna have to complete some of the challenges for that.

  4. Just played Last of Us 2 with infinite ammo, infinite crafting, infinite melee weapons but with customized difficulty (stealth on moderate and everything else on Grounded) which is a pretty awesome setting as it allows you to essentially play the game on Grounded difficulty but with infinite mods activated. It's still quite tough because you die in 3 hits max. But so much fun to just go all out with guns (especially sniper, shotgun and SMG) without having to worry about ammo. infinite explosive arrows is also pretty awesome or being able to craft anything at anytime.

  5. If I beat the campaign in standard mode first and max out my health, ammo, armor, suit and weapons and then start a playthrough in Extra life mode will all my upgrades and weapons carry over to that mode ? Or do you basically have to start from scratch in Extra life mode ? I already know you can't replay missions in Extra life so cheats are out but I was wondering if you could at least carry over your equipment and upgrades.
  6. Yes ! I beat all Slayer Gates in Doom Eternal (most of them even at first try) and unlocked the Unmakyr weapon. Awesome gun but sadly it uses BFG ammo.

    I really love that you can unlock different character and weapon skins. Just unlocked some white/red skins for the Chaingun and Ballista and they look so awesome.

    At the end of Mission 9 I also got the Crucible blade and holy shit that thing literally kills ANY enemy in one hit (but need to be refueled after 6 hits). When Doomslayer got it he totally did a "By the power of Grayskull" pose with it haha. This game is really awesome (but pretty fucking intense)

    Anyway so glad I was able to beat all the Slayer gates in my first run. As they can't be done with cheats I was dreading them most of all.

  7. Finished Mission 6 of Doom Eternal last night. Have fully upgraded the turret mod for Chaingun and Super Shotgun and it's making things much easier. The difficulty is definitely cranking up now. The Marauder was an absolute pain in the ass to fight, went quickly through my extra lives. Slayer Gate #4 was also insane with like 2 Doom Hunters and 3 or 4 Barons of Hell. Some of the area fights are pretty crazy now with just endless waves upon waves of enemies and battles lasting more then 10 minutes. However with the weapons and upgrades it's also much more fun and I especially loved Mission 6 (ARC Complex) which felt so much like classic Doom.

    Now ordered some pizzas and diving back into hell for the night :)

  8. I was looking up just for fun when I earned my very first trophy and realized that this year is actually my 10th anniversary of trophy collecting. My very first trophy was in February 2010 and it was "Learning is Fun" (Clear Tutorial Stage in Scenario Campaign) in Tekken 6. Can't believe that was actually more then a decade ago 😲
  9. I am a big fan of voice acting in video games and it's just amazing how VA has evolved in games from the often cringeworthy cheesiness in the 90s to the serious, emotional and powerful performances that IMO are on par with movie actors performances. I also love how many VA's get to actually play their characters with mocap technology and not just voice them. Voice actors get more respect, praise and credit nowadays and I thinks it's very much deserved. Especially cinematic story-driven games really have delivered some of the greatest VA performances to date and they are so crucial to the portrayal of the characters and story. Picking favorite voice actors therefore is tough for me. Kevin Conroy is the ultimate Batman and I could never imagine another Spider-Man (in games) but Yuri Lowenthal. I also absolutely love Camilla Luddington as Lara Croft or Reuben Langdon as Devil May Cry's Dante. The later Resident Evil games also have some of the best VA's most notably Roger Craig-Smith as Chris Redfield or Matthew Mercer as Leon Kennedy. Nolan North is one of the greatest VA veterans who has played almost anything from Nathan Drake to Deadpool and Britt Baron and Brianna White were so pitch perfect as Tifa and Aerith in FF VIIR. One Voice actress that I have been noticing lately is Erica Lindbeck who just has such a fantastic, smooth, beautiful voice. She was the perfect Felicia Hardy in Spider-Man (even better then Grey deLisle's iconic Catwoman in Batman Arkham) and made a lot of people fall in love with Jessie in FF VII. Or of course could anyone ever imagine anyone but Ashley Johnson as Ellie from Last of Us ? But ultimately if I have to choose a male and a female Voice Actor, there is just no other choice for me but Troy Baker and Laura Bailey, arguably the two biggest stars of the industry - and for good reason. I first encountered them exactly 10 years ago in Final Fantasy XIII (as Snow and Serah) and although I loved their performances I had no idea how big these two would become. Over the last 10 years they were in almost every major game that I have been playing (as I am playing mostly AAA games) or at least that's how it feels. They appeared in almost all of my favorite games and franchises in the last decade, often playing major characters and by now it feels almost like coming home when I hear them in a new game. It has been really awesome to witness their meteoric rise in the industry and deliver so many amazing performances. And they often seem to work together in most games they appear in. A list of some of their most prolific roles in the last 10 years: TROY BAKER Snow Villiers (Final Fantasy XIII) Robin, Two-Face, Jason Todd, Joker (Batman Arkham) Batman (Telltale Batman) Theron Shan (Star Wars: The Old Republic) Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden) Jake Muller (Resident Evil 6) Booker DeWitt (Bioshock Infinite) Joel Miller (The Last of Us) Delsin Rowe (Infamous 2nd Son) Talion (Middle-Earth) Jack Mitchell (Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare) Erron Black, Shinnok (Mortal Kombat) Ocelot (Metal Gear Solid 5) Sam Drake (Uncharted 4) Magni (God of War) Higgs (Death Stranding) Bruce Banner (The Avengers) LAURA BAILEY Serah Farron (Final Fantasy XIII) Chun-Li (Street Fighter IV) Cloud of Darkness (Final Fantasy Dissidia) Helena Harper (Resident Evil 6) Rivera (Halo 4) Rise Kujikawa (Persona 4) Alex Brand, Kait Diaz (Gears of War) Lady Comstock (Bioshock Infinite) Abigail Walker (Infamous 2nd son) Ioreth, Eltariel (Middle-Earth) Nadine Ross (Uncharted) Catwoman (Batman Telltale) Supergirl (Injustice 2) Mary-Jane Watson (Spider-Man) Abby Anderson (The Last of Us Part 2) Black Widow (various Marvel games)
  10. [DOOM ETERNAL] Making good progress. Have almost all weapons now (only BFG and Unmakyr left), fully upgraded ammo capacity and health almost to max as well. Have almost finished Mission 5 and found all collectibles so far. Now I am about to take on the 3rd Slayer Gate. This one is probably going to be real nasty.

  11. Oh yeah my bad I completely forgot about them because I never used them haha. Man since I platinumed the game I should have quite a few of those. Gonna buy all the cool stuff right away when the update hits 😊 And yeah it makes sense if you can't use them on Grounded because with one shot kills alone Grounded would be a cakewalk.
  12. What ingame points ? Are they added with the new update ? If I have already collected everything in the game will I be automatically given all the points for it after the update is installed or do I have to re-collect everything again on a new playthrough ?
  13. I REALLY want to know how to unlock infinite ammo, infinite crafting, one shot kills etc. because this sounds AWESOME and would make me instantly go back to do another run. Being able to play a Last of us game without ever worrying about ammo ? getting to use the SMG with infinite ammo ? Damn. Hopefully you don't have to beat the game on survival to unlock those things. Would be cool if you could get them by unlocking them with points from collecting things (like in Uncharted 4)
  14. I love the game but no thank you. Not a fan of extreme difficulties, especially if they disable actual game features (e.g. skills, listen mode etc.). Now permadeath mode (also known generally as Hardcore) is something thrilling (not to mention realistic). usually games only allow permadeath on very high difficulty (such as I am the Night on Arkham Origins, Hell and Hell on Devil May Cry 5 or Ultra Nightmare in Doom) so the option of doing permadeath mode with any difficulty you choose is brilliant. Might give that a try. Hard Pass on Grounded though. Btw I really don't get the obsession with Completion rate. I never really gave a fuck about my completion rate and I most definitely don't force myself to play anything that I don't enjoy playing just for the sake of the damn completion rate. I mean it's not like you getting paid for a high completion rate. It's just a number. What's the big deal ?
  15. EfC52bUXsAALBcV.jpg:orig

    Just got my first gold trophy in Doom Eternal. The screenshot is awesome. It's from one of the Secret Encounters where they threw a lot of demons at me in a very tight space lol

    Now that I have the Rocket Launcher and most importantly the Super Shotgun (seriously that gun is so OP it's awesome) and have four different weapons with four different ammo pools (plus upgraded ammo and health) the game has gotten much easier in the battles (though I suspect it's gonna get quite insane in the last 5 missions or so). I was really afraid of the Slayer gates and they are intense but so far I have been able to clear them at first try. Still 4 more to go though.

    The levels are so long (I need 2 or 3 hours per level on my first run) which is why after 2 missions I really needed a break. Next up is Mission 4.

  16. man Doom Eternal really is tough on a first run in the first few chapters. Just did Mission 2 (which took me several hours, how big are these levels ?) and there was one enemy encounter with several Arachnotrons, Hell Knights and Revenants that kept kicking my ass. I think I died like 5 times there. The problem is that my ammo, health and armor are not very upgraded yet and I only have the Shotgun (which seems to be weak AF), the Heavy Cannon (awesome weapon but not effective against bigger demons. I mostly use this one for precision shots and staggering demon fodder) and the pretty awesome Plasma Rifle (which runs out of ammo too quickly). I really had to teach myself to go into this rhythm of constantly using chainsaw (for ammo refill) and stagger/glory kill for keeping health up. I am getting better at it though. I even completed the first Slayer gate at first try (much to my surprise).

    One thing lots of people complained about with this game is traversal such as dash, double jump, wall climbing etc. Ironically this is something I almost have no issues with because I often play traversal heavy games where you learn how to best time jumps and such so it's actually quite easy for me. Especially since with dash you can instantly cling to a climbable wall. I did have to put dash on R1 though because that's how I am used to dashing in FPS games such as Shadow Warrior. Thank god Doom Eternal has so many customization options.

    Alright onto Mission 3 then.

  17. Yes but not every game is officially classified as one. All of the games I mentioned before are not labelled as RPGs yet HZD actually IS.
  18. Okay time to continue with my first run of Doom Eternal. This is gonna be tough.

    1. wackt1


      RiP aNd TeAr UnTiL iT iS dOnE !

  19. Who said anything about confusion ? And what do JRPGs have to do with it ?
  20. Yeah that's what I was thinking but it is listed everywhere as Action RPG. On it's wikipedia page as well as on the Playstation store for example. Which is why I was wondering.
  21. Say what you will about Bay's Transformers movies but goddamn Steve Jablonsky's Scores for these films are some of the most epic, powerful soundtracks of all time. Really great for epic game music too.

    1. AJ_Radio


      The movies are garbage.


      All style and no substance. The scores are good, but that isn't enough for me to carry through a movie.

    2. Cloudbahamut


      Why did I just know that someone just had to use this as an oppertunity to hate on the movies. This wasn't a debate about the quality of the films. I just wanted to appreciate how amazing the music scores by Jablonsky are but of course someone has to come in and just shit all over it. Seriously haters get a life.

    3. AJ_Radio


      Jesus Christ.


      If you take offensive to a little comment I made then I don't need to waste my time. I've watched Michael Bay's Transformers movies, said my quick opinion on it and left it at that.


      I could say I love Jesper Kyd's scores in the early Assassin's Creed games, because I really do love his scores, but say I don't like the games that much.

  22. Well this really isn't Real Madrid's and Juventus' day huh ?

    This is a surprising Champions League season to say the least.

    1. Cloudbahamut


      which would be very ironic. The last time Bayern won the CL it was also against a german team (Dortmund) and the very first german CL final. I don't think Leipzig could knock out PSG though, especially with Werner no longer being with them who scored the most goals for Leipzig.

    2. Deceptrox


      Yeah, I heard that Wegner no longer plays for Leipzig during the M. City - R. Madrid match. I still want them to beat PSG.

    3. Cloudbahamut


      yeah Werner transferred to....Chelsea haha. Which means he can't play for them against Bayern tomorrow but also can't play for Leipzig as he is already in London. And he scored like half of all Leipzig goals this season. So yeah no they won't be able to beat PSG without him. No way.

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  23. Started DOOM ETERNAL today. It's a lot of fun but jesus the game is hard. I died like 5 times in the first mission alone. I am also annoyed how you constantly run out of ammo (why does the Shotgun only hold 16 shells ? In the 2016 Doom weapons had way more ammo) in almost every major enemy encounter and you need to constantly use the chainsaw to get ammo. On top of that some enemies like the Arachnotron are really fucking hard to kill - or rather take a lot of ammo to kill. I don't even wanna know how much it will take to kill later enemies like Revenants, Mancubus, Hell Knights, Barons of Hell or Archviles.

    The 2016 Doom was much easier, at least you pretty much always had enough ammo but Eternal almost feels like survival horror and discourages me from getting too trigger happy. Man beating the first run is gonna be tough but I am looking forward to my 2nd run where I can use infinite ammo and infinite stagger :P

  24. Dude what is your problem ? I NEVER said you unlock all challenges with the DLC, in fact I said the OPPOSITE. Maybe try to read first ? I said that for the plat you still have to do most of the challenges anyway. Every damn time you reply to me you attack me in some way. One more time and I will put you on ignore, I am sick of this shit. Also what's your source for claiming that the DLC will duplicate your rewards instead of replacing them ? That seems very unlikely. That's not how it worked on RE 2, you only get the stuff unlocked that you don't already have.
  25. well the unlocks are really not necessary in this game. I admit I bought them for RE 2 so I could get Rocket Launcher and Minigun (because there is no way I can get S+ on Hardcore) AFTER I already unlocked everything else in the game. But for RE 3 you can actually buy the Rocket Launcher after one run if you collect all collectables and do the weapon kills challenges. Actually after my 1st run I was able to buy both the Rocket Launcher and the Assault Rifle. With that and maybe the two hip pouches you can already breeze through the game in your 2nd run. Besides for the platinum you need to complete most of the challenges anyway. This was actually my fastest plat ever - did it in only 2 days and unlocked everything without paying for it. It's super easy.